Monday, March 16, 2009

Got My Grr Face On

Life could be a lot worse but so far this day has not started off the best.

First of all, I overslept. My body must still be on vacation mode. Instead of getting up at 5:30 AM, I woke up at 6:30 AM.

I might have kept on sleeping too had it not been for the next event of the morning. I woke up to projectile vomit from the kitty. Not her fault I know but um sweetness, instead of staying on my hip could you have least jumped next to me instead of vomiting upwards toward me?

Then, once I cleaned this up and hit the shower, I realized I forgot to put the necessary shampoo back in the bathtub area versus leaving it in the suitcase. Guess who is sporting a ponytail today?

Speaking of the shower, I failed to Liquid Plumber the drain and was treated to a very slow draining drain. This was not so much fun but I can and did deal.

Breakfast was a quick shake in which I realized again nothing lasts forever. I need to replace one of the Magic Bullet blades. The bottom of the one I use pretty much everyday is worse for wear and today it decided to rebel on me. I hope I can order just that part and not the whole Bullet again.

Off to work I went and was greeted with the fallout from being out of the office for a week. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off but I can tell today is going to be a long day.

Princess' removing of the drains appointment is right around the corner and I am hoping there are no surprises there.

Like I said before, life could be a lot worse. A lot.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Kathy said...

Some days we just get thrown up on! I hope Princess' drain removal is quick and 'eventless.'

kimmyk said...

Aw poor Princess and poor you on the receiving end of it all.

Let me know about the Magic Bullet blade...mine gets a work out on the daily from jamie and adam and their protein shakes.

i hope today goes smoothly and fast for you. that first day back is always the hardest.

Dez said...

Aw, how terrible for you and your kitty. But, when you said projectile vomit, I thought it was anywhere else except towards your face! Sorry, but that made me laugh!
Tomorrow will be better. Turn your alarm volume up! :)

Mo said...

Kathy, How very true. The appointment went very well. Thankfully.

Kim, Will do. So far survey says we can buy just the blade from ebay. The bullet website will sell you a deluxe package with the blade and a few other items too.

Dez, It was actually kind of funny after I thought about it. Maybe it was her way of getting back at me for the hell she's been through lately?

Brad said...

Ug - I remember those days of coming back from vaca and having literally hunderds of emails - So glad I don't have that now! - Hope your day got better!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Mondays are blah as it is so when you have added things to deal with, it can be tough. Hope the next couple of days have been better for you!

Ace C said...