Tuesday, March 31, 2009

See Why I'm Blessed

Me: Burp

Me: I'm sorry I'm so gassy today. *burps again*

Him: No you're not.

Me: Yes I am. Really I am.

Him: Well, you shouldn't be.

This actually happened yesterday as one of my work peeps and I sat side by side in a conference room working yesterday.

See why I am so blessed to have great peeps I work with? They let me be me and are totally ok if I have to let a couple rip.

For the record, it wasn't work husband nor did a poot leave my body at anytime. I was full of burpies though.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


First thing Monday morning, like 5:15 AM Monday morning, I'm back on the road.

I can't wait to see what the airport will hold in store for me, especially since it is spring break around these parts.

One thing is for sure, I'll be leaving a bit extra early and packing my patience.

In case you're wondering, I did come home Saturday afternoon from last week's trip down south. I enjoyed sleeping in my bed last night and being able to relax for a bit with the kitteh, whom by the way was very crafty Saturday morning and got her collar off.

She was scheduled for stitches removal Saturday afternoon but now her spot is wide open again. Auntie Fiwa is coming to the rescue and taking her to the vet for me Monday afternoon. I am fairly certain she will be getting stitches again and the collar will remain for a while more.

I'm taking the easy way this week in terms of packing. All I did was unpack the dirties, threw them in the washing machine, and repacked the suitcase.

Only work husband saw me every day last week so I'm ok with repeating outfits this go around. I'll mix it up and wear them on different days just for the fun of it and to keep it fresh.

Don't judge me. It's how I roll.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Weekly Challenge #74

This week I challenge you, and me of course, to see the world through the eyes of a child.

I am one of those peeps who can get caught up in the day to day and allow the grind to take over instead of letting my inner child come out to play.

As we grow and mature I believe a part of us needs to do this in order to not only survive but to thrive. However, to suspend judgments and fear as well as taking delight in the smallest of things and experiences is a wondrous experience and necessary to being in touch with who you really are.

Swing on a swing.

Ride a merry go round.

Go for a bike ride.

Ask questions.

Dance and don't care if anyone is watching.

Pick a wildflower.

Order something new from the menu.

Watch a cartoon.


Love with abandon.

Suspend reality and just feel it, whatever it may be.

Enjoy simple pleasures.

Do you get what I am trying to express? I hope so.

The eyes of a child. See and experience the world through them this week.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Baba

Many thanks for the well wishes. I am doing much better. The drive down Tuesday morning was rough but as of yesterday morning, I'm solid. Read into that as you choose.

Do you have a baba?

I have a baba.

My baba is my water bottle. It is an extension of myself. Hence, the term baba.

A co-worker coined the term about 5 years ago. I have since lost the original baba, purchased many others, and recently went for the best money could buy in my opinion.

I highly recommend a klean kanteen or stainless steel water bottle if you can find and afford one.

No more nightly washing out the plastic one nightly to keep the germs at bay.

I wash this one weekly and this is ok to do so since it is made from "100% recyclable, high-quality, food-grade, stainless steel that's contaminant and BPA-free" and "it won't ever leach nasty tastes or toxins into your drinks – no matter how many years you use it."

I have the 18 oz one with the loop cap in the orange sunset color. You saw that coming in the absence of a stainless steel color didn't you? Yeah, I'm predictable sometimes.

What I love the most about this is it keeps the water nice and cool. Plus, if it hits a wall or rolls on the floor, parking lot, etc., it doesn't look worse for wear. I'm thinking if I needed to use it as a weapon I probably could.

Me and my baba. My baba and me.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I've Grown Tired

I have grown tired of my bathroom being my new best friend.

Somewhere along the way I either picked up an intestinal bug or have food poisoning.

I started feeling the rumblings upon my arrival home Sunday morning. As the day progressed I was able to control it but as the night wore on it, whatever it is, gained the upper hand.

I won't share too much with you but I will say I have gone through at least 2 rolls of tp. A couple of times I didn't think I was gonna make it down the hallway.

I have experienced nausea and thankfully I have not upchucked once. *knocks on wood*

I have had a headache and a low fever, both of which have passed at this point in time.

With all this going on I obviously didn't jump in the car and head down south but I will be in the morning.

So um, y'all say a prayer and send me a vibe for this to keep passing right on through a'right?

Get it? Pass right on through. Ha, at least I have not lost my sense of humor about the situation.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guess What Time It Is?

