Friday, January 11, 2013

Mark the Day

After the holidays and getting over the flu, I had a handful of thank you cards I needed to send. 

I like to keep it funky and fresh so I headed to Michael's to see if I could find something that would catch my eye and feed my crafty soul.

I had a few designs in mind and was hopeful I would be able to make them reality.

In the end I did. 

Made one of them a reality that is.

However, I paid full price for the goods I purchased that fine winter night. 

Full.  Price. 

I had no coupons on me. 

This my friends never happens. 

You know the phrase never say never.  Well, let's just say I will never, ever, ever say never say never again. 

Nor will I leave the house and head to Michael's or JoAnns without a coupon in hand. 

I'd share a picture of what I bought and the final creation with you if I could but for some unknown reason, I am not able to upload pictures right this minute. 

Perhaps later in the day or over the weekend. 

Peace. xoxo Mo


B said...

I'm so with you. Coupons are a necessary part of being a frugal gal. I feel like I fail if I pay full price for things. Especially get mad at myself at the big box stores, it's hard to get angry when it's a local small business.

I'm sure you made an excellent choice if they were good enough to pay full price for!

Anonymous said...

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