Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Engine

I'm on vacation this week. 

I usually always take this week off. 


It's the week before the 4th. In my line of business, this is a slow time of the year for me but hella busy for the folks I work with. 

Some may even go as far as to say this is their busiest week of the year.  My busy time is considered their slow time of the year. 

I know this may sound confusing but if you know what I do, which company I work for, and who I support daily it would make perfect sense. 

So, this is the week I stay home, take it easy, and do all those honey do and chores the rest of the world gets to do during the first half of the year.

It's hard to do a whole heck of a lot of home organization and honey do-das when I'm away as much as I am the first half of the year. 

With that being said, the beginning of today found me in the yard. 
That's not a picture of my grass or my lawn mower. 

The lawn mower is red though.  I affectionately call it Little Red.  We don't have Bermuda grass in the Pacific Northwest. 

Sadly, Little Red was not the little engine that could today. 

He made it through the front yard and one tiny row in the back yard before conking out on me.

Little Red needs some loving. 

Loving I am not capable of providing. 

My housemate, who grew up summering on a family's ranch, can provide that kind of loving. 

I feel slightly inferior but know and recognize my limitations. 

I am not mechanically inclined.  The fact I was able to prune the rose bushes and remove 15 year old+ ivy from part of the wall, digging up some of the roots mind you, made me feel better about my lack of Little Red loving skills. 

Filling up the large size compost bin with the ivy, yard clippings, and other yard "waste" left me feeling sweaty, grungy, and accomplished.

You gotta celebrate the small successes in life right? 


Yay me! 

The rest of the day will find me organizing a closet or two.  I foresee a trip to the Goodwill donation center in my crystal ball. 

Or maybe I will bust out the paint, a canvas, some stamps and ink, or chillax with my nose behind Kenny with the kitteh in my lap. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 


fiwa said...

I thought you were awfully quiet today. I said Always in your voice when I read this. Alwuz. ;)

Mo said...

Schwenty. <-- That is all. Carry on. xoxox

fiwa said...

And it's a good thing you called yourself out on the grass... ;)

fiwa said...

And uh, there is no "t" in Schwenny.