Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Latest Accessory Choice

It's fall around here for sure.



Cooler temps.

I believe Mother Nature is in need of meds because she seems to be really pissed off, is highly emotional, and a tad irrational with three storms back to back this week. When she cries, the rain pours. When she yells, the wind picks up with sustained gusts in the range of 25+mph.

As a result, my hair is pulled back more often than not and naturally I am rocking hats after hours and on the weekends.

The scarves, gloves, and Uggs are heavy in rotation as well.

Fall also means tights under the dresses.

Lately I'm digging patterned tights.

I have opaque tights. Tights with textured stripes. Tights with a houndstooth pattern and most recently, tights with an argyle pattern.

I got dressed in the dark yesterday and selected the wrong tights. However, since I was holed up in my office, wearing knee high boots, sporting a black sweater dress, and my gray wool peacoat, the mix up was hardly noticeable.

Today I got dressed with the lights on, selected the right tights, threw on another black dress, and pretty much every woman I have seen has said, "Cute!", "Adorable", or "I like it!".

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture today. I still have not found my camera cord nor have I picked up a replacement. Just know the background is a light black with dark black argyles.

The only part of today's outfit that may draw some looks is my zebra print trench coat but I will work it, rock it, and do my best to make it look like intentional fashion choices.

So, dear internets, do you have a fashion accessory you're sporting and loving these days?

Do tell.

You know mine right now.

I'd love to hear yours.

Peace and Love Peeps.


KathyA said...

I'm wearing fuzzy socks.

Mo said...

Fuzzy socks RULE!