Friday, December 29, 2006

A Little Bit of Something

Ever have those days, those moments where your mind won't stop racing? You know with all those thoughts of "Oh my gawd! The year is almost over and I have all this stuff left to do!"

I'd love to tell you my mind is racing with fun stuff but it's not. It's racing with the last minute insurance, financial crap. Ok. It's not crap. It's life.

Nothing quite like waiting until 12/31 to get your eyes checked. To buy new glasses because as we all know, I can't have lasik and I have all that money in my healthcare account to burn through or I lose it. I'm going to be making Lenscrafters' day. Ring it up baby.

Then at the last minute, work stuff enters. Racing around to try to get it all taken care of between now and Monday while fitting in a massage, a shopping trip with Ace, babysitting duty with the angels, watching some football, and chilling.

Oh, and I need to get those New Years cards done too.

Man, where does time go?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Winter Around These Here Parts

Is it cold where you are?

I had to scrape ice from my little friend three times last night (NOTE: that is no one's car in particular. It is some random picture I found on the internet.)

I defrosted and de-iced when I left the office after 7:00 PM, then when we left the pub, and again when we left the karaoke bar. It has snowed the last two nights too.

We are having one heck of a winter I tell you.

Thank goodness for power, heat, wool sweaters, fleece, and especially my fluffy, cream with gold sparkling thread scarf. Oh, and let me not forget the Uggs.

Hope things are good in your world. Warm and toasty too.

Work is craaaaaazy, as it always is this time of the year, for me.

I promise to download pictures and update you on the Christmas festivities soon.

For now, I have to get back to the grind.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Haven't Forgotten

Hi Peeps.

I have not forgotten about you. I hope you did not forget about me.

I thought about you all over the holidays.

Me hopes it is not odd to be wondering what KimmyK and Katherine were doing. See, we've never "met" face to face but those two wonderful women have become part of my life. The internet can bring ya' together in ways never imagined. Hope your holidays were merry and bright. We've got New Years and a bowl game to go don't we?

I loved spending time with those of you I had the blessing to be with and cherished talking with those of ya' on the phone. Much love to T for hanging with me while I played Santa and wrapped 57 presents.

I now understand why parents stay up Christmas Eve and are driven to drink. Two very precious girls had a very happy holiday. Their daddy (Pete) spoiled them something good. I do not want to see another piece of wrapping paper or ribbon for a while.

For now, I must get back to the grind. I'll fill you in on who and how I spent the holidays later. Work is calling my name.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Yea, I Got Your Pins and Needles

Did you miss me? I missed you too. But you know what I missed more?


I've been without power since Thursday. It was finally restored last night. AMEN.

I have officially survived a wind storm. 70-90 mph winds. Nearly a million of us peeps without power. 1,000,000.

Dontcha' worry. We made the most of it. After last month's snowstorm and this month's power outages I have a feeling Washington's population will be exploding in 9 to 10 months.

Here's how it went down. Thursday afternoon it came in with a force. I was a wimp. We were supposed to do happy hour but I stayed in. I hunkered down with the babies. I watched the game. I went to bed early.

About midnight, craaaaack. With evergreens snapping like twigs, we lost power. My wind chimes blew right off the deck. I was thinking it would be restored in the morning. Um no.

The entire city, including the office, was without power. You really get to see the other side of human nature in times like these. You get to see who is a lover and who is a fighter. You get to see how folks roll with the punches.

So Friday I worked as much as I could at the office until my lap top battery died. The generators were needed for essential operations. I headed out of the office around 1:30 and hunkered down on the couch under the blankets with the babies and read a book. Little slice of heaven for a Friday afternoon.

Until...It got freaking cold. I mean frigid folks. I was wearing layer upon layer. I had a hat on. I had gloves on. I had a scarf on. I almost broke out the snow suit peeps. It got that cold.

As darkness fell, some of the girls came over with their animals and we proceeded to read by candlelight, to play some board games, to gab like beaotches do, to drink some wine, and try to get some sleep. You put 7 cats and two dogs in one little space and see how much sleep you can get.

Saturday morning rolls around. Still no power. Leadership party in Seattle still on. They have power. YES! Warmth. Shower. Lights. Ahh, the simple things in life.

Oh, and by the way, I ended up taking one of the girls with me as my date in case you were wondering. We partied like it was 1999. You wouldn't expect anything less from me would you?

I ended up going to Pete's around 3:00 AM. His place sounded better than the hotel room at that point of the night, even though it was a great hotel to be in. I spend enough time in those.

He had power at his place and Sunday was his birthday so I was planning on being there anyway. Why not go ahead and be there first thing in the morning right?

My place? Still without power.

Anywho, sometime around 4:00 PM yesterday the power was restored. I thank my lucky stars no damage was done to my home, my car, or let alone my life.

God bless the 8 souls who perished in the storm and all the countless other folks who are suffering from carbon monoxide "epidemic" related injuries.

Fun times I tell you. 75,000+ peeps around the area are still without power and the estimate is they will be without power until Thursday.

Wooo. What an ordeal.

I'm off to rummage through the fridge and freezer. According to internet sources the only things I can safely keep are salad dressing, jelly, relish, bbq sauce, mustard, and ketchup.

I know some of you are thinking that is all I have anyway but seriously since I haven't been traveling that much lately I have stocked up. See what good it did me? Oh well. At least the Goose, the Captain, and Patron are safe too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What A Morning

Me thinks Al Gore is on to something. I do believe in the global warming theory. Do you?

We've had some funky ass weather patterns this fall. I'd have to say this morning is topping it off.

Something that is rare for this part of Washington came in with a vengeance this morning. 6:18 AM to be exact. I loved it. It reminded me of growing up in Texas. Have you guessed what it was yet?

Did you think

Yes peeps. We had a major thunderstorm this morning. I laid in bed, watched the flashes and then counted until the boom came. At one point it was only one second.

I was in heaven. Lightening storms are a favorite of mine. I didn't have to drive in it. And I was still in bed at 6:18!

Ok, so after that passed through, the winds and big ass rain arrived. We're talking 30 - 50 mph winds. Trees toppling. Power flickering. Roads and rivers flooding.

Right now the sun is out.

I am on pins and needles waiting for what is next. How's the weather where you are?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wanna' Know More About Me?

I saw this on KimmyK's and Big Cute Naughty Girl's blogs and thought I'd fill you in on me since I haven't done so in awhile.

I know. I know. You just can't wait can you? You secretly have always wanted to spend a few minutes peering into my life.

It's ok. Really. I want to know about you too.

1. I've come to realize that my family...are some of the most resilient peeps ever.

2. I am listening fingers fly over the keyboard, my water fountain on my work desk, and the Dixie Chicks latest cd.

3. I talk...a lot and without a southern accent most all of the time I have been told. If you listen closely when I am super tired, mad like a hornet, or drunk you might be able to hear the Texas twang.

4. I love...with caution but once you're in my heart and soul, I love unconditionally.

5. My best friend...friends! Live too far away and are sisters by choice.

6. My first kiss was...sometime in elementary school. I wish I could remember more details but it obviously wasn't too memorable because this is all I can recall, which is shameful I know. His name was Alan.

7. I lost my 14, with a boy named Darrell. It was after a football game and just kind of happened at our friend's house. There are times I wish I'd waited but can't change it so let's just embrace it and move on shall we?

8. I hate it when people...are mean on purpose.

9. Love amazing choice, action, and state of being.

10. Marriage is...tougher than anyone tells you it is.

11. Somewhere, someone is this all there is?

12. I'll always...march to the beat of my own drum.

13. I have a secret crush the moment, no one.

14. The last time I cried was because...I was having a bad day and was really missing my mom.

15. My cell red, rings constantly, and seems to always be attached to me.

16. When I wake up in the morning...I roll over and stretch.

17. Before I go to sleep at night...I talk to god.

18. Right now I am thinking much I want this week to be over.

19. Babies are...a blessing.

20. I get on MySpace....hardly ever.

21. Today I...worked and laughed my ass off.

22. Tonight I will... do laundry.

23. Tomorrow I on 5 separate conference calls.

24. I really be at home in my pj's.

25. The person who most likely to repost this is...umm, I have more lurkers than anything so I don't think anyone will repost it.

