Monday, November 09, 2009

Weekly Challenge #106

Last night as I was finishing up some domestic goddess chores, otherwise known as laundry, I looked up and saw something disturbing.

Disturbing to me at least.

Dust. Not just a little bit of dust. A lot of it. All over my bedroom blinds.

You can bet I promptly cleaned those bad boys.

Then I started to try to figure out when the last time it was I cleaned all of the blinds in my space.

I couldn't remember.

Can you?

I welcome you to join me in my challenge to clean the blinds throughout my entire my living space this week.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Summer said...

You're killing me.

KathyA said...

That's what Swifters are for!!!

Cheryl said...

How do you clean yours? I get the kind of dust that sticks, and I have 24 blinds. Swifter doesn't do it. I need to take them down and clean them in soapy water in the tub. It's a major undertaking, therefore, it doesn't get done. Help!