Nope, it's not time to get ill. Boy howdy do I lurve me some Beastie Boys!

In all seriousness, I am . Yup, Mo is OTRA. I am heading down south for a week long trip in the Rose City.

I will do my best to update from there as I have blog entries rolling around in my mind and pictures in my camera to share from happenings.

The best part of this trip? I get to see and spend some time with .
Yup, Ace is gonna be all up in my face and I am gonna be all up in his at least one night for dinner at Montage, an establishment near and dear to both of our Southern roots.

I am hopeful the week's nights will allow for more than just dinner so we can explore the city together but I gotta keep it real and know this may not be the case.

Anywho, I gotta go pack the suitcase and briefcase so...

Peace and Love Peeps.

Weekly Challenge #73

This week I challenge you to clean your car.

Clean the inside.

Clean the outside.

Look under the hood and do what might need to be done.

I don't know about you but I like it so much more when my car is clean and organized.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inquiring Peeps Want to Know

You've asked.

I shall reply.

The first book I am reading on Kenny is Naked in Death by J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts.

I've been wanting to read this series for awhile and thought since the Amazon store has all of the books available, I'd give it a go.

I'm really loving the USA Today and Seattle Times being delivered daily too. I feel that much more connected to the world around me as I am actually reading the articles and not just skimming the headlines.

Go Kenny go!

Peace and Love Peeps.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Week Ago Today

Last Friday the sun was shining, I was on my last day of vacation, and spending the day with some of the crew.

Today the sun is out but nowhere near shining on this first day of Spring, I am in my office, and I will get to spend some of the day with part of the crew.

In the spirit of Ace's new adventures in Portland, I took pictures of where we went and what we did. I am sad to say I failed to keep this going as the day progressed. The mission took over and I forgot to snap, snap, snap away. Shocking I know.

Fiwa, Mars, and I met for lunch at Jimmy Mac's. I was craving a piece of dead cow and their rolls are so bad for ya but taste oh sooooo good.

Fiwa was sporting the Chucks, Mars was wearing the black and white sneaks, and I was rocking my white and black kicks. For once we were all in jeans.
One thing you can count on at Jimmy Mac's, besides country music and a Texas down home feel, is a bucket full of peanuts in the shell.

Fiwa opted for some tater skins.

Mars had some type of chicken salad. Like I said before, dead cow I craved so dead cow I got.

After lunch Mars said goodbye to us and Fiwa and I headed out to run a few errands.

Technically, they were all my errands to be run and she was keeping me company. Thanks girlfriend!

First on the list was a trip to Ikea. Jack pronounced it IKey, which we found amusing. It was time for one of my twice yearly stock up on tea light shopping excursions.

Next we headed over to Impress so I could get this year's Easter stamp for my cards. I found one of what I was looking for but not the two other ones I wanted so off to Paper Zone we went.

No such luck there so I had a light bulb moment in thinking I would call A Muse. Unfortunately no answer and thinking they would be open until 6, I set Jack in motion and off we went.

Off into the Friday afternoon Seattle traffic that is. Joking along the way if it got too bad we would exit and go see Brad, Jay, and the goats.

During this leg of the trip, Jack became a female. This is when we discovered Serena, in all of her British glory, didn't know how to pronounce Dr. She referred to these street names as doctor versus drive. Quite funny to us but understandable.

After some wrong turns (by me, not Serena's directions), a pretty look at Green Lake and a few more laughs along the way, we arrived at A Muse. To find them closed. *sigh*

Sad, but not defeated, we headed back home. Along the way we tested out new voices and language options on Jack instead of playing with bubbles in traffic. Upon the arrival back to my place we said our goodbyes.

Truly a pleasant way to spend the day.

This Friday finds me in the office, getting a massage, picking up a RX, having dinner with Mel and Kyla followed by a movie possibly.

Good times y'all. Good times.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet Kenny

I've wrestled with this purchase for quite some time.

Do I really need it? I want it but do I need it?

Last week I decided to spend the money I would have spent on the slopes on the Amazon Kindle 2.

I am a reader. Big time. I don't like to lug books, magazines, or newspapers with me when I travel but I have been doing so for as long as I can remember.

Now I have Kenny to do all of this for me.

Oh, in case you didn't know, I name my electronic gadgets and lots of other things too. It's just one of the things I do.