My Alphabet

A- Available or single? I am both.
B- Best Friend? Traci and Jackie
C- Cake or Pie? Do I have to choose? I like them both.
D- Drink of Choice? We're talking alcohol right? You should know by now it is Grey Goose with lemonade and limes.
E- Essential Item? My glasses
F- Favorite Color? Red
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Neither
H- Hometown? Dallas
I- Indulgence? Massages
J- January or February? February because things slow down for me work wise.
K- Kids names? No kiddos yet but the furbabies, who are my kids, are named Princess and Jasmine
L- Life is incomplete without? Laughter
M- Marriage Date? Can we just not go there but if you must know it was 10/26
N- Number of Siblings? 5: 4 brothers, 1 sister
O- Oranges or apples? gala apples
P- Phobias/Fears? I am afraid of not having enough money to retire with.
Q- Favorite Quote? It is what it is
R- Reason to Smile? Can you give me a reason not to?
S- Season? Fall
T- Tag three people! Katherine. Others who read, I tag you too but me thinks you don't have blogs so what good would that do me?
U- Unknown Fact about Me – If I tell you, it wouldn't be unknown now would it?
V- Vegetable you hate? lima beans
W- Worst habit? overcommitting and under delivering
X- X-Rays you've had? too many to count. Dang sports injuries.
Y- Your favorite food? Tex-Mex/Mexican
Z- Zodiac? Virgo

Monday, December 11, 2006

This Oughta Be Interesting

Just announced.

Superbowl halftime entertainer is . . .

Think he'll do something to top Janet and Justin?

Tune in Feb. 4.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Booty Shaking Tunes

Some of the girls from Tuesday night asked for the playlist on the cd that was playing on the way to and fro Seattle so here ya' go sistas:

Fergalicious by Fergie
I Wanna Love You by Akon
Do It to It by Cherish
Get Up by Ciara
Long Way to Go by Cassie
Money Maker by Ludacris
Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake
Smack That by Akon
U & Dat by E40
Come to Me by Diddy (Featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
London Bridge by Fergie
Everytime Tha Beat Drop by Monica (Featuring Dem Franchize Boys)
Say It Right by Nelly Furtado
About Us by Brooke Hogan (Featuring Paul Wall)
Love Me or Hate Me by Lady Sovereign
Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani
Wait A Minute by The Pussycat Dolls
Control Myself by LL Cool J and Jennifer Lopez
My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas
Me & U by Cassie
Hot In Herre by Nelly

This mix will get you moving even if you don't want to. Trust me on this.

I've decided I will be going dancing tonight after all. Wanna' guess what cd will be playing on the way to the club?

Peace and Love Peeps.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Pics Finally Posted

The pictures from yesterday's entry have finally updated. Check it out below.

I'm more than likely heading to bed. How exciting is that for a Friday night? I go out all week and then stay in on Friday...hmmm...

I had an early morning.

I've been rubbed down and am totally relaxed.

My belly is full from dinner a drink with my massage therapist. I heart her and luv me some fajitas and margaritas.

I have to work tomorrow.

We're going dancing tomorrow night so I need energy.

Real energy. Not the kind you get from Red Bull or Amp.

Peace and Love Peeps. Hope things are good in your world.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Whetting Your Appetite - Updatedv2

There will be more to come later, with pictures even, but I wanted to say

1. There are a few good men left out there.
2. Dyson lives up to the hype.
3. Stuffies need loving too.

Check back later tonight. I'm working. I can't come out and play like I want to.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Geez, what a day! I am finally home and ready to play with ya' and blogger is being a PAB (punk ass bitch) and not updating my pictures.

You'll have to hang in there for the images. I've got to be up and out the door at 5:45 in the morning. It currently is 11:40 PM. I have no patience for no pictures right this moment. Thanks for understanding. You simply are the best. Do read on though. Updates have been captured for you...

Let us begin shall we? Settle in. It’s gonna’ be a long update.

1. There are a few good men left out there.
This is related to the Dyson living up to the hype and an old fashioned date.

See, Mo recognizes her limitations. I am not mechanically inclined by any means. I'm helpless when it comes to putting stuff together. I'm not afraid to ask for help. I'm not afraid to be a girly girl and let a man do that kind of stuff for me. Plus I figure since I'm pretty darn independent in the other aspects of my life that this is a way for them to feel needed, which is something I believe we all want and deserve from time to time.

So, I asked my man Pete to help me put the Dyson together. He got off work earlier than I did yesterday so we agreed he would hang at my place until I was able to make my way home.

Yes peeps. I allowed the man in my home, all alone, without me. Big leap of faith and trust on my part. It is true we have been seeing each other off and on since July (more on than off lately) but to let someone have full access to your stuff...that is big for me. Know what I am saying?

Ok. I confess. I’ll keep it real. We’ve been nekkid and it is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s by the way in case you wondering. We’ve exposed some of our vulnerabilities. We’ve let each other in over the course of the last 5 months. With all that being said, we’re still talking about my stuff. My life.

You might be thinking, “Mo he could have already looked at your stuff while you slept. Don’t kid yourself.”

Who hasn’t been curious and done that before? Admit it peeps. You’ve looked in a drawer, a medicine cabinet, maybe a wallet or two. I know have.

But this felt raw. I went with it. I’ve got nothing to hide. But still.

He’d been up late talking with me the night before and playing with his new computer so I thought he was going to be tired and just come on over, look through my stuff, take a nap, we’d put the Dyson together when I got home, head to the movie we planned on seeing, and then we’d hit up the grocery store to pick up our fixings for dinner.

Sounded like a good plan to me. Imagine my surprise when I came home and not only was the Dyson put together but he’d vacuumed! He had all my candles lit. A martini was waiting. He’d taken the Dyson big ass box to the trash and he was playing with the babies when I walked in.

That my friends, was going above and beyond. Be still my heart. He had no idea of exactly when I was going to get home either. He did all that on his very own.

In the interest of letting me see how the Dyson worked and to school me on taking the canister off to empty the nastiness it sucks up, he didn’t vacuum the hallway or the bedroom.

He anticipated my needs and he was thinking about y’all too. He said, “I couldn’t find your camera and I knew you’d want to take a picture for your blog so I wanted to leave a room for you too.”

Again, be still my heart.

So, that brings us to #2. Dyson lives up to the hype. Check out this nastiness. I knew there was stuff in the carpet. I knew there was going to be a lot of hair. I knew there were litter pebbles from here to there. But this? Yuck!!!

As if doing all of the above wasn’t good enough for me to have my heart go pitter patter, he cooked dinner for me…again. He grilled some steak and cooked some taters. And peeps…he woke me up with breakfast in bed this morning!

It doesn’t stop there. He also imported a cd he knew I wanted to add to my iPod. I didn’t know that until tonight when I plugged it in to recharge it and it started to update. I was like what the heck? Then I saw the songs. I knew it could have only been him unless JP flew in and flew out with the cd.

JP, now I get to relive singing along with you, Princess, and Foxy whenever I want. Can you guess what cd it was? Did you guess the Curious George soundtrack?

What can I say? It grew on me during our time together in August and one night at his place he popped it in and I told him all about listening to it over and over. We laughed and agreed it has that effect on ya’. He likes Jack Johnson anyway so he’s all in with listening to it with the girls and by himself too. Now I get to as well.

Lest I forget, #3. Stuffies need loving too. I was on a very serious business call at one point and he thought I could use a laugh, which after that call he was right. So, even though some of you might think this is all wrong, we found it humorous.

The puppy, once you push his ear, gets down and dirrrty. He had his way with Spookie. He humped and moaned to his heart’s content.

Right now I’d have to say he’s one of the few good ones left out there. Would you agree?

And for Katherine, my fake wreath and only holiday decoration this year.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Make It A Cold One

ST. LOUIS - A St. Louis woman shot her husband to death after he gave her a can of warm beer, police said.

The shooting happened Sunday. Names have not been released. The woman was taken into custody.

The wife allegedly admitted shooting her husband, who was about 70 years old, in the kitchen of their home. The man was shot four or five times in the chest after giving his wife a can of warm Stag beer.

The house was among thousands in the St. Louis area that lost power after a winter storm hit the region Thursday.

Ok, I am just sayin', if the power was out and it was because of a winter storm, if you put the beer outside, wouldn't it be cold?

I know. I know. I'm going to hell. Not only because of that comment but because I find the situation a tad funny.

What I Know For Sure

I'm going to play Oprah for a minute or two. I'm going to share with you what I know for sure today.

1. Finding out you "lost" $45,000.00 over the weekend first thing Monday morning is never a good thing. (It will be back next month but I really could have used those financials this month.)

2. Monday night football with your peeps at a sports bar is a great way to decrompress from the shock of losing the $45,000.00.

3. Drinking multiple double grey gooses when you have to be up super early the next morning is not such a good idea.

4. I can't bring it like I used to. Getting older has perks but it also has some downfalls. See #3.

I'm out. I've got to get back to the grind. Thank goodness it is Taco Tuesday happy hour tonight. This girl is going to need it.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I survived the day!

I ran my errands but the light cleaning has yet to be finished. I'd be done by now if I didn't go to the pub to watch football with the peeps. I am glad I did though. Cleaning can be done whenever but hanging with friends during the game comes along on a schedule.

The freak quota was low. Sunbreaks. I thought we were supposed to be sunny all afternoon. Oh well. I'll take the sunbreaks over rain and snow.

Not only did I do Target but I did Costco too. God and Baby Jesus were smiling down on me today. I got primo parking spaces at both locations. People were moving along nicely.

