Saturday, December 31, 2011


 52 weeks. 

365 days. 

12 months.

31, 536, 000 seconds. 


Remember when you were a kid and you thought the day went on forever?  Like it seemed it would never end? 

I remember my mom saying to just wait until I got older and I would see differently.  How right she was. 

Now I see the days as short and the years flying by. 

One thing is for sure.  The calendar tells me today is December 31 and it is time to look forward to 2012.

I've mentioned before I am not a big resolutions for the New Year kind of girl. 

This doesn't mean I don't have goals in mind but if you're looking for me to share 2012 resolutions with you, keep it moving. 

No matter what you may have scheduled, the dawn of each day appears almost like a blank slate.  

I choose to see each day as a chance for a new beginning. 

I choose to see each day as an opportunity to make moves in a forward direction. 

I choose to see each day as a day full of endless possibility - to love, to laugh, to be, to do, to believe, to walk in faith, to LIVE.

With that being said, I wish you and yours all things fabulous in 2012. 

Happy New Year!

Peace, Love, Laughter.  xOxO, Mo

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mailbox Melange

In the tech savvy world in which we live, I appreciate holding a magazine in my hand.  Below are some of the ones I currently subscribe to. 
I also get the Journey mag from Triple AAA, Paper Crafts, and the USAA mailer too.  Quite the mish-mash, like my personality and interests.  Because I like to think I'm fancy and am French/French-Canadian, I like to say melange. 

I recycle once I am done so although they may be in paper, the footprint I leave behind is reduced. 

I like People for pop culture and for entertainment. 

Better Homes and Gardens is great for home and entertaining ideas.

Shop Smart gives sound advice and the research is thorough.  One of the best parts is the research is done by a team of folks and not just me.

Success is inspirational, professionally and personally. 

I wonder if there will ever come a day in which I eliminate all paper subscriptions. 

That's crazy thinking.  

Hey, I thought it was crazy talk to say I prefer an ebook reader over a book but I do so you never know. . . crazy things happen in my life. By choice.  By chance.     

Peace, Love, Laughter.  xOxO, Mo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day of 2011 found me in my rubber ducky pjs and Rudolph slippers with the kitteh.

This picture was snapped right before I settled in first thing in the morning with my bible to read the story of Jesus' birth, which is something I do every Christmas morning.

After all, it is the reason for the season.

The rest of the day I hibernated.

Yup, stayed inside all day. Didn't change out of my pjs. Read one of the newly downloaded books on Kenny and slept. Sure did. Slept.

This marks the do or die week for me, meaning all the hard work for the year can sour 2011 and 2012, so I need to be on the utmost top of my game.

I still have a bit of a cough and am tired but other than this, the worst of the crud is behind me.  I am grateful for this. 

Hope you and yours had a great holiday too. 

Peace, Love, Laughter.  xOxO, Mo

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

From my house and heart to you and yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Night

Not the best picture but represents my Friday night perfectly.

Candles lit, whether by flame or battery, throughout the house.

Feel good TV. I watched the last hour of  Fireproof and all of Facing the Giants via CMT.

Skyped with 2 of my favorite people. 

Nommed on a slice of frozen pizza. 

Enjoyed a mug of hot cocoa. 

Took delight in the decorated Christmas tree to my right. 

Snuggles with the kitteh.   

Filled Kenny, my Kindle, back up with 6 books I have been wanting to read.  Merry Christmas to me. 

Now watching The Squeeze on MSNBC. 

A very nice way to spend a Friday night in.  Tiny slices of heaven on earth. 

Peace, Love, Happiness, and Laughter.  xOxo, Mo

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Working Hard

I am blessed to be able to telecommute. 

Isn't modern technology grand?

Have laptop, internet connection, will work.

It can also be an evil.  If you have all you need with you any time of the day or night, you might find yourself working more hours than you would if you were in the office. 

Of course, this means productivity goes up. 

Blah.  Blah.  Blah. 

When I work from home and need the extra space, I take up residence on my craft table versus my desk, which is on the other side of the room. 

Lucky likes to be a part of the action too. 

