Thursday, December 07, 2006

Whetting Your Appetite - Updatedv2

There will be more to come later, with pictures even, but I wanted to say

1. There are a few good men left out there.
2. Dyson lives up to the hype.
3. Stuffies need loving too.

Check back later tonight. I'm working. I can't come out and play like I want to.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Geez, what a day! I am finally home and ready to play with ya' and blogger is being a PAB (punk ass bitch) and not updating my pictures.

You'll have to hang in there for the images. I've got to be up and out the door at 5:45 in the morning. It currently is 11:40 PM. I have no patience for no pictures right this moment. Thanks for understanding. You simply are the best. Do read on though. Updates have been captured for you...

Let us begin shall we? Settle in. It’s gonna’ be a long update.

1. There are a few good men left out there.
This is related to the Dyson living up to the hype and an old fashioned date.

See, Mo recognizes her limitations. I am not mechanically inclined by any means. I'm helpless when it comes to putting stuff together. I'm not afraid to ask for help. I'm not afraid to be a girly girl and let a man do that kind of stuff for me. Plus I figure since I'm pretty darn independent in the other aspects of my life that this is a way for them to feel needed, which is something I believe we all want and deserve from time to time.

So, I asked my man Pete to help me put the Dyson together. He got off work earlier than I did yesterday so we agreed he would hang at my place until I was able to make my way home.

Yes peeps. I allowed the man in my home, all alone, without me. Big leap of faith and trust on my part. It is true we have been seeing each other off and on since July (more on than off lately) but to let someone have full access to your stuff...that is big for me. Know what I am saying?

Ok. I confess. I’ll keep it real. We’ve been nekkid and it is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s by the way in case you wondering. We’ve exposed some of our vulnerabilities. We’ve let each other in over the course of the last 5 months. With all that being said, we’re still talking about my stuff. My life.

You might be thinking, “Mo he could have already looked at your stuff while you slept. Don’t kid yourself.”

Who hasn’t been curious and done that before? Admit it peeps. You’ve looked in a drawer, a medicine cabinet, maybe a wallet or two. I know have.

But this felt raw. I went with it. I’ve got nothing to hide. But still.

He’d been up late talking with me the night before and playing with his new computer so I thought he was going to be tired and just come on over, look through my stuff, take a nap, we’d put the Dyson together when I got home, head to the movie we planned on seeing, and then we’d hit up the grocery store to pick up our fixings for dinner.

Sounded like a good plan to me. Imagine my surprise when I came home and not only was the Dyson put together but he’d vacuumed! He had all my candles lit. A martini was waiting. He’d taken the Dyson big ass box to the trash and he was playing with the babies when I walked in.

That my friends, was going above and beyond. Be still my heart. He had no idea of exactly when I was going to get home either. He did all that on his very own.

In the interest of letting me see how the Dyson worked and to school me on taking the canister off to empty the nastiness it sucks up, he didn’t vacuum the hallway or the bedroom.

He anticipated my needs and he was thinking about y’all too. He said, “I couldn’t find your camera and I knew you’d want to take a picture for your blog so I wanted to leave a room for you too.”

Again, be still my heart.

So, that brings us to #2. Dyson lives up to the hype. Check out this nastiness. I knew there was stuff in the carpet. I knew there was going to be a lot of hair. I knew there were litter pebbles from here to there. But this? Yuck!!!

As if doing all of the above wasn’t good enough for me to have my heart go pitter patter, he cooked dinner for me…again. He grilled some steak and cooked some taters. And peeps…he woke me up with breakfast in bed this morning!

It doesn’t stop there. He also imported a cd he knew I wanted to add to my iPod. I didn’t know that until tonight when I plugged it in to recharge it and it started to update. I was like what the heck? Then I saw the songs. I knew it could have only been him unless JP flew in and flew out with the cd.

JP, now I get to relive singing along with you, Princess, and Foxy whenever I want. Can you guess what cd it was? Did you guess the Curious George soundtrack?

What can I say? It grew on me during our time together in August and one night at his place he popped it in and I told him all about listening to it over and over. We laughed and agreed it has that effect on ya’. He likes Jack Johnson anyway so he’s all in with listening to it with the girls and by himself too. Now I get to as well.

Lest I forget, #3. Stuffies need loving too. I was on a very serious business call at one point and he thought I could use a laugh, which after that call he was right. So, even though some of you might think this is all wrong, we found it humorous.

The puppy, once you push his ear, gets down and dirrrty. He had his way with Spookie. He humped and moaned to his heart’s content.

Right now I’d have to say he’s one of the few good ones left out there. Would you agree?

And for Katherine, my fake wreath and only holiday decoration this year.


suburban mom said...


I'm totally dating through you again.

I love the excitement!!


kimmyk said...

How fun to date! Especially a good guy!

Good for you. I'm with Suburban Mom-I feel like I'm dating again. How fun is this? Will he walk me to my door and kiss me goodnite? I should brush my teeth...

Mo said...

Y'all crack me up.

And Kimmy, not only will he walk you to the door, he'll open it too.

I do have to say seeing all of them can be a lot of work. It's fun but it can be tiring.

Maybe I need to get back on the road. Or better yet limit myself to the one who makes my heart go pitter patter...Stay tuned.

You know there will be more to come. Or wait. Did I just jinx myself? ;)