There was no fighting my way down the aisle or need to count to 10. I smiled. I breathed normally. As a matter of fact, I did a random act of kindness and let the woman who had 3 items go in front of me at Costco. I had 5 and needed to renew my membership.

Just saw the rankings. January 8. Florida. Ohio State. Bring it.

And speaking of more football. Oh my! Did you see the Cowboys vs Giants? Did you see Seattle vs Denver?

Talk about nail biters. Down to the last minutes, seconds. Now that is what I am talking about folks. That was some darn good balling today.

Christmas came early for Mo. I finally broke down and bought

Yep, that is the Dyson 07 Animal. If that doesn't suck up the fur on this crappy carpet, I give up.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Why? 'Cuz I know you are just on the edge of your seat, breathless with anticipation.

Hey, does that mean I am all grown up when I get excited about buying a vacuum cleaner as a present to myself? Or just pathetic? Whatever way you look at it, I think it negates the fact that I was wearing white socks with lions and paw prints on them in the Uggs when I bought the suck-miester.

Yes T. Those socks. Do you still have yours? I still remember the day we bought them. Heck, I'll be 80 (if I am lucky) and remember the most random crap like that.

Peace and Love Peeps. I've got some cleaning to do.

Lord, I Ask For Patience Today

In true Mo fashion I have procrastinated and will be doing light cleaning and running the rest of my errands today.

With all of the freaks who are out doing their holiday shopping. On a nice sunny Sunday afternoon.

I just can't wait.

You know it will take me twice as long to find a parking space and to get through the aisles in Target today. Do I even dare attempt Costco? I think the grocery store is the safest bet today.

I'll have to fight my way through the aisles. Put my nicest smile on. Take deep breaths. Count to 10.

Patience. Dear Lord, will you send it my way?

Don't get me wrong. I like this time of the year. Really I do. I just don't like the crowds. The people who feel compelled, when they see you standing there, trying to get a little piece of the pie, and won't move. They drive me nuts. You know who I am talking about.

Hey, you're not one of them are you?

Dang. Maybe I'll just wait until tomorrow to do the Target and Costco run. I'm talking myself out of going.

And can they just hurry up and announce if it is going to be Michigan or Florida against Ohio State? I don't think anyone thought UCLA would beat USC yesterday but hey, it happened. Now, just give me the goods.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've Said It Before

Boys are so simple.

Really. They are.

I'm having a marathon phone conversation with Pete. We're making plans for Saturday. I say, "I'm not available from 1-4." He asks, "Why?" I reply, "I'm getting my hair did." He exclaims, "3 hours! When I get my hair cut I'm not available from 3:30-3:45." I reply, "It takes time to be this beautiful." He laughs, in a good way, and then proceeds to say, "But your hair is all one color."

Ah. The simpleness of men.

It's not one color my friend. I have subtle highlights. 3 different colors to be exact. See, that's the way I like it. Cover the gray. Add some lightness. Make it look natural.

Mission accomplished. He thinks it is one color. Ha!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Do They Go Away?

So here I sit this afternoon and evening with the phone ringing off the hook.

The great invention of caller id lets me know it is not anyone I know and as such most likely do not want to talk with.

I did my best to ignore the dang phone but since I was working from home and asked a few folks to return my call at my home # versus my office or cell, I couldn't exactly silence the ringer or take the phone off the hook.

When I say ringing off the hook it is no exaggeration. Literally every 15 minutes this 800 # kept calling.

Did they leave a message? Of course not. They just kept on calling and calling and calling.

I'm thinking to myself I am on the national do not call registry so it more than likely has to do with you know who. Yep. The ex that won't seem to go away.

Finally I had enough. I answer the phone in the sweetest voice I could muster and lo and behold it was someone trying to track him down.

How many more freaking creditors, agencies, or whatever organization they are with are going to call and have me tell them he doesn't live here, that I am the ex, and I have no idea how to get in touch with him?

It's true I don't know how to reach him anymore as in his true fashion, he's moved on from the last known contact information I had.

My attorney will be able to track him down in time for our rendezvous in February I am sure. You can find just about anyone these days with their legal name, birth date, and ssn unless they have gone underground.

So peeps that call me at home, I just might be changing my home phone number. I've grown tired of the traces of him and the endless phone calls where I have to constantly explain over and over that this is not a good number to reach him at and that I don't know how to reach him.

It never fails. One phone call is not enough. They call at least two more times. On that third phone call Mo gets bitchy and then they finally stop calling. For at least three months. Or another agency pops up in their place.

I've grown tired of it. I'll keep you posted if and when I change my number. It will probably be in January. Oh won't that be fun? Figure out how many people, offices, etc. I need to let know of my phone number change and then contact them all. Maybe I will just get rid of the land line all together.

So I finish off the night with the thought of do they ever go away? I thought that is what divorce was about. Especially ours since we have no children or other ties to one another.

It was supposed to be a clean break. I know the memories are still there and I am not asking for those to go away as they are part of my history, part of what makes me who I am.

But can the calls stop? Universe please. I beg of you.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You're Probably Growing Bored by Now

I'm going to talk about the weather again tonight.

But before I do, let us all take a moment of silence to honor the 4 months Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson were married. Yes peeps. You read that right. The former Baywatch babe is filing for divorce. No word yet as to why but they are dunzo according to reports.

Ok. Back to the fun stuff. NOT! It never got above freezing today. I think the high was 27. Our normal high this time of the year? 48.

Oh yes peeps. It was cold. It was icy. It was snowy.

And there is more to come.

We're supposed to warm up Thursday but until then, we're slated to be all nice and icy tomorrow with an additional 2-6 inches of snow possible.

Allow me a few moments to say thanks for some of the blessings I was reminded of today.

I thank goodness I have a 4WD on my vehicle and know how to use it.
I thank goodness I live close to the office.
I thank goodness I have the option to work from home if needed or desired.
I thank goodness for all those times I cursed driving on the ice during a business trip to Alaska because now I know I can handle the roads here if I take it slow.
I thank goodness for a warm scarf, winter coat, gloves, and a cute hat.
I thank goodness for heat in my home, in my car, and at the office.
I thank goodness for food in the pantry and fridge so I didn't have to make a dash to the store.
I thank goodness for electricity.
I thank goodness, that even though I am not 100% yet, I do have my health for the most part.
I thank goodness I have a roof over my head.

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Night

Monday night
1. Brings another victory for the Seahawks
2. Brings more snow
3. Brings out the other side in one of the boys

Let us start with #1. I was a little bit worried during the first half of the game. I had faith but I won't lie and say I wasn't a tad concerned.

Onward to #2. These pictures don't do the winter wonderland justice but for your viewing pleasure we have

I know there are peeps out there with much more snow. I feel for ya'. Me thinks it is pretty since I am in the comfort of my home.

See I was a smart one and paid attention to the weather forecasts and took heed when 1-3 inches was predicted after sunset.

Now I know some people have to be out in it. You, you I understand.

Can you see where #3 might be going?

If you guessed one of the boys from the grid texted me with a how the heck do I get back to the valley from where I am with the roads being as they are, you'd be right on.

I know you are in a dart league. I know it's a passion of yours. However, if you think I am going to rescue you at the bar and drive you home in that crap, please think again.

Yes, it is true. I have 4WD. I have experience driving in these conditions. Call me a bitch if you want (he didn't but the last text was not his usual tone).

I warned you earlier in the day. I suggested you not go just to be on the safe side. When you saw it start to come down, you could have called it an early night and gone home.

You chose to go. You chose to stay.

Now I choose to not risk it.

I own it. I'm a selfish beaotch. I care more about my safety than how you are going to make it back home.

He'll probably be removing himself from the grid.

Now y'all want to know which one it is dontcha'?


See. I told you. I'm a bitch.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Brrr and Lots of Randomness

First and foremost, thanks for the get better wishes. I'm starting to feel like a person again and appreciate you thinking of me.

For those who have called and texted, y'all rock. I have been feeling the healing vibes and I so very much feel your love.

Thank you for respecting my desire to be left alone and still knowing to check up on me. I only wanted to be alone so I didn't subject you to this crap.

Guess what I woke up to this morning?


About half an inch. We are supposed to get more overnight and again throughout the week.

It was melted when I woke up again this afternoon but this morning's touch of a winter wonderland was very pretty.

The highs this week aren't going to get above 35-40. Winter anyone?

Don't hate T. Your bones would be hurting in this cold and woman, the wind is FIERCE.

Speaking of waking up and sleeping. I've been sleeping so much with this round of strep. I feel a lot like a bear in hibernation. Life is just passing me by but gosh darnit if my body says rest, rest I will.

My throat is still painful but not anything like it was earlier this week. The fever has been gone for a few days now. I am still nauseous (lovely side effect of the drug the doc put me on). I haven't really eaten anything of substance since last Tuesday.

