Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Day Full of Whine and Some Rants Too

First let me say I am on vacation this week.

Not many people know this as I took the time off at the last minute and decided to keep it pretty much quiet so I could do whatever the heck I pleased or chose not to do.

This may not have been the smartest move as my phone has been ringing off the hook but the opportunity arose so I took it. I have not even touched my work email or office voicemails. Those can wait until Sunday night. Yay for me.

It never ceases to amaze me when folks get a look of shock on their face or disbelief in their voice when I tell them I am not going anywhere during my time off.

I think it is safe to say I spend enough time on the road and away from home. So, if I choose to spend my vacation time in the comfort of my home, it should be understandable.

I have been reminded not everyone shares my viewpoint on this recently. I am totally good with this because we are all entitled to our beliefs and opinions. However, if I don't try to make you see my point of view, will you please back off and not try to make me see yours?

Please and Thank You.

This day of vacation started off with a follow up visit to the vet. I don't think I shared with all of you when Princess went in for her Brazilian the techs discovered under all of her fur she had bursted anal glands.

Yeah, good times for her.

She was sent home with pain meds, instructions for hot packing her butt, and a follow up visit in 10 days (Bows down to Auntie Mars' greatness and sends her mad love for taking care of Princess until I arrived home).

Today was the 10 day follow up visit. Yesterday her right gland oozed something fierce for a minute or two. I am glad I was home to clean her up and had a feeling today would mean more meds and possibly surgery.

Guess who was right? Yup, that'd be me.

I left my 14 year old baby at the vet's office this morning so the area could be flushed throughout the day and she would be prepped for surgery versus facing the trauma of getting back in her carrier first thing in the morning and going for a drive.

I know with geriatric animals, and people too, there is an increased chance of health risks but it doesn't make this any easier. Even though I have been assured this was completely not my fault and I am great kitty mom, I feel somewhat responsible and my heart is totally broken knowing she is in pain.

Fighting back tears, but knowing she was in great care, I departed the vet's office. First up was a trip to Costco. I needed to stock up on fruits, veggies, and yogurt because this girl had no, and I mean no, food in her place. Beer, wine, goose, water, hot cocoa, tea, and condiments I have but something to put a meal or smoothie together, fuggadabout it. Such is the life of a single gal who has been OTRA 'eh?

For the record, I would like to know why eating healthy costs more than eating processed food?

I purchased two kinds of maters, grapes, blackberries, strawberries, pineapple slices, mini peppers, turkey burgers, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, fresh french green beans, eggs, yogurt, red anjou pears, turkey sausage, and a thing of Woolite for $135.57.

I guess when I stop and look at the loot, it was not all that much to spend but it seemed like a lot at the time.

Then I went to my local Super Wal Mart to get what CostCo didn't have for me; i.e., light soy milk, laundry items, etc.

Could someone please tell me what Wal Mart has against Cheer and the blue Simple Pleasures Downy series? I like the Water Lily and Jasmine scent but noooooo, this is Wal Mart I'm talking about. Wal Mart aka home of the "I don't always carry the same stock week after week" store.

I should have known better but I wasn't about to hit up Target or another store to get my usuals at this stage of the game so I settled for another scent (Simple Pleasures Vanilla and Lavender) and the Cheer Bright Clean they had in stock. This should make the next rounds of project laundry interesting to say the least.

From there I headed home and thought to myself, "now the fun really begins!" There is a buttload of stuff in the car. I live on the 3rd floor. Standing between me and the front door is a series of stairs. 25 to be exact.

After 7 trips up and down, I finally was able to plop my arse down on the couch and breathe for a minute.

Take that in for a minute why don'tcha'?

7 full trips = 350 stairs plus the 25 I walked down in the morning with Princess.

This means I have done 375 stairs today while hauling stuff up and down them and I have not hit the gym yet.

Since I still have the trash to take out later, I don't believe I need to do cardio this afternoon at the gym. Heck, if I do curls with the trash I should knock that off of the weights part of the workout. I already do this with my briefcase so why not add the trash to the mix right? Just sayin'.

If you have stuck with me this long, I thank you. You love me. You really do. I love you too.

For now, I'm gonna go take my whining butt to the couch and be still for a little while. I'm gonna put the vibes out there for my Princess to be well, pray for her to make it through surgery safe and sound, and pray for Dr. Nettie during this time too.

If you're inclined, will you do the same too? You know how I believe in the power or prayer, positivity, and vibes.

Vibes are good.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

Sending healing vibes out to Princess! Poor kitty. Sounds painful.

Yeah for you taking a vacation! Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and give you a minute to breathe and relax. However you choose to do it that's your business. GOOD for you!!

Enjoy sitting on the couch...sounds like a good plan to me!

Jay said...

Taking a staycation can be a nice relaxing week. Sleeping in, taking naps, being a tourist in your own town and stuff like is fun.

Sending good thoughts and vibes to your kitty!

Kathy said...

Poor Kitty!!! I've never heard of that in cats -- dog, yes. I'm sending positive vibes your (and Kitty's) ways.
I think the idea of staying at home is a smart one. Don't worry about criticism; find what makes you happy and do it!
And all those steps -- You are one wonder woman!!!

Summer said...

I'm sorry to hear about the baby. I know she'll be just fine.

And the staycation thing. I'm all for them.

Dear Liza said...

Oh my lots of things to say here:

First off, you ARE a good kitty mom and keep us posted on her progress, okay? It is just as scary as having kids, it feels the same.

I know what you talk about with all the stairs...I live on the third floor, too...but there are elevators. I cannot bring myself to use the el---I feel it would be giving in.'s fifty five steps down the the garage and where the mail is...and when I go to the store, OMG it almost kills me. You go girl--you are doing it right!

And vacations are relative..the word vacation means taking time away, to do what you love. Even though I DONT travel for my job, I would rather spend my time off in my own home, so I get you there, too.

Sincerely hope this week is awesome for you.

Hugs, Mo.


fiwa said...

Hey, you do what works for you and don't worry about anyone else. And you ARE a good kitty mama. I don't know anyone else who would worry so much about their fur baby as you do.

And Mars kicks butt! What a good friend. :)

Love you girlie. :)

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad your Princess did well with the surgery. It's great that you took this week off. Little did you know how much she'd need you. Spoil her rotten, and take care of you!

Tina... said...

if you'd waited three weeks you could have come to the beach with me and the fam.....what's up?

Ace C said...

I was about to post and then that song came on. Can you please let go of "ME & U". Though I believe you can do what the song says to great detail, I don't want to hear it everytime I come here. Plus it's like 50 years old. Her skills have probably faded. I should make a song about eating "pumpkin pie".

Live.Love.Eat said...

I was just playing catch up. I agree with you, sometimes a staycation is what's in order! My husband travels all the time so he feels the same as you do. I hope you're little Princess is doing better by now!