Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I survived the day!

I ran my errands but the light cleaning has yet to be finished. I'd be done by now if I didn't go to the pub to watch football with the peeps. I am glad I did though. Cleaning can be done whenever but hanging with friends during the game comes along on a schedule.

The freak quota was low. Sunbreaks. I thought we were supposed to be sunny all afternoon. Oh well. I'll take the sunbreaks over rain and snow.

Not only did I do Target but I did Costco too. God and Baby Jesus were smiling down on me today. I got primo parking spaces at both locations. People were moving along nicely.

There was no fighting my way down the aisle or need to count to 10. I smiled. I breathed normally. As a matter of fact, I did a random act of kindness and let the woman who had 3 items go in front of me at Costco. I had 5 and needed to renew my membership.

Just saw the rankings. January 8. Florida. Ohio State. Bring it.

And speaking of more football. Oh my! Did you see the Cowboys vs Giants? Did you see Seattle vs Denver?

Talk about nail biters. Down to the last minutes, seconds. Now that is what I am talking about folks. That was some darn good balling today.

Christmas came early for Mo. I finally broke down and bought

Yep, that is the Dyson 07 Animal. If that doesn't suck up the fur on this crappy carpet, I give up.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Why? 'Cuz I know you are just on the edge of your seat, breathless with anticipation.

Hey, does that mean I am all grown up when I get excited about buying a vacuum cleaner as a present to myself? Or just pathetic? Whatever way you look at it, I think it negates the fact that I was wearing white socks with lions and paw prints on them in the Uggs when I bought the suck-miester.

Yes T. Those socks. Do you still have yours? I still remember the day we bought them. Heck, I'll be 80 (if I am lucky) and remember the most random crap like that.

Peace and Love Peeps. I've got some cleaning to do.


suburban mom said...

Wait...I thought I commented here....wierd-o-rama...

Mo said...

K, You did. When you were posting I was editing. Ya' know because I am sneaky like that. ;)

I didn't think the way I had updated the Lord, I Ask for Patience Today entry was easy to read so I created the new one.

Sorry to throw ya off.