I stepped on the scale today and I'm down 5. Nice but not at the expense of how I achieved it. Know what? I wish I wasn't so vain to step on the scale to see if I'd lost weight either. There are times I dislike being a woman. Men usually don't give a rat's ass about their weight and certainly wouldn't be saying, "Nice. I lost 5 pounds from being sick." Are we ever satisfied with our appearance?

Let me see if I can make it through a full day back to work tomorrow. I'll probably want to crawl under my desk and take a nice long nap. I do have a blanket in my desk and keep a travel pillow in my car along with another blanket so ya' know, I could make this happen...I won't. I'm just saying.

I wish I had something really exciting to share with you but I really don't.

The most exciting thing I can share with you is for kicks I took the girl's collars off so I wouldn't hear the jingle of their bell when they crawled all over me and huddled next to me in bed or on the couch.

They are sporting them again tonight. It was pretty freaky having Jasmine sneak up on me. Princess is always in stealth mode so nothing new there but Jasmine without the bell, me no likey.

Oh, and I finished watching season 2 of Nip/Tuck. Now I need to watch season 3 and I will be all caught up. I currently DVR season 4. I am not sure why I didn't give this show a chance when it first came out. I'm a watcher of it now. Anyone else out there a fan?

So, that's about it folks. Nothing much going on here. BORING I know. Hey, I want to be better too. :)

This month may be pretty boring all around however. It is a crazy time of the year for me workwise. Ok, I know I have said that before but seriously it is. And the holiday parties are about to begin. And I have decided I might be boycotting the boys this month. Think I can?

Speaking of holiday parties. I'm getting a lot smack from some co-workers about not bringing a date to the leadership party. They are like, "It is not like you don't have someone to bring. Just choose one!" My reply? If I bring one of them to a company event, that includes an overnight stay, with the people I work the closest with and work for, can lead to places I don't need.

Catch what I am saying?

Choose one of them over the others and have them think something that is not going on.

Choose one of them to escort me to a function I am more than capable of going to alone, which by the way, you are never alone at these things, and have the date think the relationship is heading in a more serious direction.

Choose one of them and have them think now we're getting to a point of spending the holiday together, meet the family, exchange presents, etc.

Choose one of them and subject the poor guy to being grilled by my work peeps.

I could be way off base and thinking more than I need to on this but honestly, I'm fine with going to the party alone. I've got a few days to decide if I want to bring one of my girls as my "date". Now that could get them talking too. Sheesh. Sometimes the holidays are more stress than they are worth.

I wanna' be a kid again. No worries. Just getting caught up in the joy of all of what the season has to bring. I'm going to do my best this year to do just that.

Oh and Katherine, guess what I'll be wearing to at least two of the holiday parties? If you guessed black wrap dress, vamped toes in the peek-a-boos, with sparkly accessories, you'd be right!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Freaking A

I have strep.


How in the hell does an adult woman with her tonsils out get strep twice in less than 2 months? The last round was Oct. 2.

I took all my freaking meds last time. I wash my hands constantly. I take my vitamins daily. I make sure I get enough sleep this time of the year. I eat fruits and veggies. I border on being a germaphobe. I threw out my last round of toothbrushes when I was sick and replaced them with brand spanking new ones.

You know...I take care of me. And what the hell?

Strep takes up residence in my body again.

For the love of all that is good and right in this world, why? How?

Come on you nurses out there. Tell me. How'd I manage this one?

The blessings? I lost weight from the barfing, fever, and inability to swallow over this lovely Thanksgiving holiday. And as one of my brothers pointed out, I more than likely would have headed for the snow and this way I was assured I wouldn't blow my knee out.

Yep, that's me and my family. Find the silver lining as Mo is hunkered down, puking, writhering around in agony, feverish, and with the kitties staring at their momma like she is a crazy woman.

The glass is half full in our world.

So, internet peeps, how was your Thanksgiving?

Tell me. I want to know. I want to live through you.

On the football front, Go Cowboys and here is to kissing the possibility of a championship game for the Longhorns bye bye.

Told ya' I love me some football. Even in my delirious state, I watched some of the games. That is a sickness in itself. :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Know What I Really Dislike?

When sick people come to the office.

Stay home with your crap. I do.

I don't want your germs.

I don't want to hear you sniffle, hack, or have you tell me how bad you feel.

Nor do I want to pump myself full of vitamins, minerals, suck down Airborne, gag on the Nyquil just to escape the crud you think is ok to bring to the office.

Honestly folks. Keep your sick arse at home, in bed, on the couch...wherever. Just don't be bringing to my space.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Showdown

It's on today boys and girls.

What's that you say?

You don't know what's on? Tell us Mo. What's on?

Only one of the best college football games eva'!

Ohio State - Michigan.

Both ranked 11-0. Both want it. Championship on the line.

Oh yes. Bring it!

In case you're wondering, I'm going for Ohio State. GO BUCKEYES!

****EDITED****: The BUCKS WON!!!

Yes. It is true. They did beat my beloved Longhorns this year. I do like the Michigan program but I like Ohio better.

And it has nothing to do with Pete being an Ohio fan.

That's where I'll be. His place. Watching the game. Then when that one is over, it's Apple Cup time.

Big news for the state of Washington.

Washington State against the University of Washington. I'm hoping for the Cougs.

So, whatcha' got going on today?

Oh, and because two of my girls have "dates" of their own to watch some football and asked what I would be wearing, I'm going for simple and comfy beaotches. For me, it truly is all about the game.

Ok, I'll admit it. The eye candy is nice too. So are the ribs he'll be cooking.

Anyway, I'm wearing a white long tank under a cardigan with jeans and my Uggs. My Uggs will be under the jeans since we all know I'm not one for wearing of the skinny jeans.

Now you'll be asking which cardigan since I have so many. Hey, you would too if you lived here.

Mine is beige with gold sparkly thread. The model is wearing pretty much what I'll be sporting.

However, I will not be holding a present. A martini? Absolutely. A smile? That remains to be seen, depending on the outcome of the games.

The cardigan matches these very nicely.

Say what you want. In my world, Uggs rock. The classic ones that is. I can't seem to embrace the new ones with laces. Maybe I am old fashioned that way.

Anyway you look at it, I love my Uggs. Especially after a week of wearing heels and the weather being frightful.

****EDITED****: To all the boys who don't know any betta': Uggs are NOT slippers. I know you are just jealous because I can wear 'em and look good and you can't. Don't hate.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Home Safe and Sound

I'm baaaack. What a lovely two days in Oregon. I got a lot accomplished but the days were long, dark, rainy, and windy.

I despise driving in that crap. I was in a sweet Dodge Charger so it wasn't that bad. The ride made all the wind, pouring down rain, 18 wheeler spray, white knuckle driving ok.

I did not understand the concept of the Dodge Charger until some of the men explained it to me. I picked up the car and was ok, it is just a car. Well peeps, it is not just a car to a lot of men. I don't think I'll ever understand their fascination with muscle cars. Or cars period.

I forgot my camera so I have no pictures to share with you this go around. Go ahead. Hate me. I've been pretty bad about that lately haven't I? Please forgive me.

Maybe this will make up for it. It's been a few months since the suitcase came out of the closet. Suitcase and extra water and food = trip in the kitties eyes.

Jasmine, not Princess, let me have it and have it something good folks. I got bit on the ankle, I got bit on the hand, I got bit on the leg, I got bit on the lip, I got bit, bit, bit.

Then to top it off, Princess decided it would be a good idea to scratch the hell out of my left boob when I was saying goodnight the night I packed the suitcase.

Think they were a little upset? Yea. Me too.

We made up last night when I got home. But dang, where's the love?

Monday, November 13, 2006

On the Road Again

Wanna' know where I am going?

See if this gives you a hint. . .

3 cities.

Two days.

New tunes downloaded.

Rental car waiting.

I'm ready.

Peace and Love Peeps.

EDITED POST TRIP: The three cities? Portland, Tualatin, Salem.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Grid

To my girls who have asked, you shall receive!

Boy Grid 101 (for the time being).

They are in order of how long I've been seeing them.

If they have a * by their name, it's not their real name. It's the nickname we've talked about on the phone or in person.

I hope this helps y'all out. You want more information than I disclose here, let me know and maybe, just maybe, I'll share. :)

Pete*: Is in sales, is 31, has 2 adorable little girls, blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. We met through work.

Steve*: Is a dentist, is 32, no kids, blue eyes and light brown hair. We met through dentistry.

Chad: Is in sales, is 34, has 1 cat, no kids, blue eyes and blonde hair. We met at the local pub.

Darren: Is a manager of operations for a distribution center, is 35, no kids, blue eyes and blonde hair. We met at Starbucks.

Jason: Is a high school football coach and PE teacher, is 30, no kids, dark brown eyes and brown hair. We met in the grocery store.

See the trend with the blue eyes and blonde hair? Wild I know, especially considering I am mostly attracted to dark hair and dark eyes. Maybe there really is something to changing up obviously what wasn't working before.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

On the Agenda

It's been one of those weeks. Just when I thought I got the money I was supposed to recover back I'm blindsided. Can't this girl get a freaking break?