She sleeps between the monitor and the keyboard. 

She's such a nice kitteh to think of my needs.  I mean she could stand right in front of the monitor or on the keyboard and demand attention but noooo, she's hard at sleep work right where you see her in the above picture.

She amazes me with the hours she will snooze in the same position.  On a hard surface. 

All in the name of Peace, Love, Happiness, and Laughter.  xOxO, Mo

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Pee Pants defines shame as
1. the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another: She was overcome with shame.

2. susceptibility to this feeling: to be without shame.

3. disgrace; ignominy: His actions brought shame upon his parents.

4. a fact or circumstance bringing disgrace or regret: The bankruptcy of the business was a shame. It was a shame you couldn't come with us.

My friends tell me I have no shame. 

You'll see how this came about as a topic of conversation recently when I share a page from my book of life with you shortly. 

I thought long and hard about this.  What makes me feel shameful?

Not a lot is the conclusion I came to. 

How is this so? 

I own my actions. 

I stand behind, in front of and with the words exiting my mouth I put into the universe. 

I try not to have regrets or disgrace myself or others. 

I am comfortable with my actions and with who I am. 

'Tis true I do behave in ridiculous and in an improper manner from time to time but these actions don't bring me shame. 
So, with this being said, when I made the pee pee pants -- totally sober, not ill, and in the parking lot of Costco Friday, Dec. 9th -- I knew I'd be sharing the story with my friends. 
Yes, that is right.  I, a woman closer to the age of 40 than not, made pee pee pants. 
I had the day off from work.  4 cups of coffee and 48oz of water later while being out and about lead to my making of the pee pee pants. 
After I took care of some bisnatch at home, I headed out to meet friends for lunch and to run some errands. 
Keep this look in mind as the story progresses. 
Upon arriving at their office, I used the restroom.  At this point I was about 3.5 cups of coffee in. 
We headed to lunch.  This is where I didn't consume that much to drink.  I was busy nomming on my naked chicken salad minus dressing, add the queso, pile on the pico goodness from Qdoba. 
After a quick game of old school paper football with hand goals, we said our goodbyes and I headed to my crack house, Impress. 
No bathroom break needed here.  I knew I could wait until I made it to Ulta.  Off I went in the car to Ulta, down the road and around the corner.   
No problems here y'all.  Just me sucking down the rest of the coffee and making the water a thing of the past.
Bathroom break at Ulta.  Supplies re-stocked and off to Costco I go.
I zoom through the aisles getting what I need.  As I stand in line to check out I realize I need to tinkle.  I think to myself I can hold it until I get home.  There is no one to watch my cart if I go to the bathroom here.  Yeah, I can hold it.
I have a bladder of steel. 
Be the bladder of steel. 
There I am.  Finished checking out.  Wishing the lady looking over my receipt would quit fawning over my new faux fur blanket, the screaming hot deal on a hot and cold laminator, and just let me go. 
Can't she see by the look on my face I need to pee?
Oh yeah, that's right.  I have a bladder of steel and can hold. it.  Be the bladder of steel.
Finally, I make it to my car.  I say finally because I went down the wrong aisle, couldn't squeeze the cart through the cars (tried twice between two sets of vehicles), and ended up having to add more I can hold it, I can hold it thoughts to myself as I went back up the aisle only to come down another parking lot aisle, and arrive at my car. 
I unlock the trunk.  I position the cart to block me in like any sane, single girl does.  
Slowly I begin to unload the grocery cart of goodies.  
Keep in mind I am now crossing my legs, squeezing my bladder, saying hold it hold it hold it hold it and attempting to be the bladder of steel. 
Then it happens.  A tiny trickle.  I think to myself, "I got this."  Bladder of steel. Unload. Get home. 
Keep unloading.  More hold it hold it hold HOLD IT. . . and darn, there it goes.  
The gates opened.  I had no choice than to let it go.  The bladder of steel lives here no more. 
I sat on my bumper and politely made the pee pants with the above smile on my face as seen in the picture taken before I headed out.  
Wait, I thought to myself.  You're wearing sweater Uggs.  You must protect the Uggs.  
Yes folks, that was a real thought,  Priorities.  You'd be proud to know I have skills worthy of doing just that.  All you have to do is squat a little bit, press thighs and knees together, extend your feet shoulder width apart and you too can save your sweater Uggs from the pee pee.
So, as I am sitting on my bumper in said stance, I notice my pee is Moutain Dew yellow.  Oh yeah, that's right.  I took the B100 later in the day.  If anyone looks my way I can always act like I spilled a Mountain Dew.  Yeah, yeah, that's it.  I spilled Mountain Dew. 
Once I finished doing my business, which obviously I couldn't hold, I put the cart away, grabbed the blanket from the back seat, and drove myself home.  In my pee pants. 
Upon arrival home, shower, change of clothes, and no feelings of shame. 
The bladder of steel doesn't live here. 
Upon sharing the story with my W2 crew after our Saturday AM exercise, I was gifted with a pee saver for the next time I think I can hold it. 
You pee in the sack and it turns it to a gel like substance.  I hear you can get them at auto supply stores.  I might need to get more than just this one seeing as we all know there will be a next time I think I can hold it. 