My cell phone is Big Red. My GPS is Jack. My iPod car converter is Pat. My iPod is Iggy. And now? Now my Kindle is Kenny. Crap, I just realized the digital camera doesn't have a name. My film Canon is Dick.

Ok, I digress.

Step by step, should you decide to follow along, is the opening of the new electronic and love in my life.

The only flaw I have found so far is you can't read it in the dark without a book light or light source of some kind. But hey, I shouldn't be reading in the dark anyway right?

Oh and it doesn't have color display for the magazine and newspaper articles but saving the environment and having those publications at my fingertips without lugging them around is worth no color to me at this stage of the game.

After opening the box, these two lovelies were inside.
I delayed my gratification and opened the kindle cover box first.

This was the cheapest leather cover on the website.
No mistaking what is inside.
I find the packaging pleasing and inspiration for a scrapbook page.
To the main event we go...

Oh yeah baby! The Kindle 2!

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to put Kenny properly in the cover because I am not mechanically inclined.

This picture doesn't really do it justice. The whole thing is the size of a paperback book but less bulky. Much less bulky.

Above Kenny is nicely protected and this is pretty much how I was reading in it last night.

This morning, instead of getting on the internet to read the headlines, I was able to enjoy USA Today and the Seattle Times. They were both delivered to me while I slept.

Travel, waiting in lines, or for folks will be a pleasure now.

Yes, it is true. I have mad love for Kenny just like I already do for Jack, Iggy, Pat, and Big Red.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm a texter.

I've been guilty of using text messaging in lieu of picking up the phone and calling someone.

I've also been guilty of sending a text message to someone in error. You know when a text was meant for person A but was sent to person B instead. I do this.

What I don't do is put that person on blast when they let me know I sent a text in error.

Apparently not everyone shares my texting etiquette.

Behold yesterday's exchange.

Unknown texter from area code 269: Wat was wrong wit you today on the bus?

Me: Think you have the wrong person

Unknown texter: Who is this? I didnt text you mo fo

Me: Yes you did. Wat was wrong wit you today on the bus? Sound familiar?

Unknown texter: No but sorry.

Yea, that's what I thought. I got your mo fo. *snort*

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

For those of you who observe, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light.

May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

Now go eat or drink something green!

Peace and Love Peeps.

Got My Grr Face On

Life could be a lot worse but so far this day has not started off the best.

First of all, I overslept. My body must still be on vacation mode. Instead of getting up at 5:30 AM, I woke up at 6:30 AM.

I might have kept on sleeping too had it not been for the next event of the morning. I woke up to projectile vomit from the kitty. Not her fault I know but um sweetness, instead of staying on my hip could you have least jumped next to me instead of vomiting upwards toward me?

Then, once I cleaned this up and hit the shower, I realized I forgot to put the necessary shampoo back in the bathtub area versus leaving it in the suitcase. Guess who is sporting a ponytail today?

Speaking of the shower, I failed to Liquid Plumber the drain and was treated to a very slow draining drain. This was not so much fun but I can and did deal.

Breakfast was a quick shake in which I realized again nothing lasts forever. I need to replace one of the Magic Bullet blades. The bottom of the one I use pretty much everyday is worse for wear and today it decided to rebel on me. I hope I can order just that part and not the whole Bullet again.

Off to work I went and was greeted with the fallout from being out of the office for a week. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off but I can tell today is going to be a long day.

Princess' removing of the drains appointment is right around the corner and I am hoping there are no surprises there.

Like I said before, life could be a lot worse. A lot.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly Challenge #72

This week's challenge is to wipe down the counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom before you head to bed.

For me, there is something pleasant about being greeted by a clean counter each day.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Princess Pictures and Stuff, Just Stuff

Here she is after coming home from the vet's office yesterday.

Poor thing has to wear the collar until the 27th of March. The 27th people!

It is a soft Elizabethan collar versus one of the hard plastic ones so I'm thankful for that even if she isn't.

Feast your eyes upon her new stylin' haircut. They shaved her butt area even more than the Brazilian and part of her leg where the IV was.

I about fell out when I saw the bill and noticed it was $30.00 for that little bit of action.

Mars said it must of been a salon quality cut.

At that price I should of gone ahead and requested the full on lion cut but it is not warm enough yet and I figured if only part of her would be shaved, I wouldn't traumatize her further.

