Monday, March 28, 2011

Slow My Roll

For the second time, in less than 3 months, I have locked my keys in the car outside of Target. 

I definitely need to slow my roll. 

Let's set the stage shall we. 

I have a routine for each Saturday morning.  It starts off with a chai tea latte of course. 

Then I go for a massage followed by a chiropractic adjustment.  Every 6 weeks I get my hair cut and colored.  Every 3 weeks I get my brows done.  In between those appointments are the errands I need to take care of. 

Normally I would take care of these errands during the week.  Doing so is challenging when I am out of town so I am usually running around like a mad woman going from one place to the next in a rush each Saturday. 

I schedule appointments with travel time and roughly a ten minute break in between - if I am lucky. I am usually out and about for 12 hours.   

This past Saturday looked like this: 
Wake at 0715. 

Make the pee pee. 

Shuffle to kitchen.  Fishy kiss Reggie and Spike.  Make chai tea. 

Shuffle back to bathroom.  Shower.  Throw on lotion, clothes, makeup. 

Head out to massage.  Finish punishing but much needed massage.   

After massage stop by Office Depot.  Scowl when discovered they are out of the sheet protector/insert I was in search of.  Leave empty handed. 

Drive across street to gas station for bag of chili cheese Fritos for chiropractor and a drink for me. 

Get an adjustment.  Good crack-a-lackings. 

Drive through Arbys for a mini sammich. 

Head to salon for cut and color.  Sparkles be gone. 

Check to see if Pier 1 has the room spray in stock yet.  No such luck.  Leave empty handed. 

Head over to JoAnns and PetCo for flock and fish food. 

Meet BFF for pho at our joint. 

Head to Home Depot in search of flowers for the planters.  Leave empty handed. 

Finish errands at Target. 

Determine keys are locked in the car of Target's parking lot.  

Call housemate to the rescue as extra set of keys is at home. 

No answer. 

Attempt to call cab companies, yes multiple cab companies, to get a ride. 

Call housemate.  He answers.  Holla! 

Cancel cab ride. 

Move cart of stuff from parking lot to entrance of Target.  Wait for housemate to arrive.

Resemble homeless folks with full cart of stuff with both the BFF and I eating movie snackies from the cart. 

BFF plays music and begins to brainstorm as to how we can panhandle to pass the time.  Laughs ensued.   

Housemate arrives. 

Head home.  Change clothes, get out Snuggies, and watch The Social Network

Hug BFF goodbye and call it a night. 

I really need to pay better attention to my get out of the car routine apparently.  Either that or I need to stop shopping at Target as this is the exact same location I locked my keys in the car at last time. 

On the list of errands this week/weekend?  Get extra car keys made. 

At this stage of my life's game, I find this to be a necessity. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul y'all. 

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