Monday, March 23, 2009

I've Grown Tired

I have grown tired of my bathroom being my new best friend.

Somewhere along the way I either picked up an intestinal bug or have food poisoning.

I started feeling the rumblings upon my arrival home Sunday morning. As the day progressed I was able to control it but as the night wore on it, whatever it is, gained the upper hand.

I won't share too much with you but I will say I have gone through at least 2 rolls of tp. A couple of times I didn't think I was gonna make it down the hallway.

I have experienced nausea and thankfully I have not upchucked once. *knocks on wood*

I have had a headache and a low fever, both of which have passed at this point in time.

With all this going on I obviously didn't jump in the car and head down south but I will be in the morning.

So um, y'all say a prayer and send me a vibe for this to keep passing right on through a'right?

Get it? Pass right on through. Ha, at least I have not lost my sense of humor about the situation.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Kathy said...

UGH! I know what you mean -- feel like I've dragged behind a bus, but mine is sore throat and respiratory. BTW, I don't want to trade! I'm sending you good vibes. If you don't get them buy Immodium AD. It works.

anna♥ said...

Oh hell, girl! FEEL BETTER!!!

Brad said...

I'm sorry sweetie - Hope your feeling better. Jay and I came down with something Sunday/Monday morning too - I chalked it up to the quiche I made sunday but now I wonder - must be a bug going around.

fiwa said...

Hey girl - I'm leaving this here because thanks to Clarke's mom, I've totally used up my text messages for the month. Grrr...

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that Princess says hello. She was very happy to see me, ate her food and let me love on her for a good while. Clarke made her a feather/toy but she doesn't seem too interested yet. I brought it home with me so she wouldn't try to eat the feather, but I'll take it back and try again tomorrow. I'm going to take a book and hang out for awhile in the morning so she doesn't get too lonesome. And thank you for the purty card. :)

Have a good night -

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh I am so sorry, that type of sickness is NOT fun. Just thank goodness the fever has passed. That just makes it doubly worse!!

Cheryl said...

I'm a few days behind. Not that kind of behind!!! I hope you're well now and on the road. Or on your way home but without the issues.


yuck I detest that kind of sickness.

is the pic a portapotty? EEEK.

Feel better!!! please...