This is a somewhat close up shot of her bootay. I think the drains resemble little bows.

One last picture for all of our viewing pleasures.

Now let us talk about the pillow she is laying upon.
The other night I received a text from Fiwa saying she felt the need, the NEED for sushi.
Once I got past the Top Gun reference I laughed and we set up time for Thursday lunch.
Just so you know, I'm still not able to enjoy the Top Gun movie or soundtrack. Thanks Crazy Lady. It used to be one of my favorite movies. What child of the 80s doesn't like good looking men in uniform, beach volleyball, a little bit of romance, and jet planes?
After lunch I asked if she wanted to accompany me on some shopping errands and she said yes.
Yay for me to have company.
Off to Bed Bath and Beyond we went. I was on the hunt for new pillowcases as the ones I had were looking worse for wear. Ace would have told me to take my arse to Ikea but I thought I would give it a try first since I had a coupon.
Once I came across the furry cheetah print shams marked down, I had to. I just had to.
I knew the furbaby would love them and the color scheme matches perfectly. Plus I seem to have a small thing for animal prints.
You can tell I was right as evidenced above. There she lays on her new furry feline pillow sham.
My bedroom has now gone to the animals. Rawr!
From there we went to Pier 1, Trader Joe's, and JoAnn's.
Thank you again Cheryl for the gift card for my birthday months ago. I used it yesterday to buy diffuser refill oil and room spray.
Trader Joe's is almost a weekly stop for me. Gotta' stock up on the kitty food and we all know I need my Chai Tea Latte powder mix.
JoAnn's was a necessary stop as well. See my bouncing around comfy jeans need a repair. There was no "boring match the patch to the jeans" iron on patch selection going on.
Nope, I went for a camo one.
Since I was unable to find the stamp I have in mind for my Easter cards, we're going to Impress today. Ikea too but not before we meet Mars for lunch.
Oh and some of y'all keep your eyes on the mailbox. I mailed 30 cards this morning. I didn't do Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's or Valentines Day but boy howdy I did St. Patrick's Day good this year.
Ok, technically I made those cards last year and didn't mail them on time for 2008 but still!
When Fiwa asked me yesterday if I enjoyed making cards I told her yes. I really do. Without a doubt I like to play with paper, ink, and stamp or two.
What sometimes seems like a daunting task is to write the sentiment and hand address the envelopes in mass quantity.
I have found through the years once you get in the habit of sending a handmade card the few times you don't peeps will ask why you didn't make one and almost scoff at the store bought one.
It's nice to have my crafty creations appreciated but sometimes I run out of time.
Shame on me too. The list of people I want to send them to is 20+ so we're talking mass production.
I've done this to myself so if I sound like I am whining or complaining, I'm not. I am just sayin'.
With all this being said, I hope you have some fun things planned for the weekend and will be able to spend time with the ones you love and that love you.
For now I need to go and get ready to do just that.
Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Princess Update

Thanks for all the love y'all.

I pick my furbaby up this afternoon at 4:20 PM.

For all intents and purposes, she is good.

Poor thing has been violated by her bootay and now her mouth too. Neither end is gonna be too happy for a few days.

Dr. Nettie called and said she was in need of a cleaning and since she was already under I gave the ok.

Turns out, in addition to the tartar buildup, one of her front incisors was fractured so out that bad boy came.

I wonder, do animals believe in the tooth fairy?

I have a furry mouse with catnip waiting for her either way.

Thanks again for the love, support, vibes, and prayers.

We made it through this ordeal safe and sound. Thank God!

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Day Full of Whine and Some Rants Too

First let me say I am on vacation this week.

Not many people know this as I took the time off at the last minute and decided to keep it pretty much quiet so I could do whatever the heck I pleased or chose not to do.

This may not have been the smartest move as my phone has been ringing off the hook but the opportunity arose so I took it. I have not even touched my work email or office voicemails. Those can wait until Sunday night. Yay for me.

It never ceases to amaze me when folks get a look of shock on their face or disbelief in their voice when I tell them I am not going anywhere during my time off.

I think it is safe to say I spend enough time on the road and away from home. So, if I choose to spend my vacation time in the comfort of my home, it should be understandable.

I have been reminded not everyone shares my viewpoint on this recently. I am totally good with this because we are all entitled to our beliefs and opinions. However, if I don't try to make you see my point of view, will you please back off and not try to make me see yours?