Anywho, on the agenda today?

I slept in, went to the gym nice and early (amazing how refreshed one feels after a good night's sleep and a run on the treadmill), had a conference call with the powers that be, am now at the office, getting my brows done and getting a massage later this afternoon.

Tonight? Laundry and a nice quiet evening at home.

What about you? What do you have going on today?

And lest that I forget, T

Much love to you girl. You don't look a day over 18.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now Taking Donations

Boss man has challenged me, or err, rather I should say "ordered" me to get back $20,000.00 between now and Thursday.

I'll be setting up a paypal account if you want to help this girl out. ;)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Girls Night Out

It's girls night out bitches!

Pray for our safety and that we won't sin too much.

Good times are to come I am sure.

And as the night progresses, this will probably be my mantra cuz you already know it is part of my many theme songs:

All my girls get down on the floor
Back to back drop it down real low
I'm such a lady but I'm dancing like a ho
Because you know what, I don't give a F***
So here we go!

Drinks start pouring
And my speech start slowing
Everybody start looking real good

The Grey Goose got the girl feeling loose
Now I'm wishing that I didn't wear these shoes

Hope you have a good time tonight too. I'll be missing T and JP something fierce on a night such as this.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lookie Lookie

Dude, the rains have arrived and they brought the blustery winds with 'em.

I actually had to bust out the gray wool peacoat with hood jacket today.

And about that rain rumor?

Seattle's annual rainfall of about 36 inches (less than many U.S. cities) comes typically in the form of brief showers or a light mist - mostly in winter.

In fact, Seattle leads the nation in sales of sunglasses.

November averages 51.7 F/10.9 C, with 5.08"/12.9 cm rain.

You'll rarely see people carrying an umbrella here -- we need our hands free to carry our daily latte!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Peeps.

Anyone dressing up?

I did Saturday. I was a devil. Fitting right?

Hey now it was the easiest thing to throw together. Red and black kimono top, black slacks, black hooka' boots, red lipstick and a headband with red sparkly horns.

Anywho, no dressing up today. Unless you count wearing a pumpkin orange turtleneck sweater (the real turtleneck) and black and white pinstripe slacks with stilletos dressing up. Hey, now that I think about it, if I had a witches hat I could have been a witch to match my attitude at work today.

Yes people. I am having a not so happy day. I got pulled off of my project to do someone else's job today and didn't really like it. Adding to it? It is that time of the month.

So, to all you boys who noticed I wasn't my normal, smiling self today, leave this girl alone. Aren't I allowed to have an off day every once in a while? Let me show my grr face and have you like it. Grrrrrrr.

Whew. I feel better having said that. Thanks internet.

Anywho, I have dinner plans with another new boy. Me thinks I am finally getting the hang of dating the second time around. Here's to hoping my night ends better than my day was.

I hope things are good in your world. It is pretty durn cold around these parts. We actually had ice this morning. It's only October for goodness sakes.

Man don't I sound like a grouchy beaotch today? I'm signing off before I find something else to complain about.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Should I Be Concerned?

There I sit doing my business in the bathroom this afternoon and noticed the tag on my undies.

It's the first time I've read the tag. Anyone else read their tags too?

Anywho, it says it was made in Morocco and contains some foreign materials.

So, I wonder. Should I be concerned with the foreign materials?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Feeling Musical & A Shout to T

So, this is somewhat of an oldie...just a year or two. I'm jamming at my desk this afternoon and thought I needed to give this song its due.

See, today is what would have been my 10 year wedding anniversary.

Let's all take a moment, pause, and say hip, hip hooray that today is just another Thursday and not a milestone.

I'm not bitter but those of you who know the history know that this truly is a bootiful thing, for it to be a normal Thursday.

Anyway, this song was one of those that helped me get my life back to where I wanted and needed it to be.

Don't you just love how music and songs are the soundtrack to our lives?

Well, at least in my life they are.

By now you have probably figured out I love music. I'm a jamming fool. I can't carry a tune but that doesn't stop me from grooving.

So, without further delay, I say thanks to all the artists and especially want to recognize Mariah Carey for this song.

It's as fitting today as it was back then. Especially considering some of the drama that is trying to enter my life right now.

Here's to leaving it all behind...

Mariah Carey - It's Like That Lyrics
(feat. Fatman Scoop, Jermaine Dupri)
[Jermaine Dupri:]
Dis is, the point when I need everybody get to the dance
It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y'all (that y'all)
Da da da da, I like that y'all (that y'all)
It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y'all (that y'all)
Like da da da da, I like that y'all (that y'all) MC

[Mariah Carey:]

[Verse 1:]
I came to have a party
Open up the Bacardi
Feeling so hot tamale
Boy, I know you watchin me
So what's it gonna be?
Purple taking me higher
I'm lifted and I like it
Boy, you got me inspired
Baby, come and get it
If you're really feelin me

Cuz it's my night
No stress, no fights
I'm leavin it all behind
No tears, no time to cry
Just makin the most of life

Everybody is livin it up
All the fellas keep lookin' at us (cuz)
Me and my girls on the floor like what
While the DJ keeps on spinnin the cut
It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y'all (that y'all)
It's like da da da da, I like that y'all (that y'all)
It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y'all (that y'all)
It's like da da da da, I like that y'all (that y'all)

[Verse 2:]
You like this and you know it
Caution, it's so explosive
Them chickens is ash and I'm lotion
Baby, come and get it
Let me give you what you need
It's a special occasion
Mimi's emancipation
A cause for celebration
I ain't gonna let nobody's drama bother me

Cuz it's my night
No stress, no fights
I'm leavin it all behind
No tears (no tears), no time to cry
Just makin the most of life

Everybody is livin it up
All the fellas keep lookin at us (cuz)
Me and my girls on the floor like what
While the DJ keeps on spinnin the cut
It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y'all (that y'all)
It's like da da da da, I like that y'all (that y'all)
It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y'all (that y'all)
It's like da da da da, I like that y'all (that y'all)

Cuz it's my night (it's my, it's my night)
No stress, no fights
I'm leaving it all behind
No tears (no tears), no time to cry
Baby, I'm making the most of life

Everybody is livin it up (I said everybody)
All the fellas keep lookin at us (lookin at us)
Me and my girls on the floor like what
While the DJ keeps on spinning the cut
It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y'all (that y'all)
It's like da da da da, I like that y'all (that y'all)
It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y'all (that y'all)
It's like da da da da, I like that y'all (that y'all)

This is my night

[Fatman Scoop:]
Let's Go Now (what), let's go now (what)
Here we go now (what), here we go now (what)
Let's Go Now (what), let's go now (what)
Here we go now (what), here we go now (what)

[Fatman Scoop and Mariah:]
Let's Go Now (what), let's go now (what)
Here we go now (what), here we go now (what)
Let's Go Now (what), let's go now (what)
Here we go now (what), here we go now (what)

T, I jinxed myself last night. Guess what I stepped in this morning around 3:30 AM on my way to the bathroom?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Feel So Pretty

I feel pretty

Oh so pretty

I feel pretty and witty and gay

And I pity any girl who isn't me today

I feel charming

Oh so charming

It's alarming how charming I feel

And so pretty that I hardly believe I'm real

See that pretty girl in that mirror there (what mirror where)

Who can that attractive girl be (which one where hum)

What a pretty face(Hum)

What a pretty dress(Hum)

What a pretty smile(Hum)

What a pretty meeee(Hummm)

I feel stunning(feel stunning)And entrancing(and entrancing)

Are you singing along with me? Well, gosh darnit you should be!

Tra says I am prissy girl. Except for when I burp.

Yes Peeps. You read that right.










Yep, that is me.

A high heel toting, fake tanning (1x a week), monthly facial, girly clothes wearing, hair done did right every 7 weeks, prissy little beaotch.


Hear me BELCH!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Been Talking 'Bout It

Fall is definitely here.

I actually had to turn the heat on last night.

You know you need to do so when your cats, that normally don't want to snuggle with you at the same time, are content to do so.

You know you need to do so when your long hair cat's fur is cold.

You know you need to do so when you, who is normally warm, reaches for the blanket to snuggle under while watching Monday night football, wearing long pants and a long sleeve t-shirt.

You know you need to do so when you turn the thermostat to 55 and the heat kicks on.

Yep. Fall has arrived folks.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Quick Update

I bet you are wondering how Friday night date night went.

I've been leaving you hanging on all sorts of things. I don't want to disappoint you anymore so here's a quick update.

Date night was good. We talked. We laughed. We had a good time.

Met for dinner at Outback. He paid.

Went to a new hideout to pass time before we could bowl. He picked up the tab.

It's a draw. He won two, I won two. I picked up the tab for bowling.

Then we went to another local hangout. Although we didn't karaoke, we thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone else.

