Friday, December 29, 2006

A Little Bit of Something

Ever have those days, those moments where your mind won't stop racing? You know with all those thoughts of "Oh my gawd! The year is almost over and I have all this stuff left to do!"

I'd love to tell you my mind is racing with fun stuff but it's not. It's racing with the last minute insurance, financial crap. Ok. It's not crap. It's life.

Nothing quite like waiting until 12/31 to get your eyes checked. To buy new glasses because as we all know, I can't have lasik and I have all that money in my healthcare account to burn through or I lose it. I'm going to be making Lenscrafters' day. Ring it up baby.

Then at the last minute, work stuff enters. Racing around to try to get it all taken care of between now and Monday while fitting in a massage, a shopping trip with Ace, babysitting duty with the angels, watching some football, and chilling.

Oh, and I need to get those New Years cards done too.

Man, where does time go?

1 comment:

kimmyk said...

This year has been a blur. Pretty crazy, but good at the same time.

I hope when you look back you had better days than bad.

Next year is going to be a good year for us all. I just know it.

Happy New Year Mo! If all goes well, in about six months we'll be hanging out.