Hey, do the stripes on my gloves and hat make me look big?

Peace, Love, Laughter.  xOxO, Mo

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Under the Weather

Sunday I fell asleep reading the paper with the kitteh on my lap. 

I should have known then I was in for a special surprise.  The kind that brings the aches, the chills, the fever . . . the sickness. 

I never fall asleep reading the paper in the den, on the love seat, and stay that way for a few hours. 

Guess I can't say never since it happened Sunday.

Fast forward to Monday.  Headaches. No appetite.  Only want to sleep.  Hurts to swallow. Ears are tender.

I pushed through Monday like a champ and took Dayquil and the ever so handy Nyquil before bed Monday.

At some point in the middle of the night I woke up drenched in sweat.  Not a little.  DRENCHED. 

Yup, quickly made an appointment to see the doctor Tuesday afternoon right after my 7:00 AM conference call. 

At the appointment in the afternoon, as she felt my my nodes and stated the words wow. I knew I was in for a special treat. 

Let's draw some blood to see if you have mono and hey open wide and say ahh so I can stick this swab down your throat and watch you gag in discomfort. 

Good times. 

Really though.  So far so good.  It's not mono.  I go back Friday for another blood draw just to be safe since my white blood cell count was extremely elevated. 

For now I sound horrible, feel worse, have made the kitteh learn patience as she wants to play and any time I lean down for her toy, the room spins and my head pounds.

I'm trying to stay hydrated but gosh darn does it ever hurt to swallow.  No fever but I am alternating between being just right and cold.

Yay me.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Happiness.  xOxO Mo

Tuesday, December 06, 2011



I am here. 

If you are reading this, you are too. 

I know I have been absent from my blog for far too long. 

I have no excuses. 

I've been busy. 

Busy living. 

Busy loving. 

Busy laughing. 

Busy investing in me.

Which made me realize an investment in me is my blog.  That's why I started it to begin with. 

To document. 

To share. 

To welcome others to my itsy bitsy teeny weeny part of the world in which I not only survive but thrive in. 

So, yes, I am here. 

I am BACK. 

My self imposed goal is a minimum of 3 entries per week. 

Stay tuned. 

Y'all come on back now ya' hear. 

Peace, Love, Happiness.  xOxO, Mo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lucky's Babies

Meet Thumper.

This is Lucky's favorite toy.

Yes, it has catnip in it. Think of a kong for a dog and that's what Thumper is, except all soft and fuzzy filled with catnip. 

Don't judge her just because she carries Thumper around like it is her baby or judge me as I have a brand spanking new Thumper in a drawer just in case something happens to this one. 

I mean seriously. The nip is legal. The nip is encouraged by her vet.

The nip is gooood. 

Thumper used to come to bed with us every night.

Lucky used to sleep with me every night too but lately she has taken to the chaise lounge in the den.

I can count on being woken up between 3:24 AM and 4:16 AM daily.  This is when she brings Thumper to the bed.  She's all excited and is ready to play.  Saying no is not an option.  I could close the bedroom door at night but I only do so when company is over.   

