Thursday, December 28, 2006

Winter Around These Here Parts

Is it cold where you are?

I had to scrape ice from my little friend three times last night (NOTE: that is no one's car in particular. It is some random picture I found on the internet.)

I defrosted and de-iced when I left the office after 7:00 PM, then when we left the pub, and again when we left the karaoke bar. It has snowed the last two nights too.

We are having one heck of a winter I tell you.

Thank goodness for power, heat, wool sweaters, fleece, and especially my fluffy, cream with gold sparkling thread scarf. Oh, and let me not forget the Uggs.

Hope things are good in your world. Warm and toasty too.

Work is craaaaaazy, as it always is this time of the year, for me.

I promise to download pictures and update you on the Christmas festivities soon.

For now, I have to get back to the grind.

Peace and Love Peeps.

1 comment:

kimmyk said...

The weather is so bizarre. It's been in the high 50's here in Ohio. That's just not right, y'know?! No ice. No snow. Nothin. I'm sure it'll be here-but it's just not right now.

Sorry you had to scrape ice after you've been drinking. It's always colder then.