Monday, February 22, 2010

Lesson Learned

A few weekends ago after an eventful day of brunch (Southern Kitchen), a sly silver fox pickup (silver fox in my ear), many laughs (the pack), shopping at my local crack house (Impress Rubber Stamps), bubble blowing in traffic (me from the backseat), watching a chick flick (Dear John), a visit to the nail salon was in order.

Patricia decided to take her tips off and I'm usually always down for a manicure.

I decided I was going to bypass my normal pale pink selection since it wasn't in my purse and live on the edge. I wanted to go with a color I normally wouldn't select for my fingers.

My Private Jet by OPI was the selection of the day for me. Patricia's are the longer nails in a black polish.

As the week wore on I became used to looking down at my nails and seeing color.

Then it happened.

The chips started. They stared back at me. I increasingly became annoyed. I wanted to take the polish off.

I rolled with it.

I re-learned a lesson - only polish my nails in a dark color when I own the polish.

With that being said, I am continuing to sport the dark polish. Say hello to China Glaze's Evening Seduction.

After two coats it appears almost black until the light hits it.

I'm open to new colors. What are you wearing these days? Don't be shy. I'm ready.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.


KathyA said...

I'm into very light color or a French mani on my fingernails because of the chipping. On my toes, however, I'm into Dusk Over Cairo, Dancing In The Streets, Nantucket Mist, or She Sells Sea Shells...

fiwa said...

I just love the names of nail polish colors. :)

I wouldn't have guessed the current one you are wearing is so light - two coats really makes it look black!

AjBCreations said...

Lovely color. I make jewelry, and working with tools and wire, well lets just say my manicure isn't always on point. But when I do get my polish on, I am fond of a pale pink or a nude.


Cheryl said...

I love offbeat toe colors. Teal, Purple, etc. I keep my fingernails undone. I should pay more attention, but for some reason they're a mess. I could at least keep them trimmed to a uniform length. Maybe I should make that a goal. Anyway, I do like your nail color. Live large in the little things. And big.