We have taught one another how to play fetch.  It is quite delightful and makes those early morning play sessions bearable.   

I'm glad her Auntie Kari picked her up a teddy bear toy we call Pookie one night we were at the pet store getting her a kitty condo aka scratching post/nesting thing.

Pookie was the original and how I knew to look for Thumper. 

Pookie gets his fair share of abuse love too but Thumper is her go to baby.  I believe it has do with the ears being easier for her to carry in her mouth than Pookie's big head. 

I'd love to show you a picture of Thumper these days, as she is worse for wear, but as I type this, Lucky is showing her baby she is the boss.  She's been playing non stop for about one hour this morning. 

I put fresh nip in the back of both babies last night so it makes sense she would be in it to win it this morning. 

Who knew a one year old kitteh would like a stuffed tiny toy better than a string or a ball to play with?  Not me that is for sure. 

God bless her little catnip enhanced fur ball self. 

Peace, Love, Laughter and Soul Y'all. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Want, I Want

I came across a graphic t shirt website the other day.  I don't wear t shirts that often but when I do, I like to have fun with some of them.

Below are some I saw recently on this website that speak to me.

These are shirts that want to become one with me.

In no particular order . . .

 Should you desire to hook me  up with one, I like my shirts on the big and comfy size. 

Peace, Love, Happiness, and Soul Y'all. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Shall Call It

I shall call the latest abstract Repricing.

See, when I have things I need to work out and I get frustrated or hit a wall, a creative outlet is necessary for me to process and eventually move forward.

Yesterday was one of those days.

This is nothing spectacular by any means.

It's a previously painted canvas I painted over. Added a few dimensional elements and called it good.

The rhythmic motion of the putting the brush against the canvas and then letting whatever I feel like doing to the base coat calms me.

I may not have figured out everything I need to do but I certainly felt better after I took paint to the brush and the brush to the canvas.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summa' Time

We finally had a day with the temps in the 80s.

Today not so much. Today finds us with cloudy skies, some rain showers, and a high possibly in the 70s.

However, the fans are in full effect and it stays light until about 9:10 each day so I'll take that as our version of summer this year.

With that being said, in the summer I take my hair to a lighter hue. I add more highlights and warm tones.

This year is no exception as evidenced by the picture to the left.

It's pretty close to the color I naturally had in Texas during the spring and summer so all is right in the world of my hair these days.

Hope the same is true for you and yours.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.
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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Penchant for Observation

As I took an early lunch break on my first day back to the grind (re:  returning from vacation), I decided to update my Netflix instant queue.

The obvious made itself visible.

I have a penchant for documentaries.

This is nothing new to me.  I have always been intrigued by observation - whether it be people watching, reality tv, or non fiction books. 

I enjoy fiction, drama, and comedies too but I'm drawn to non fiction. 

Human nature, in a word, is intriguing; at least to me it is.  

I appreciate how a non fiction work can broaden my horizons, educate me, open myself up to a whole other world I might not have been exposed to otherwise, stretches my imagination, and reveals possibilities. 

Gee, I wonder why I originally pursued sociology and social work in college. 

So, it makes perfect sense when I look over my instant queue and notice 56% of my selections are documentaries. 

I wonder which one I will watch first. . .

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Engine

I'm on vacation this week. 

I usually always take this week off. 


It's the week before the 4th. In my line of business, this is a slow time of the year for me but hella busy for the folks I work with. 

Some may even go as far as to say this is their busiest week of the year.  My busy time is considered their slow time of the year. 

I know this may sound confusing but if you know what I do, which company I work for, and who I support daily it would make perfect sense. 

So, this is the week I stay home, take it easy, and do all those honey do and chores the rest of the world gets to do during the first half of the year.

It's hard to do a whole heck of a lot of home organization and honey do-das when I'm away as much as I am the first half of the year. 

With that being said, the beginning of today found me in the yard. 
That's not a picture of my grass or my lawn mower. 

The lawn mower is red though.  I affectionately call it Little Red.  We don't have Bermuda grass in the Pacific Northwest. 

