Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Are You Married?

I must have been sending out a vibe yesterday.

3 different men asked me the same question throughout the course of the day.

The first guy approached me in the hotel. As I waited for my egg white omelet, I sipped on my cranberry juice and opened up USA Today.

The first section I read in USA Today is the sports section; without fail I go there first.

He decided to give me a fist pump for my choice of reading material. I know you don't see a female reading the sports section often, let alone it being their first choice, so I fist pumped him back.

As breakfast progressed and I finished with the sports section, I made my way to the money section next. He then got up from his table, got down on bended knee, looked into my eyes, and asked for my hand in marriage. He said I was his ideal woman. First sports, then money. Could it get any better than that he questioned.

Now let us fast forward to being in the office. Some of us use a company IM program. All of sudden I got a message from someone I didn't recognize. It said "Hi Mo....". My reply was "Who is this?"

He then realized it was not who he meant to be communicating with. There I sat in Washington state while he was in Brazil. He shared my name is a common name in his country and from there a conversation ensued. When all was said and done, he asked if I was married and shared pictures of the absolutely stunning Brazilian beaches.

Later in the day while I was doing what I do, another individual asked if I was married and then inquired as to why someone has not snatched me up yet.

I'm not exactly sure what message the universe was trying to send me but it made for an interesting day to say the least.

I wonder what today has in store for me?

Peace and Love Peeps.


Kathy said...


I would take yesterday's experiences as extremely positive ones!



I SAY, "I DO!"


kimmyk said...

work it girl.

you're beautiful, articulate, smart, and sports minded...who can blame 'em?

Live.Love.Eat said...

That's gotta feel good!!!!!

Brad said...

Would you marry me?

(Hey, a fella doesn't wanna be left out! )

Ace C said...

Run for the hills.