Please and Thank You.

This day of vacation started off with a follow up visit to the vet. I don't think I shared with all of you when Princess went in for her Brazilian the techs discovered under all of her fur she had bursted anal glands.

Yeah, good times for her.

She was sent home with pain meds, instructions for hot packing her butt, and a follow up visit in 10 days (Bows down to Auntie Mars' greatness and sends her mad love for taking care of Princess until I arrived home).

Today was the 10 day follow up visit. Yesterday her right gland oozed something fierce for a minute or two. I am glad I was home to clean her up and had a feeling today would mean more meds and possibly surgery.

Guess who was right? Yup, that'd be me.

I left my 14 year old baby at the vet's office this morning so the area could be flushed throughout the day and she would be prepped for surgery versus facing the trauma of getting back in her carrier first thing in the morning and going for a drive.

I know with geriatric animals, and people too, there is an increased chance of health risks but it doesn't make this any easier. Even though I have been assured this was completely not my fault and I am great kitty mom, I feel somewhat responsible and my heart is totally broken knowing she is in pain.

Fighting back tears, but knowing she was in great care, I departed the vet's office. First up was a trip to Costco. I needed to stock up on fruits, veggies, and yogurt because this girl had no, and I mean no, food in her place. Beer, wine, goose, water, hot cocoa, tea, and condiments I have but something to put a meal or smoothie together, fuggadabout it. Such is the life of a single gal who has been OTRA 'eh?

For the record, I would like to know why eating healthy costs more than eating processed food?

I purchased two kinds of maters, grapes, blackberries, strawberries, pineapple slices, mini peppers, turkey burgers, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, fresh french green beans, eggs, yogurt, red anjou pears, turkey sausage, and a thing of Woolite for $135.57.

I guess when I stop and look at the loot, it was not all that much to spend but it seemed like a lot at the time.

Then I went to my local Super Wal Mart to get what CostCo didn't have for me; i.e., light soy milk, laundry items, etc.

Could someone please tell me what Wal Mart has against Cheer and the blue Simple Pleasures Downy series? I like the Water Lily and Jasmine scent but noooooo, this is Wal Mart I'm talking about. Wal Mart aka home of the "I don't always carry the same stock week after week" store.

I should have known better but I wasn't about to hit up Target or another store to get my usuals at this stage of the game so I settled for another scent (Simple Pleasures Vanilla and Lavender) and the Cheer Bright Clean they had in stock. This should make the next rounds of project laundry interesting to say the least.

From there I headed home and thought to myself, "now the fun really begins!" There is a buttload of stuff in the car. I live on the 3rd floor. Standing between me and the front door is a series of stairs. 25 to be exact.

After 7 trips up and down, I finally was able to plop my arse down on the couch and breathe for a minute.

Take that in for a minute why don'tcha'?

7 full trips = 350 stairs plus the 25 I walked down in the morning with Princess.

This means I have done 375 stairs today while hauling stuff up and down them and I have not hit the gym yet.

Since I still have the trash to take out later, I don't believe I need to do cardio this afternoon at the gym. Heck, if I do curls with the trash I should knock that off of the weights part of the workout. I already do this with my briefcase so why not add the trash to the mix right? Just sayin'.

If you have stuck with me this long, I thank you. You love me. You really do. I love you too.

For now, I'm gonna go take my whining butt to the couch and be still for a little while. I'm gonna put the vibes out there for my Princess to be well, pray for her to make it through surgery safe and sound, and pray for Dr. Nettie during this time too.

If you're inclined, will you do the same too? You know how I believe in the power or prayer, positivity, and vibes.

Vibes are good.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Anna from The Inconvenient Truth bestowed some lovins my way. Thanks girlfriend. This is very sweet of you and can be classified as a full circle moment as you are the one who inspired me to create a blog in the first place!

The rules are when you receive the Blog Love Award you
  • Should place the logo on your blog proudly

  • Link the to the blogger that awarded you the love

  • Nominate your friends and bloggers you read regularly, as many as you like

  • Let them know you've nominated them to receive the award
So without further ado, I'd like to give some lovins to

Cheryl @ Ladeda

Fiwa @ Fiwaese

My list could go on and on but these are the homies I want to share with today.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekly Challenge #71

Do you have a burning within?

Some thing you would like to change?

A thought you would like to put in action?

A change you would like to make in your life?