Sadly, Little Red was not the little engine that could today. 

He made it through the front yard and one tiny row in the back yard before conking out on me.

Little Red needs some loving. 

Loving I am not capable of providing. 

My housemate, who grew up summering on a family's ranch, can provide that kind of loving. 

I feel slightly inferior but know and recognize my limitations. 

I am not mechanically inclined.  The fact I was able to prune the rose bushes and remove 15 year old+ ivy from part of the wall, digging up some of the roots mind you, made me feel better about my lack of Little Red loving skills. 

Filling up the large size compost bin with the ivy, yard clippings, and other yard "waste" left me feeling sweaty, grungy, and accomplished.

You gotta celebrate the small successes in life right? 


Yay me! 

The rest of the day will find me organizing a closet or two.  I foresee a trip to the Goodwill donation center in my crystal ball. 

Or maybe I will bust out the paint, a canvas, some stamps and ink, or chillax with my nose behind Kenny with the kitteh in my lap. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Chocolate Cures All?

About 15 minutes ago I was in a panic.

Heart racing. 

Breathing was fast and furious.

I was picking my left thumb cuticle.   

Purse was turned upside down and inside out.

Desk drawer emptied. 

Mind in a frenzy. 

Why was I in such a state?

I thought I had misplaced a necessary financial record of the personal nature.

I remembered I had Hershey's bars in the kitchen.

One must always have s'mores ingredients on hand this time of the year.

I made my way to the kitchen.  Opened the cabinet.  Unwrapped the bar and took a deep breath.  Broke off the first row.  While stuffing a few pieces in my mouth I asked myself, "If it is lost, I can deal with the situation how? Think Mo, think." 

I made my way around the corner, down the hall, and back to the office.  Candy bar in hand, I opened the same desk drawer, pulled a few things out, and viola - there was the missing financial record. 

Devouring the bar might not have been what allowed me to find the item but it sure did calm my anxiety, for about 45 seconds or so.

Now I have to add an extra 5-10 minutes of the treadmill to the mix to accommodate the indulgence and remember to restock the Hershey's.  At least I'm somewhat calm again and have the "missing" item in my possession.

Chocolate.  It's a cure all. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Photo courtesy of this website.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet Lucky

Lucky is the newest member of my family.

She is an one year old, medium hair kitteh I adopted Friday night.

Her name was Gabby. It was a nice enough name but didn't seem to fit. 

She does meow at ya' but nowhere near enough to earn the name Gabby in my opinion.

It took me about 3.5 days to find a name I liked.

Lucky fits as I am lucky to have found her and she is lucky to have found me.

Some of you may know and remember the very unfortunate situation surrounding the passing of my baby Princess in late July of 2010.

It's taken me this long to be ready to let another fur baby in my life.

I went to the foster store with my bestie and her hubby to sneek a peak at another cat but Lucky is the one I came home with.

We even had plans to visit other locations that night and the next day but when I locked eyes with this sweet pea, it was game over.

She is the perfect blend of my other 2 kittehs, Princess and Jasmine, in personality and body type plus having her own special something too. 

Put all of this together and Lucky is her name-o.

Her alter ego is Cocoa Loco and her affectionate nickname is Boo Boo.

She is a snuggler, a head butter, a suckler, a kneader, a playful spaz who likes to check out everything and enjoys licking ice in iced coffee <-- go figure. 

I am sure as the days progress I'll find out more about her but for now, we're in the get to know you stage and are as content as content can be.  I also hope to get better pictures of her.  This one was taken from across the room in Bevo's Den on the sly.  She's either camera shy or is playing hard to get.  Either way, game on darlin'!

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Bloom

'Tis true this picture was taken June 4, 2010.

However, the front yard roses are bloom currently.

I haven't gotten around to clipping any for viewing pleasure and delight inside - yet. 

More bloomed this year than last so far so I have quite the selection to choose from - both color and type wise. 

I hope you're in bloom in too.  Life's too short not to be. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly

A friend of mine shared this as a wall post on her Facebook account. 

I have since done the same.

Then I decided to share it here too. 

Speaks volumes to me. 