Drinks + Karaoke = Many laughs

Some people shouldn't sing and others should try for a recording contract. Just like some people really should stay seated. Dancing just ain't their thing if you know what I mean.

He paid for the drinks at this location.

We ended the night at my place with a scooby snack. I paid for the late night snack.

A little slumber party action.

Come on people.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

It was the first date after all.

There. Now you are updated.

Do you feel like you were there with us? Well, you should. Hope I didn't disappoint ya'. :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday=Date Night

Mo has a date with a new boy tonight.

We've hung out a few times. You know meeting for a drink, playing some pool, grabbing a scooby snack in the early AM hours, and watching a football game or two could be considered a date but when they've been spur of the moment, oh you're here too, let's kick it doesn't equal a date.

But when they send you flowers because they want to cheer you up after your tires have been slashed and then ask you out for dinner...that changes from hanging out to a date right?

Me thinks so. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

He's not my usual type but we have had some fun and he's sweet.

So what does one wear?

We've decided, the office peeps and I that is, I should wear something casual. Not too dressy or too revealing. So, we're going with a pair of dark jeans, the button down black shirt with french cuffs, and a pair of heels. The boys in the office said wear nothing and even if you show up wearing a pair of sweats, if he's into you, it won't matter.

Boys are so simple aren't they?

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I told a fib. I said I would post about the boots, soul sisters, and the bus yesterday and I let all of us down.

Hope you can forgive me.

I was butt tired and had a very early morning today so, if you can believe it, was snug as a bug in bed by 9:25 PM last night.

Made getting up at 5:15 AM today that much easier.

Maybe I should do that more often.

Yea right. Like that is going to happen.

Anywho, I'll get you updated soon I promise.

I think we might have a business thingy tonight. If not, it's Thursday, I am in town so ya' know what that means.

Hope y'all have a good day. I'll be in meetings for most of the day.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Office Jokes

Okey dokey pokey.

Remember a few posts back when I said a rainy Friday afternoon was good for practical jokes around the office?

Here's our idea of fun and a quick run down of events for you.

Arrive back from Bath & Body Works, Qdoba, and Starbucks to find this on my desk.

Under the note? A real diaper filled with crushed jerky crisps.

You have to know how much of a commodity this stapler is to really grasp the situation.

It's no regular stapler. It's one of them heavy duty, industrial, relatively expensive beaotches all the boys use on a regular basis.

Steve loaned his to someone. That someone misplaced it.

All day Friday Steve was whining about his stapler.

Steve decides to make light of the situation and played the joke on the certain someone who originally lost the stapler.

In turn, that someone forwards the joke on to me. He places the note and the diaper on my desk.

We, in turn, got busy.

Isn't it amazing what a microwave and tootsie rolls can do?

We then decided to add some cheese sauce and nuts.

We're pretty proud of ourselves at this point. We think it looks pretty durn realistic.

We return the diaper back to the someone who lost the stapler in the first place and who put the diaper on my desk with a new note.

Little did we know he'd already left when we put it back in his office. The diaper spent the weekend in his office doing its thing.

To add to it, he was out of the office the following Monday and Tuesday. The cleaning crew didn't touch it. It spent all that time doing its thing like a real diaper would if you know what I mean.

Fun times I tell you.

Tomorrow? Hooka boots, soul sisters dressing alike, and the bus. Betcha' just can't wait huh?

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Been Such a Bad Blogger

I've been such a bad blogger lately.

I promise I'm taking pictures.

Then, I fail to update ya'.

Can you ever forgive me?

I hope so. It's a goal to get you updated by the end of the week.

For now, I leave you with a classic fall Pacific Northwest picture and a snapshot of what I get to deal with this morning.

Can you see why we love us some sweaters with hoods, hoodies, fleece, and Starbucks is a constant in our life?

Lovely isn't it? Now the question is was it random or did I fall victim?

**EDITED** I'm a victim. All four were slashed. Luckily, only one was totally flat and I didn't experience blow outs.

The best part? I made a deal with the guys at the tire shop. I got $800.00+ tires for $500.00. God was smiling down on me. I got top of the line tires installed because the ones I made a deal on were out of stock.

Peace and Love Peeps. More to come later.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Hump Day & Moment of Silence

Bailey is representing. I woke up feeling like this.

In my best Joey voice, "How you doin'?"

Please take a moment and observe the passing of Bevo XIII.

He died of natural causes at the ripe old age of 22.

You'll be missed. We hope you have one hell of a time in the big Longhorn heaven of the sky. You treated us well...Rest in Peace.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lessons Learned

Don't wear hooka' boots from 5:30 AM on a Friday to 3:45 AM on a Saturday if you want your feet to love you back.

Great minds think alike; soul sisters dress alike without consulting one another.

Rainy Fridays in the office are great for pratical jokes.

Happiness on a rainy day? Starbucks, Qdoba, Bath and Body Works, and lots of laughs.

I play better pool the more drinks I have.

The Longhorns are superior to the Sooners. Hook 'Em Horns!

I can go shopping and not buy a pair of shoes.

Sing alongs with friends rock.

The Cowboys did their best and then let it all go in the last 7 minutes of the game.

Pics and more to come later.

I've got to get back to work.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


We all pretty much know by now if I am in town on a Thursday night it means

with the peeps at our local pub and ale house by the office.

We get our drink on. We talk. We laugh. We snarf on nachos and breast of chicken sandwiches. Sometimes we play

Tonight we played pool. I'm not the best pool player but I can hold my own. I did alright tonight.

What I did not do alright with was the punk asses who think every woman wants to be hit on. Just because it is
1. Thursday night
2. I am out with a group of people
3. I am not wearing a ring

Does this mean I want you to hit on me. Incessantly. Can't you take a hint?

And no, for the love of all that is good and right in this world, I do not lean over the pool table and stick my butt out because I am trying to get your attention.

Hey you little freakazoid, how about I am leaning over the table and my butt sticks out because I am trying to make the shot?

Oh no. That'd be too much like the real deal wouldn't it?

And yes, I know you think it is hot that I'm in heels, drinking a martini, and clearing the pool table. But I, and I want you to hear this for the next time, I don't want your nasty breath in my ear letting me know how hot you think it is.

Go mess with the chicks playing darts. They look like they wanted your company.

Punk asses. Freaks.


Thank god my boys let you know to back off or we were one step away from my heel being in your ass.

Have You?

So, we are in a meeting yesterday. The candy bowl being passed to and fro contains tootsie roll pops among other delectable candy. Some of us partake in the pops.

Two of us start a conversation. No, it was not about how many licks does it take to get to the center. It was more inappropriate work conversation than that.

The conversation was if you can get an idea of how someone would be, what their technique would be, what type of lover they would be all from how a person enjoys their lollipop.

I say you can. What do you think? Have you ever thought that? Have you ever watched someone enjoy their pop and wondered?

I bet you will now.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Houston, We Have a Problem

But not really.

Guess who called very early this morning? If you guessed the doctor's office, you guessed right.

Turns out I do have strep after all. I knew this throat pain couldn't just be a simple sore throat.

So, we're off to the pharmacy to pick up a round of drugs.

Thank god it's been diagnosed.

Now, the question is how long does it take for a broken/burst blood vessel in your eye to heal? Yea, popped that bad boy when I was tossing my cookies over the weekend. Y'all know I don't do stuff half way. I was power puking!

Now for something fun. I have a visitor outside of my bedroom window. Someone is taking up residence.

I hope the little thing sticks around. It's nice to see him/her plugging away, making a happy home.

Peace and Love Peeps. I've got drugs to pick up. Healing to do.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two Words

Two words you don't want to hear the doctor say.

"That's impressive."

"No idea."

That's impressive was spoken when I was describing the symptoms and the last 3.5 days of my life.

No idea was spoken when he weighed in on what took my butt down.

Yep, that's right folks. The doctor has no idea what I had and he's impressed with my fever, my throat, my vomiting, etc.

Glad I could add some excitement to your day doc.

I am thankful I was not the first flu case in Washington, that it's not strep but to hear no idea leaves me, for a lack of a better word, feeling funkier than usual.

I am feeling much better today. I'm back at work. I'll be chugging lots of fluids and taking my 400 mgs of Motrin every 6 hours to deal with the throat pain. Gotta' love Vitamin M.

The good part of this illness? I lost 3 pounds. Watch. It'll be back on by the end of the week. But hey for now I'm down an additional 3. I know exactly how I lost them too. I'll spare you the details. I am sure you can fill in the blanks.

The other good part? You know how they say you can tell who your real friends are when things aren't going so good? Pete showed his true colors. He's a trooper. Heck, I might even go as far as to say he could be a keeper.

Anywho, I hope things are good in your world. I promise, fun stuff for the rest of the week. This should be the last depressing, ill based entry.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sometimes It Sucks Being Single

Right now is one of those times.

I curse the mo' fo' whose germs I picked up.

