Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Baba

Many thanks for the well wishes. I am doing much better. The drive down Tuesday morning was rough but as of yesterday morning, I'm solid. Read into that as you choose.

Do you have a baba?

I have a baba.

My baba is my water bottle. It is an extension of myself. Hence, the term baba.

A co-worker coined the term about 5 years ago. I have since lost the original baba, purchased many others, and recently went for the best money could buy in my opinion.

I highly recommend a klean kanteen or stainless steel water bottle if you can find and afford one.

No more nightly washing out the plastic one nightly to keep the germs at bay.

I wash this one weekly and this is ok to do so since it is made from "100% recyclable, high-quality, food-grade, stainless steel that's contaminant and BPA-free" and "it won't ever leach nasty tastes or toxins into your drinks – no matter how many years you use it."

I have the 18 oz one with the loop cap in the orange sunset color. You saw that coming in the absence of a stainless steel color didn't you? Yeah, I'm predictable sometimes.

What I love the most about this is it keeps the water nice and cool. Plus, if it hits a wall or rolls on the floor, parking lot, etc., it doesn't look worse for wear. I'm thinking if I needed to use it as a weapon I probably could.

Me and my baba. My baba and me.

Peace and Love Peeps.



I like that..I'll have to look into getting one. Do they make some that hold hot drinks too? :)

Glad to see that you're on your way up to feeling better!!!

fiwa said...

I'm glad you're... solid. ;)
Princess says hello. I'm gettin' me some kitteh lovin.

Dez said...

I'm sooo glad you're feeling better!
That sounds like a very cool "baba", of course you know, that that's what us moms call a baby's bottle, right?
But, HEY, that A-OK!! :)

kimmyk said...

starbucks has stainless steel water bottles now. they're like 13.00. very cute ones too with all kinds of designs.

glad you're feeling better.

Tina... said...

omg, i'm so going to buy one of those this weekend, I love it....

Mo said...

Elizabeth, I am not sure if they make one for hot drinks but I would imagine so. For the most part I am a cold drinking fool.

Fiwa, Kitteh lovins' are the best.

Dez, That is why he called it a baba. He said it's my bottle and I pull from it like a baby does a bottle. Ha!

Kim, Sheesh, now I may have to go see what Starbucks has to offer. ;)

Tina, Go for it girl!

Cheryl said...

I want a baba. I keep saying I'm not buying water anymore, but I keep doing it. I've seen some nice stainless ones lately, but I didn't know all the benefits. I especially like the not having to wash it nightly. Good tip, as always, from the Mo.