Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dirty Dozen

I participate in Instagram photo challenges. 

I do so as it gives me an opportunity to be present and capture my surroundings through a camera lens, which more often than not is via my iPhone4S. 

The subjects of the day are usually not items I would choose to take a picture of without prompting. 

I like this aspect of the challenges. 

I enjoy seeing how others interpret their life from the prompting of one word. 

Today's subject was money.

I decided to open my coin purse and see what would randomly fall free from the depths of the faux crocodile patent "leather".  

12 coins. 

12 coins adding up to $1.00. 

12 coins representing all the decades I have been alive. 


I am intrigued.   

If these coins could talk, what would they say?

Where have they been? 

How many hands have touched them? 

 Their story stops today. 

I am going to mount these coins in a shadow box to remind me to maintain a sense of wonderment, to never cease asking questions, to see and find joy in the simple, to embrace the random, and honor the mystery of every day. 

I had no idea so much would come from a photo challenge asking for money to be captured. 

I'm thankful it did.   

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gina parker said...

Love that you shared your thought process for this one - it's so creative. And it's a reminder of why I love homeschooling - unschoolingm and it reflects the natural curiosity we are all born with; the reason we learn so much by the age of 5. People Blame it on your age / brain development - I say, its no coincidence the amount of Information we learn through the natural act of observation/absorbtion drastically and permanently at the average age a child enters our traditional school system - where children are taught memorize and conform , not wonder and discover!!! Anyhow I love that you fight to retain your sense of wonder - I am reminded of that song "I hope you never lose your sense of wonder..." a song often "gifted at high school and college graduations but really one that should be played for children from birth!!!!!I love that your post evoked such a strong emotion in me - you wrote so much in such a small amount of words (sign of a great writer) again I thank you for sharing, I am invigorated!!!!