Finally, the fever has broken. The barfing has stopped. The aches are almost gone. The throat is mucho sore.

I curse you, you punk ass. Whoever you are. Wherever I picked your crud up from.

When you're single, you realize there is no one there to make your soup, change your bedsheets when you need them changed, get you another glass of water, juice, know whatever you might be needing.

My kitties haven't left my side and there are friends I could call if it got that bad and I needed someone to come take care of me.

For now I ask all of you with loved ones and family nearby to say a little prayer of thanks you have someone to take care of you when you're down and out. It's a small thing we take for granted.

I've been reminded of this in the worst way this weekend.

When I recover to the point I can talk, function, etc. I promise I will return a call to JP, Ace, and M2.

I've heard the phones ring. I haven't been ignoring you. I just have not been able to get to them without tossing a cookie or two or being able to move fast enough.

That might be TMI but I wanted you to know I love you and have not been intentionally dodging your calls.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Work It

Alrighty then. I've worked some muscles I forgot I had. My legs are sore. You'd think I lifted some heavy weight with the way they feel right now.

It's a good thing I tell you. The only problem? It makes me realize how out of shape I really am.

And I am oh so glad I can make some of the boys in the office laugh.

Hey everyone, watch Mo get up from her desk, wince, and proceed to delicately walk up the stairs.

Or even better. Wanna' play a game of leap frog? Check her out as she gets leap frog ready while stretching the tightness out.

For the love of god, is there nothing sacred? Leave this girl alone.

Seriously though. If I wasn't feeling so tight and sore, I'd kick off the cheetah heels and so take them on in a game of leap frog. I'm pretty sure they would be able to jump higher because they are taller but I know I would jump further.

Anywho, let's hope this doesn't put too much of a cramp in the evening's plans. Pete's coming over to cook me a nice hunk of dead cow, a tater, and some salad. What a guy. ;)

Tomorrow? Off to the Rose City. At least it's supposed to be a gorgeous day. No rain. All sun. Warm temps. I'll be the one rocking out to some tunes, sucking down some Starbucks, cruising down I-5.

How about you? Whatcha' got going on in your world?

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

I know you are on the edge of your seat, waiting anxiously, wondering..."Did she get up and work out to that dvd?"

Ha! Not only did I not get up, I slept in. I could not, for the life of me, fall asleep last night. Finally around 1:30 AM or so, I entered the realm of slumber. So, when the alarm went off at 5:00 AM, I crawled out of bed, reset the alarm for 6:30 AM, and fell back asleep.

Needless to say, Mo went to work with wet hair this morning and totally rocked out in the wavy hairstyle.

But I did come home and put the dvd in tonight. Ever notice how uncoordinated those exercise people can make you feel? Or maybe it is just me. I can't seem to do the moves when they are doing them. I do 'em, just not in sync with them. Does that make sense? It made sense in my head.

I did the basic training and the butt and leg work out. Then for giggles, I added more butt and leg exercises in. I was sweating like nobody's business. That's a good sign right? My heart was pumping. I was feeling it. Yea, and I bet I will be feeling it tomorrow too.

Tomorrow's plan? Get to bed earlier so I can get up at 5:00 AM to start the day with Billy and friends. Let's just see how that goes now shall we?

Love kitty is doing so much better. She's climbing on things again. She's hanging out like she used to. She's talking up a storm and in case anyone is wondering, she is successfully pooing. That's big people. Big I tell you.

Oh, and hey, all that fiber is also causing her to fart on a regular basis. I can't fault her for it but damn, she can let some stinkers rip!

So, if you are ever over here and smell something rank, look around to see if she's around. Y'all that know me in real life know I will claim my gas.

She lets the worse ones out during this activity. Isn't she cute? Stinky but cute.

So, remember how I said it was beginning to be a lot like fall around these parts? Oh my! What glorious weather we have been having! Today was 76 and sunny.

Tomorrow? It is supposed to be a repeat and be this way through Friday. This weekend was fantastic. What more can a girl ask for but a nice, sunny, warm, fall day and this to look at outside of the gate at work?

I am glad I didn't put the cooler weather clothes away this weekend. I almost did but something said, "Not yet. Give it another week or two."

I'm outta' here for the night. I've got a little trash talking "love note" I need to put together, iron my shirt for tomorrow, and in keeping with the plan, get my arse in bed by 11:00 PM.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hi Peeps

Did you miss me? I can't believe how quickly time flies. I mean, it was a week ago since my last entry. Where did that week go?

I'd love to tell you it came and went with me doing nothing but all sorts of fun stuff. I did have some fun but it was mostly work, being an adult, getting right with my self. You know, the usual stuff we call life.

A quick recap.

Monday. Jasmine had her follow up appointment. I have yet to hear the results of the culture they took so I am taking this as good news. Let's hope my blind optimism is right on the mark. Other than that, Monday was a quiet one for me.

Tuesday. Hmmm, normal as far as work goes. Busy. Analysis. A meeting. Trash talking. Starbucks. Kicked major butt at the gym. I have rediscovered kick boxing and what a release that can be. Post gym, slumber party. Fun times. Needed that release too.

Wednesday. Just another day in the life. Nothing exciting. Nothing dramatic. More work. Audits. Starbucks.

Thursday. Road trip. Ugh.

Friday. Normal day. Starbucks. Quiet day. Quieter night.

Y'all see the trend here? B-O-R-I-N-G.

Saturday. Brunch with friends. Afternoon of college ball. The Ohio State Buckeyes proved to me they are worthy of their #1 ranking. My Horns beat Iowa State. The rest is a blur. Not because I was drinking people. It's just the day is a blur.

Sunday. Target in the AM. Gym right after. Home in time to catch the Seahawks whoop on the Giants, only to almost give it away in the second half. Spent the rest of the day cleaning. I mean down and dirty cleaning. Like I even washed the slipcovers on the couch cleaning. Where that burst of domestication came from I don't know.

So, here I sit on Sunday night, quickly catching you up knowing I should be in bed. The alarm will be going off before I know it. Before I want it to. Before a time that is normal.

I picked up a workout dvd at Target and I'm inspired to get up at 5:00 AM to get a little work out in. Trying to be good. Trying to start a new routine. We'll see how it goes. I'll be sure to let you know.

If I do get up and pop that bad boy in, I hope my neighbors don't mind too much if they hear me. Honestly, and this is going to sound bad, but what do I care if they do? They wake me up every morning around 2:00 AM. One of them works a funky shift and although I don't care to be woken up by the sound of the fan in the bathroom, I can appreciate a morning shower.

Anyway, that is what has been going on around here. Not much, which can be a good thing. I still haven't been inspired to stamp or create. I've got ideas. I just have been into reading more than getting creative. Maybe this week.

Hope things are good in your world.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Stew

Not much going on around here. I boycotted football today. Until tonight that is. I caught the last quarter of the game in which the Seahawks took down the Cardinals. The offensive line still looks weak but we'll take the win. Now the question is, will the Cowboys rule supreme over the Redskins?

Thank goodness Texas beat the heck out of Rice yesterday. I don't think I could have taken another week of hearing crapola about the Longhorns. Unfortunately, the Buckeyes won too so a certain someone still has bragging rights.

But if the Cowboys win tonight, it is sooooo on because his Buccaneers got their butt kicked by the Falcons.

**EDITED**: Cowboys won 27-10. I get to talk trash come Tuesday! :)

I spent the afternoon shopping. I needed food and desired creative inspiration. I've lost my creating mojo lately. I just can't get motivated. And hey if you go shopping, you can avoid household chores for a little bit longer. I'll finish those up in a minute. Love to finish a Sunday night up with light cleaning and laundry. Oh what fun.

I'd love to tell you I found great stuff but not today. I only went to Impress, Target, and Costco. It was a true errand kind of day. But y'all know I can't walk past the books and not pick something up right?

Hi. My name is Mo and I have an addiction to books.
**HI MO**

That wouldn't be such a bad support group to be in would it?

So, I got Running with Scissors at Target (thanks for the recommendation JP) and Inside My Heart at Costco. I'm interested to know what Robin McGraw has to share with us. Maybe we'll get some dirt on Dr. Phil too.

Food. Don't go to Costco when you are hungry. I picked up some trash I normally wouldn't pick up and then scarfed on some of it when I got home. I'll be paying for it this week. You know. Beating myself up for eating 8 mini tacos. That's 16 grams of fat I didn't need.

Here's my rationalization. I didn't eat breakfast so it balances out somewhere. I know it really doesn't but if I tell myself enough times maybe I will start to believe it.

So far it is not working, only because I was out of light soy milk so I stopped at Starbucks so they could make my chai tea this morning. If I make it, I can control the amount of calories I ingest. They make it and who knows the combo. All I know was it was tasty and it was a nice treat to have someone else make it today.

Of course, everyone and their friend had the same idea and the Starbucks I frequent was packed. Wall to wall people. No room to move. We Seattle people take our fix seriously when the weather gets cool and the sky turns gray.

