Friday, February 26, 2010

Current State of Being

Sinus pressure.
Pounding headache.
Can't breathe.
Feeling totally off of my game.
Get better vibes, energy, and love greatly appreciated.
Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Y'all send the vibes.

I'm heading out for a quick one.

I'll be back before you know I was gone but I still appreciate the vibes for the less than 48 hours I am away.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lesson Learned

A few weekends ago after an eventful day of brunch (Southern Kitchen), a sly silver fox pickup (silver fox in my ear), many laughs (the pack), shopping at my local crack house (Impress Rubber Stamps), bubble blowing in traffic (me from the backseat), watching a chick flick (Dear John), a visit to the nail salon was in order.

Patricia decided to take her tips off and I'm usually always down for a manicure.

I decided I was going to bypass my normal pale pink selection since it wasn't in my purse and live on the edge. I wanted to go with a color I normally wouldn't select for my fingers.

My Private Jet by OPI was the selection of the day for me. Patricia's are the longer nails in a black polish.

As the week wore on I became used to looking down at my nails and seeing color.

Then it happened.

The chips started. They stared back at me. I increasingly became annoyed. I wanted to take the polish off.

I rolled with it.

I re-learned a lesson - only polish my nails in a dark color when I own the polish.

With that being said, I am continuing to sport the dark polish. Say hello to China Glaze's Evening Seduction.

After two coats it appears almost black until the light hits it.

I'm open to new colors. What are you wearing these days? Don't be shy. I'm ready.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Challenge #121

Do you recall the last time you wiped down the light switches in your home or your office?

If you don't remember - heck if even if you do - I challenge you to get busy cleaning them this week.

Hidden germs could be lurking.

Dust bunnies be gone.

Fingerprints a thing of the past.

Let's get to it.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meeting Fun

This is what I will be feasting my eyes upon for the next 2.5 days.

Who says meetings can't be fun while being informative too?

It's how we do.

I'm looking forward to seeing who does what with the goodies.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all - fo sho!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For the Love of Kenny

I have been remiss in declaring my love of Kenny publicly lately.
I've convinced at least one co-worker to buy one and a few more are in the process of deciding. He loves his too and says he's doing more reading now that he has one than he was before.
I carry my Kindle 2 with me pretty much everywhere. Waiting or eating alone is a walk in the park when there is something available to read right at my fingertips
I failed to realize how much I've come to appreciate the slimness of Kenny.
I was soon reminded of this the other day when a book I had on reserve at the library was ready for pickup.
Behold the difference.

As the weight of the hardcover book rested on my chest the first night I read a few chapters I quickly arrived at the decision to return the book to the library and purchase the Kindle version from Amazon.

I continue to have mad love for the written page in the traditional book format. However, to carry 532 pages of the hardback book around with me isn't all that appealing to me.

Kenny kept me company as I ate dinner this evening. I read a quick article in Newsweek and then a little bit about the late Senator Edward Kennedy's experiences in boarding school.

Another great thing about Kenny is I could have been reading Jackie Collins' "Poor Little Bitch Girl" and no one would have been the wiser.

Had I decided I wanted to read my Lean Six Sigma book, an article in the February Reader's Digest, a chapter from "The Blind Side", or download today's USA Today or The Seattle Times I could have done so in a matter of seconds as I sat in Qdoba enjoying my naked chicken salad.

This evening, as I put the final touches on the bag for this week in travel, I give Kenny a kiss and a pat on my back for the purchase I have come to love.

Yes it is true the Kindle is an investment but for the way I live my life, it's well worth the spend.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ribbon, Punches, and Glitter Oh My

I needed to bust a creative vibe and make some thank you cards Sunday night.
I went for a simple and quick design.

I also did one with a snowflake not represented here.

When all was said and done I added the skinny white ribbon on top of the silver ribbon to one of the butterfly cards.

I made 5 cards in less than 10 minutes, including the handwritten sentiment inside.

I love when projects come together in a split second like these did.

My next creative endeavor will be Friday night as I spend some QT with J-Lo and D's kids. One project will include foam and sparkles. The rest remains to be seen with endless possibilities.

Where has your creative energy taken you these days? Hopefully to a happy place like mine has.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekly Challenge #120

Do you have a pile of paper, magazines, mail, etc. in need of your attention?

How about a pile of anything you can refer to as a "hot spot"?

I know I do.

This week I challenge all of us to spend a little bit of time tackling the pile.

I'd like to say I will master mine but I know I will only be chipping away at it but slow and steady wins this race.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Game Night

A few weeks ago Ace and I journeyed over to see the friends we met one another through a few 4th of Julys ago.

We started the day watching a kid's soccer game and ended the day playing games.

It was a close game. At one point I was pretty sure Ace and Bryant beat me but I came through with the win via my selections of the letter I.

Here's to game nights in everywhere!

I'm thinking I need to talk to the pack about setting one up soon.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rock On

Some days after a long day in the salt mines an ice cold beer, the company of a co-worker and friend, and a chicken salad from The Rock hits the spot just right.

Round 1 above.

Round 2 below.

I am a blessed girl to have good people in my life.

People I care about and people that care for me.

People who let me be me.

People who get it, whatever it may be at that point in the day.

I hope you have some of the same as they make life sweet.

Sweet is good.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Weekly Challenge #119

Saturday as I sat in the backseat at a traffic light I laid my head on the seat and looked up.

Just for a moment or two and long enough for me to see a difference in the view I otherwise would have missed.

The bare tree branches looked totally different.

It got me thinking. We spend more time looking ahead, down, to the left, to the right but hardly do we look up.

What are we missing?

What might we see if we take a moment or two and let our eyes gaze on what lies above us?

This week I challenge you to look up at least once and take notice.

Peace and Love Peeps.
NOTE: photo courtesy of this Flickr user

Friday, February 05, 2010

Weekend Plans

A full weekend is planned in these parts. I am sure it will be filled with lots of laughter and love.

Friday night: An adjustment after work. Dinner in at my place with Mars. It has been a long time since we have caught up with each other. She asked for turkey burgers so turkey burgers it will be.


Grubbing at Southern Kitchen and going to see Dear John with Fiwa, Patricia, and possibly Laura.


Party at Dave's. I am pulling for the Saints in case you are wondering.

I might throw a manicure in there too.

How about you? What do you have planned?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Creative Storage

My hair accessories have been taking over some of my bathroom drawers.
I decided it was time to put them in their very own box.
Plus this gave me a chance to do a creative project.
I busted out the paint, the mod podge, and got to work.

Here is the inside of the box. The paint is a combination of metallic silver and metallic cream.

I did the lid on New Years Day at Fiwa's while she worked on her project, which was to decoupage a three ring binder.

Did you know it is harder to do a circle box than a square one?

Well, for me it is.

This is why it took me until three weeks later to finish the bottom of the box.

I am quite satisfied with the end result.

You might be asking where does this new box call home.

The bathroom of course!I am pretty proud of myself for picking tissue paper that matches perfectly with the towel/storage unit and with the craft store coupon the project cost about $4.00.


Peace and Love Peeps.