Friday, March 20, 2009

A Week Ago Today

Last Friday the sun was shining, I was on my last day of vacation, and spending the day with some of the crew.

Today the sun is out but nowhere near shining on this first day of Spring, I am in my office, and I will get to spend some of the day with part of the crew.

In the spirit of Ace's new adventures in Portland, I took pictures of where we went and what we did. I am sad to say I failed to keep this going as the day progressed. The mission took over and I forgot to snap, snap, snap away. Shocking I know.

Fiwa, Mars, and I met for lunch at Jimmy Mac's. I was craving a piece of dead cow and their rolls are so bad for ya but taste oh sooooo good.

Fiwa was sporting the Chucks, Mars was wearing the black and white sneaks, and I was rocking my white and black kicks. For once we were all in jeans.
One thing you can count on at Jimmy Mac's, besides country music and a Texas down home feel, is a bucket full of peanuts in the shell.

Fiwa opted for some tater skins.

Mars had some type of chicken salad. Like I said before, dead cow I craved so dead cow I got.

After lunch Mars said goodbye to us and Fiwa and I headed out to run a few errands.

Technically, they were all my errands to be run and she was keeping me company. Thanks girlfriend!

First on the list was a trip to Ikea. Jack pronounced it IKey, which we found amusing. It was time for one of my twice yearly stock up on tea light shopping excursions.

Next we headed over to Impress so I could get this year's Easter stamp for my cards. I found one of what I was looking for but not the two other ones I wanted so off to Paper Zone we went.

No such luck there so I had a light bulb moment in thinking I would call A Muse. Unfortunately no answer and thinking they would be open until 6, I set Jack in motion and off we went.

Off into the Friday afternoon Seattle traffic that is. Joking along the way if it got too bad we would exit and go see Brad, Jay, and the goats.

During this leg of the trip, Jack became a female. This is when we discovered Serena, in all of her British glory, didn't know how to pronounce Dr. She referred to these street names as doctor versus drive. Quite funny to us but understandable.

After some wrong turns (by me, not Serena's directions), a pretty look at Green Lake and a few more laughs along the way, we arrived at A Muse. To find them closed. *sigh*

Sad, but not defeated, we headed back home. Along the way we tested out new voices and language options on Jack instead of playing with bubbles in traffic. Upon the arrival back to my place we said our goodbyes.

Truly a pleasant way to spend the day.

This Friday finds me in the office, getting a massage, picking up a RX, having dinner with Mel and Kyla followed by a movie possibly.

Good times y'all. Good times.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Tina... said...

omg, you got an ikea store close to you? god just another reason to hate on your cute ass....

fiwa said...

My god... I need a new bra.

That was a fun day.

kimmyk said...

i wish we had an ikea store close by. closest one is like 2 hours.

food looks yum. especially that chicken salad!

Mo said...

Tina, You crack me up!

Fiwa, Stop it right now. You look great!

Kimmy, Just another reason for you and the fam to up and move this way. :)

Cheryl said...

I want to change places with you. Can I? Just for a day or two?

Ace C said...

Looks like an exciting day.