Friday, January 09, 2015

Fearless Fact Friday: 01.09.15

On more than one occasion, I've rolled up to the office of the day or church while hip hop/rap with "questionable" lyrics is loudly playing. 

Today was one of those days - Big Pimpin' by Jay-Z. 

I am pretty sure no one heard this today, yet they may have seen me drop my water bottle in the parking lot. 

If so, they witnessed a pitiful face as I watched plastic shatter at my feet and the cucumbers remaining intact in the infused part of the water bottle. 

I stayed up past my imposed bed-time to slice the cucumbers and chill the water, yo. 

Ok, fine, I made my morning coffee too but still. . . 

The bright side is the straw for said BPA free now shattered plastic bottle is the perfect color match for my travel kleen kanteen. 

Bright side, y'all.

I see it. 

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