Target. I think I will stay with the one I normally go to. The one in Tukwila let me down, except for the people watching.

T, here she is in all of her glory.

Ok people I know it is not right to judge others. But this one I couldn't help making an assessment on. I'm thinking she is either very confident, doesn't give a crap, is on the cutting edge or a combo of all of the above. One thing is for sure, I'm not sporting that hair color. No matter how much I like fall and fall colors.

Oh, and the egg toaster thing was not on sale at this location. It looks cool and something I might pick up one of these days.

Impress. Got 5 stamps and some envelopes. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be inspired this week. I know I'll at least make a quick trash talking card with the football stamp.

That's about it folks. Real exciting huh?

Oh, and before I forget, I called to ask my nephew, who turns 17 this week, what he wanted for his birthday. Oy! 17. I remember the day he was born. It goes by so quickly doesn't it? Anyway, I find out today he wants money. Duh. I should have known. That's not the surprising part.

Surprise Aunt Mo. Your nephew not only got a car but he got a car that costs more than yours. My baby boy is running around town in a Z3 BMW!

He's a great kid. Straight A's, killer soccer player, responsible, caring, etc. My brother and his wife can afford the payments and insurance but at his age? You get a car like that? What's the kid got to look forward to you know? Hey, big bro. You want to buy me one of those?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Very Quick Update for Now

I am home.

Jasmine is home. I dropped some bank at the vet's. She has two meds for the time being. We go back to the doctor Monday for a check up. We cuddled like nobody's business last night and this morning. Ahh, the simple pleasures.

Princess is happy again. Both mommy and sister are back in her company. She's been very nice to both of us. We like it when she is good to us.

It's beginning to be a lot like fall around these parts. Trees are starting to change colors. Rain has arrived. Sweaters are being worn. Hot tea with a dash of pumpkin spice flavoring will soon be replacing cold chai tea in the AM. Red wine is replacing the goose and lemonade. Oh, and how can we forget the fall line up on TV is about to be in full swing?

Life is good.

Peace and Love Peeps. I have to get back to work.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What A Day

There are days traveling is not so much fun. Today would be one of those days.

Allow me to break it down for you.

Awake at 4:00 AM to start the day. Flight is scheduled for a 6:50 AM departure so Mo gets to get up nice and early.

Arrive at Masterpark to find huge line of cars ahead of me. Almost don’t make it in to the lot but hey, you’re a corporate gold member who spends a butt load of money with us so you, you can get in.

Hear mad people behind me want to know why I am being let in but they aren’t. I don’t blame you for being upset but do you have to yell and scream at me? Take it out on the attendant.

Get on van with about 10 people. 4 of which are panicky because OMG what if we’re late and miss our flight?

Folks, I assure you there is another flight for you if this happens. Just chill. Take it in stride. What is the worst that can happen? You’ll be stuck in the airport a little bit longer than you originally thought? You’ll get to your destination later than planned?

Dude, this is why there are book stores, food, massages, manicures, entertainment options available to and for you at the airport. It’s going to be ok. I promise.

I arrive to check my bag to find out my flight not only is delayed but I am being re-routed on a connecting flight. I despise connections.

But I think to myself hey, it’s all good. Now I have the time to eat breakfast. Watch the sunrise. Get some work done. Call and check on the love kitty. By the way, she is eating, her colon is empty, and it looks promising.

In case anyone is traveling through the Seattle-Tacoma International airport and would like to see a great view of Mount Rainier, may I suggest the table area by gate A10 and A11? It’s a very scenic view, especially with the sun rays hitting it first thing in the morning.

I chowed on an egg and cheese omelet. I chatted with the hottie TSA agent, Shawn, who waved me through the line, thanked me for my smile, for having the foresight to take off my shoes, for taking my laptop out of the briefcase, and not having any forbidden items in my bag.

Now here I sit on my butt, by my gate, without wireless access (grrrr), with the laptop on my lap, iPod rocking, and making eye contact with hottie #2. He smells delicious and the maroon button down, black suit, and Kenneth Cole shoes he’s wearing are making this girl purr. And ladies, he’s not wearing a ring.

This flight could be promising after all.

Fate intervened, somewhat. We ended up sitting next to one another on the flight but he was studying up on FAA regulations. He was on his way to his final pilot’s interview. We spoke briefly. I banged some more stuff out on the laptop. Gotta' respect the man who is focused right?

This connection wasn't meant to be.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Ok, so by now we all know The Ohio State Buckeyes won. It was a great game, if you were going for the Buckeyes. My thought? Secretly I felt Texas wasn't going to come out ahead for this match up. But you know what? The season is still early.

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the shinding. I wasn't the only Texas fan. As a matter of fact, fan base was even. Made for some interesting trash talking. I'm a little bit poorer but that is the chance one takes with a bet right?

Pete the Pelican and I remain on good terms. The trash talking continued after the game and was still going on this afternoon. I wonder how long that's going to last? We even did some wrassling to see who was superior. It's still even. Never underestimate the girl who grew up as a tomboy and with 4 brothers.

A public apology is in order.

To Pete: I am sorry I kneed you in the groin. I swear it was an accident. Just like I know you banging my head on the arm of the couch was an accident. You have to admit it was pretty funny they happened one after the other and we were both rolling on the floor in pain.

I thank you for the dances afterward. It made it all ok, which you knew it would. Moonlight, tunes, slow dancing on the deck, throbbing in all the wrong places. I am very happy we both have a sense of humor about these things. And who knew we'd fit like that? Not everyone can spin so effortlessly. Until next time...

Now for Sunday game watching. What an interesting game for the Seahawks and the Cowboys. That was some feisty and fierce stuff going down. I was on the edge of my seat more times than I could count today.

I'm footballed out from the weekend. I won't be watching Monday night's game for that reason plus the fact I have a super early flight Tuesday morning.

In case anyone is wondering, the vet called this morning. Jasmine is doing much better. Prelim tests indicate she has a UTI and the beginning stages of kidney disfunction. We'll still know more tomorrow after additional tests and X-Rays but it looks like in addition to getting a Lysine pill each day, she'll have some additional long term care in order.

I'm good with that and am praying there isn't anything more seriously wrong with her. She's not a kitten anymore and there is no telling what her life was like before I adopted her so whatever happens comes with the territory. I just can't believe it's happening.

I'll try to keep you posted from the road. Tomorrow is going to be a very hectic day (love me some quarter close action and a ton of conference calls) and like I shared previously, I have an extremely early flight Tuesday. But hey, that's what wireless access in the airport is for right?

Please, for me, keep the love kitty in your thoughts.

My bed is calling my name, not to mention Princess. She's pretty needy tonight. Can't blame her. I take her sister away and leave her alone for over 24 hours. And I am pretty sure she knows I'll be leaving her again shortly for a few days. At least she didn't get locked in the cabinet this time.

Hope things are well in your world. Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Game Day Beaotches & Love Kitty Needs You

This about sums it up. I found it on something I was reading earlier.

"Sit back, relax, down the barbecue, and enjoy what figures to be a very wild rollercoaster ride of emotions and football fortunes. If it's even half of what last year's game was, you're in for a pigskin treat."

It's going to be a good one boys and girls. It's so on!

I'm heading over to The Ohio State territory house for the bbq and game watching.

I'll the bold one. Yep, that's me. The only Texas fan. In a house full of Buckeyes. I'll be sporting my Longhorn shirt, with bling on it of course, with pride. I'll be the one taking one boy's money when my Horns bring it home!

Here's to my rollercoaster ride for the day. There will be no relaxing until it is all said and done I am sure.

Oh and T, The result of today may just be one of the biggest tests for the Pelican and I. He's hosting the shinding.

Now, onward to me requesting good vibes and prayers. My love kitty, Jasmine is at the vet's.

I was woken up by her howling and hiding out in the closest around 4:45 AM this morning. My baby is hurting. She is constipated. I've talked about this before but this morning definitely took the cake.

Plus, she's lost some weight. I thought she'd dropped about 2 pounds. The vet just told me over the phone it wasn't my imagination. She's lost that and then some. She's at 6.4 lbs. That's low peeps.

She's already had one enema. They think she is going to need another. It may not just be constipation. She could have something seriously wrong with her. Tests will be run. X-Rays will be taken. But first they have to hydrate her and let her have some bowel movements. They should know more Monday.

She'll be the guest of the Cat Doctor's until I come back from my trip this week.
I know she is in good hands. The vet thinks she is the sweetest thing ever, which she is.

She, the vet, was like her meows right now are breaking my heart. You think they are breaking your heart? What do you think it's doing to mine?

You all know how much I adore her. I couldn't imagine her not being a part of my life. I'm asking for some love to be sent her way and mine too ok? She just has to be ok.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Did You See It?

Did you see yours last night or early this morning?

Man, it was out of this world!

I love me some full moon rising.

Peace and love peeps. My day is going to be spent kicking some arse.