Movement toward some thing, or someone, you have been thinking about for a while but have not done anything about it yet?

Make this the week you embrace it.

Own it.

What do you have to lose?

Peace and Love Peeps.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Meet Jack

Jack is my GPS. I like Jack. I talk to Jack. Jack talks to me. Jack and I are tight like that.

Unfortunately Jack now speaks in a British accent because apparently the Brits know how to pronounce street names better than Americans do.

It is not W.A. 526 E. It is Washington 526 East.

Regardless, Jack is my homeboy and I love him.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Are You Married?

I must have been sending out a vibe yesterday.

3 different men asked me the same question throughout the course of the day.

The first guy approached me in the hotel. As I waited for my egg white omelet, I sipped on my cranberry juice and opened up USA Today.

The first section I read in USA Today is the sports section; without fail I go there first.

He decided to give me a fist pump for my choice of reading material. I know you don't see a female reading the sports section often, let alone it being their first choice, so I fist pumped him back.

As breakfast progressed and I finished with the sports section, I made my way to the money section next. He then got up from his table, got down on bended knee, looked into my eyes, and asked for my hand in marriage. He said I was his ideal woman. First sports, then money. Could it get any better than that he questioned.

Now let us fast forward to being in the office. Some of us use a company IM program. All of sudden I got a message from someone I didn't recognize. It said "Hi Mo....". My reply was "Who is this?"

He then realized it was not who he meant to be communicating with. There I sat in Washington state while he was in Brazil. He shared my name is a common name in his country and from there a conversation ensued. When all was said and done, he asked if I was married and shared pictures of the absolutely stunning Brazilian beaches.

Later in the day while I was doing what I do, another individual asked if I was married and then inquired as to why someone has not snatched me up yet.

I'm not exactly sure what message the universe was trying to send me but it made for an interesting day to say the least.

I wonder what today has in store for me?

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

According to Business Week

I live in the 20th unhappiest city and travel to the #1 unhappiest city on a regular basis.

Darn good thing I don't feel like this and find the sunshine through the gloom.

You can read all about it and see if your city made the cut here.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sexy Beast

I couldn't figure out why Princess kept presenting her nub and butt to me once I arrived home last week.

Friday night before Mars and I left for Fiwa's I discovered a present near the front door. The present could have easily been mistaken for a hairball but the sniff test proved otherwise.

Ya' do know what I am referring to right?

I was thinking maybe Princess was channelling Jasmine. I wanted to make sure she didn't have things hanging from the rear that shouldn't be so I scooped her up and had her Auntie take a look.

We saw nor felt anything out of the ordinary.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and another present being left for me.

As I sat at my desk doing what I do in the afternoon, Miss Thang came and wiggled her bootie all up in my face. I took a closer look and discovered the poor girl was in need of some grooming.

I tried to take care of it myself but she was having no part of it.

This morning I took her in for a grooming appointment.

The vet's office refers to it as a sanitary clip.


I'm saying she is going in for a Brazilian. Sanitary clip is too clinical for me.

When I said she would thank me later for the Brazilian in front of the office staff, they about all lost it with laughter.

Yup, that's me; spreading the sunshine around when you least expect it.

When Auntie Mars picks her up for me early this evening she'll be one sexy beast. How much do ya' wanna bet she is totally going to be feeling it?

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

That Time of the Week

Did your weekend fly by in a flash before your eyes?

Mine sure did.

Friday night was a lovely night in at Fiwa's. Commentary and pictures to follow soon.

Saturday was full of errands, a nail appointment, a facial, and project laundry.

Sunday was a lot of domestic duties, a little bit of work, and a suitcase to pack.

Yup y'all, I am back on the road again this week.

I will do try to do better about updating from the road than I have been and am hopeful I will have enough time to stop by and see you too. I think of ya' but there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the days to get everything I want to get done completed.

Be well.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Weekly Challenge #70

I won't get around to doing this weekly challenge until later this week.

It is a domestic chore most all of us put off until it HAS to be done.

It is long overdue in my world.

Some of you are fortunate enough to have a self cleaning option on your oven.

Me? Not so much.

After the fiasco a few weeks ago when roasting the tri-tip in the oven and having the place get a little smoky and the stove top experiencing a slight change in color by some of the knobs, I knew it was time to clean the oven.

Therefore, cleaning your oven is this week's challenge.

Peace and Love Peeps.