Peace, Love, and Happiness. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

GD Slackers


Feel free to use my shizzle.

Don't piss off the Whizzle aka MoW (Mo Dub).

Hope you had a great day.

You better not have f*cked anything up.

Cause Mo don't play.

Now it's time to be on your way.

Don't let the door hit ya' where the good Lord split ya'!

Thanks to JLo and Tiff for making this a reality.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Of Late

Another week has arrived. 

Another week finds me flying the friendly skies.

I'm heading east again this week. 

Over the mountains and to somewhat wide open spaces.

When I arrive home it will be to a couple of friends in from out of town + a week of previously planned vacation.  

I'm not going anywhere for this vacation.  I'll be staying close to home and loving every last minute of it. 

I have a few projects around the hizzle I want to complete and down time to embrace. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm a Big Girl Now

Meet Billy.
How did I come about this decision?

After 2 trips to the Starbucks down the street in one day I decided I had enough.  It was time. 

It was time to finally have a coffee maker in the house.  

I'm a tea drinker.  

Rather I should say, I was one.  

Don't get me wrong. I'll still drink tea.  

It's just now I'll be drinking coffee and making dirty chais at home without paying out the arse for two shots of espresso.  

Billy IS a bad ass.  Hence, the name Billy.  You know for when people say Billy Badass. 

He rocks my socks off. 

I'll go as far as to say I'm in love with him. 

He's already shown me the investment of his purchase was well worth it.    

The girly part of me said get the stainless steel one for aesthetics. Plus, this model comes with all the attachments built in versus buying add ons.   

With over 200 K cups to choose from, I invite you to come over for a cup or two.

Peace, Love, and Soul Y'all.     

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jesus is the Reason but . . .

Jesus is the reason but those of you who know me knew an item like this would appear for the weekend. 
Yes, I am also wearing this in the office and will be sporting it through both the Spokane and Seattle airports later today. 

I've already had spontaneous conversations at the hotel and Starbucks this AM.  The rest of the day should hold even more looks and commentary.

Happy Easter to you and yours. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Monday, April 04, 2011


Heading back out to fly the friendly skies again today. 

Going to the Big D, which is where I was bred, born, and raised. 

Thankfully I get to squeeze in a little bit of family time before the meetings begin.

Hope you and yours have a great week. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Sunday, April 03, 2011


Those of you who see me in person know my nails sadly can and often are a hot mess. 

My hands and nails take a beating with the work I do, the travel, the time spent on a computer, texting, and the time spent pursuing my creative endeavors.

I have weak nails to begin with; even my toe nails break easily! 

Saturday I went for my twice a month manicure.  I threw in a pedicure too. 

My lady asked if I wanted a shellac manicure. 

Other than being asked if I wanted one about a two months ago I wasn't quite sure what a shellac manicure was but I said yes without giving it a second thought. 

When she told me the color would stay for at least 2 weeks I was sold for sure.  Sign me up for a shellac-ing! 

My nails tend to do a lot better when protected by a bit of polish. 

My thoughts were What do I have to lose?  Maybe a few extra dollars.  What do I have to gain?  Pretty, stronger nails for more than a few days. 

Let's do this. 

I am only on day 2 but so far so good.

All the internet reports and facebook replies have indicated this process will and does work.  The polish will last.  Since there is no buffing involved, my nails should be stronger. 

Usually by now at least one of my nails would be showing signs of wear and tear so to speak.  Not tonight!  They look like I just left the salon. 

If it holds and withstands the hype, I know there will be no going back for me. 

Feel free to read about it here, here, and here

NOTE:  first two links are testimonials and the last link is the official CND Shellac website. 

Oh and the color I'm sporting is a pale pink.  Maybe I'll go bolder the next time around.

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What the Flock?

JoAnns 50% off a regular priced item + 25% off entire purchase had me jumping for joy at the purchase of this flock. 

I've never used flock before.  I have admired the usage of it on projects.  I figure a little bit of glue, the sprinkle of some flock and I'll be good to go. 

I have an Easter card in my mind's eye in which the yellow flock will be perfect. 

Now I just need to make the time to mass produce the project.  I've marked down the evening of April 9th should any of you wish to come and play. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kenny and Me

I love, love, love my Kindle2. 

I am so very glad I purchased it back in the day. 

For the time being I see no reason to upgrade to the K3 or to get an iPad, unless my fairy godmother or secret admirer would like to bestow one to me.   

What I do see the need for is, is the need to read.

I am almost finished with Love You More by Lisa Gardner and Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. 

The latest purchases downloaded for the next few weeks in travel and down time include

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

Heaven is For Real:  A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo

Live Wire by Harlan Coben

I pre-ordered 10th Anniversary by James Patterson

Have you read a good book lately? 

Do share if so. I am always on the lookout for a good read. 

I prefer to be able to download it as I have become accustomed to the slimness of the Kindle versus the bulk of a book.  

Funny how I thought this would be one of the things I missed most about reading on an e-reader -- the holding of a book and flipping the pages.  

When I get the hankering to do so, I can always visit a bookstore or walk over to my bookshelf in the office or Bevo's Den.   

So, hit me with it.  Leave a comment with a recommendation. 

Please and Thank You. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here I Go Again

Here I go again! 

3 day tour. 

2 states. 

Travel by air and car. 

Send the vibes. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Slow My Roll

For the second time, in less than 3 months, I have locked my keys in the car outside of Target. 

I definitely need to slow my roll. 

Let's set the stage shall we. 

I have a routine for each Saturday morning.  It starts off with a chai tea latte of course. 

Then I go for a massage followed by a chiropractic adjustment.  Every 6 weeks I get my hair cut and colored.  Every 3 weeks I get my brows done.  In between those appointments are the errands I need to take care of. 

Normally I would take care of these errands during the week.  Doing so is challenging when I am out of town so I am usually running around like a mad woman going from one place to the next in a rush each Saturday. 

I schedule appointments with travel time and roughly a ten minute break in between - if I am lucky. I am usually out and about for 12 hours.   

This past Saturday looked like this: 
Wake at 0715. 

Make the pee pee. 

Shuffle to kitchen.  Fishy kiss Reggie and Spike.  Make chai tea. 

Shuffle back to bathroom.  Shower.  Throw on lotion, clothes, makeup. 

Head out to massage.  Finish punishing but much needed massage.   

After massage stop by Office Depot.  Scowl when discovered they are out of the sheet protector/insert I was in search of.  Leave empty handed. 

Drive across street to gas station for bag of chili cheese Fritos for chiropractor and a drink for me. 

Get an adjustment.  Good crack-a-lackings. 

Drive through Arbys for a mini sammich. 

Head to salon for cut and color.  Sparkles be gone. 

Check to see if Pier 1 has the room spray in stock yet.  No such luck.  Leave empty handed. 

Head over to JoAnns and PetCo for flock and fish food. 

Meet BFF for pho at our joint. 

Head to Home Depot in search of flowers for the planters.  Leave empty handed. 

Finish errands at Target. 

Determine keys are locked in the car of Target's parking lot.  

Call housemate to the rescue as extra set of keys is at home. 

No answer. 

Attempt to call cab companies, yes multiple cab companies, to get a ride. 

Call housemate.  He answers.  Holla! 

Cancel cab ride. 

Move cart of stuff from parking lot to entrance of Target.  Wait for housemate to arrive.

Resemble homeless folks with full cart of stuff with both the BFF and I eating movie snackies from the cart. 

BFF plays music and begins to brainstorm as to how we can panhandle to pass the time.  Laughs ensued.   

Housemate arrives. 

Head home.  Change clothes, get out Snuggies, and watch The Social Network

Hug BFF goodbye and call it a night. 

I really need to pay better attention to my get out of the car routine apparently.  Either that or I need to stop shopping at Target as this is the exact same location I locked my keys in the car at last time. 

On the list of errands this week/weekend?  Get extra car keys made. 

At this stage of my life's game, I find this to be a necessity. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul y'all. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Afternoon Delight

I have been re-introduced to a sweet treat recently. 

It has become an afternoon delight for myself and a few co-workers. 

'Tis true we don't need the sugar but it sure does hit the spot. 

The interesting thing to me is growing up in Texas you could literally find a Slurpee or slushie around every corner. 

Where I live now . . . not so much. 

I suppose that might be part of the allure.

Let the hunting commence! 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Dose

Do you take vitamins daily?

How about herbal supplements?


I do.

2 Omega 3 gummies.  1 wellness formula, which is like a multivitamin on steroids.  2 probiotics.  1 calcium.  1 vitamin D3.  2 psyllium fiber capsules taken 2x a day.  1 B50 complex. 

Yup, yup.  I shove those bad boys down my throat daily, usually right after I finish eating breakfast.
I can be quite the sight at a hotel breakfast table.  

Go on ahead and lookie loo people.    

My health is important to me.  I don't get to eat or rest the way I prefer while I am on the road so this daily dose is my way of taking control and being preventive.  

Monday I had my yearly and physical appointments.  

My blood pressure is perfect according to the doc. 

The first round of results on my blood work came back with 2 thumbs up status.  

I'm feeling pretty good about this, all things considered.  

Do yourself a favor.  Take control of your health and wellness.  You deserve it.  

Really you do. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.  


Heading out on a 3 day tour. 

Little bit of time in the air. 

Lots of time in the car. 

Send save travel vibes my way. 

Please and thank you. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Living on the Go

Hi there.

It's been a hot minute since I posted a blog entry.

I think to do so often but finding the time has been difficult.

Let me back up since that is not an entirely truthful statement.

It is more about making the time.

I am a firm believer we make time for the people and things that are important to us.

For instance, those of you who know me know I am not a morning person. 

So to set my alarm an extra hour early St. Patrick's day to bust out handmade cards for my work peeps, in a hotel (I prepacked the paper, stamps, ink, cutter, cleaner, sharpies, and signature stamp) means it was important for me to do so. 

They were not my best work but everyone seemed to like them regardless. That's the point.  I made the time to spread a bit of love and cheer to those near and dear.

That little tidbit of last week leads me to this -  I'm going to try and do better to post while I am canvassing the Pacific Northwest one trip at a time. 

These days I am away more than I am home but hey, it is how I roll.  After all, this way of life was the iinspiration for the blog name years ago.  I live my life on the go.  No complaints. It is how I do. 

I can get it all done, if I choose to do so. 

Oh, and in case you are wondering I did sport the above headband St. Patrick's day along with a shamrock tie and these

None of my greens matched.  I didn't care.  Nope, not one bit. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How I Roll

A common sight when I'm working. 

Non sweetened black ice tea -- check. 

Laptop up and running -- check, check. 

Twistable map pencils and coloring book for a grown up time out Mo style -- check, check, and CHECK!

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Full of It

I have not lost my optimism. 

What I have gained, along with the optimism, is a large dose of realism. 

My calendar has been and will continue to be full. 

More than glass half full.  Somewhat overflowing one might say if they were to see my calendar, both professionally and personally. 

It is all good. 

I'm full of it. 

Life that is. 

I'm making the most of what is put before me each day.  No excuses.  No whining. 

I'm doing what I need and want to do because honestly, there is only one life we are promised - that we know of.  

I have lots of blogs to catch up on and even more posts to do. 

I'm going to do my best to make both of those a reality in the coming days. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Differences Make the World Go Round

By now you pretty much know what my eye is drawn toward. 

It should be fairly easy to determine which set of dishes I would choose. 

Did you pick the top left?  The square plain white ones? 

One of my besties would snap up the bottom right. 

Gee, I wonder which one Mo would choose?

 Yup, the one on the left.  It's in my office/crafty room as matter of fact. 

If you guessed the one on the right for me and the one on the left for her, you'd be spot on. 
Pretty much when we buy things for each other we know to select the opposite of what our natural eye is drawn toward. 

Winner, winner. . .chicken dinner! 

How about you?  Do you and your bestie or besties have opposite tastes? 

I'm glad we do as it makes life interesting and keeps a fresh perspective on the world. 

It could become mundane if we liked the exact same things. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all.