Monday, February 09, 2009

25 Random Things

If you are on facebook you've probably been tagged with this too.

Yes y'all, I am on facebook. I also have a myspace. I twitter. Obviously I blog. There are pieces of me floating all around cyberspace.

So in case you want to peek more into my life and have not seen this on facebook, here are my random 25 facts, habits, goals, and/or things about me.

Some of them you may have already seen or know from a previous meme.


1. I believe in God.

2. I am a first generation American. Unfortunately I didn't learn French from either of my parents back in the day as they were told having their children be bilingual would hamper their ability to be successful. Thank goodness society knows better now.

3. I am the baby of six. I have four older brothers and one older sister.

4. Even though I was bred, born, raised, and lived in Texas for 27 years I have come to consider the Pacific Northwest home these days. Flying into DFW doesn't give me the same sense of home as landing at SeaTac does.

5. One of my guilty pleasures is to watch reality TV. Real World, The Hills, The City, Real Housewives, etc., allow me to totally “escape” the daily grind.

6. I still sleep with a teddy bear one of my brothers gave to me for a birthday years ago. Some of you may remember “him”; does Spooky ring a bell?

7. I am thankful, blessed, and believe my life is richer and fuller for the friends I have chosen to surround myself with. They keep me grounded and tell me like it is, even when I don’t want to hear it but know I need to be checked, and love me for who I am and the crazy life I lead.

8. Sometimes I don’t unpack my suitcase from one business trip to another. I send my clothes out via the concierge service which makes packing a lot easier on those back to back trips I sometimes have to do.

9. I am a list maker and task doer. If it doesn’t get written down, I may totally forget about it but living this way keeps me organized and on top of multiple priorities.

10. My favorite color is cranberry.

11. I am a huge scent oriented person with my preference leaning toward fall and spicy scents (i.e., home sweet home, pumpkin spice, etc.).

12. I try to make my bed every day before I get going. There is something comforting about seeing a made bed upon my arrival home.

13. My late teens and early twenties were not the healthiest of times for me and as a result I don’t take my health for granted. I have had two knee surgeries, a foot surgery, an emergency gall bladder surgery (the old fashioned way), my wisdom teeth surgically removed, and my tonsils taken out.

14. If my bra and bottom don’t match, I feel off for the whole day. No one else may know or see them but I know.

15. My favorite type of food is Tex-Mex. Spicy is good.

16. I love to read and often have two or three books going at the same time. I take full advantage of the public library system and will vote for a tax increase any time one is on the ballot as a result.

17. I fall into the 15% of the population that does not qualify for Lasik.

18. I miss my Mom something fierce but take comfort in knowing she is watching out for me from above and will welcome me when my time comes.

19. The only thing I write in cursive is my signature, which is only my first initial and married last name.

20. Speaking of married, I married and divorced the same man, twice.

21. I don’t drink coffee. I prefer tea. I will have a double shot espresso when I am exhausted and need a pick me up.

22. I juice with my Jack LaLanne power juicer at least five times a week when I am not travelling.

23. I channel and am in touch with my inner rodent. I heart cheese.

24. I am a texting fool.

25. If I could wear my Uggs every day I would but 95% of the time you’ll find me in heels.


Kathy said...

So interesting getting to know you better! And what diverse interests and background you have! I'm not sure I could ever come up with 25 interesting things about myself...maybe on my next blog.
Hope things are calm around your place:).

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh how I have missed you. Great things to know about you!!!! Sorry about 18, I did not know :{ I heart cheese too!!!!!

kimmyk said...

i didnt know you had 5 sibs. how cool is that?

number 20 is interesting. do you ever see/or hear from him?

Cheryl said...

It's a great meme. One of these days I'll do mine. Maybe, cause I really am a terrible meme-er.

Mo said...

I bet you do have 25 things you could share we would find interesting.

Thankfully it has been quiet around here today. Boy howdy I needed it to be too!

I've missed you too. Been really bad about stopping on my phone and not commenting. Will you ever forgive me?

Yeppers. A good ole fashioned Catholic family is my "stock".

I do not hear or see him. He is back in Texas doing whatever it is that he does these days.

Come on now. You can do it!

Jay said...

I'm a list maker too. If it's not on the list it will probably be forgotten about.

Texas is a great state, but I don't think I could move back. At least not to San Antonio area. The allergies down there almost killed me.

Brad said...

Wow - all kinds of stuff I didn't know - #20 - WHAT?!

CrystalChick said...

I loved them ALL!

And I had emergency gall bladder surgery when my daughter was only a year or two. The incision was huge and closed with staples and a drainage tube. EEEEWW

I was tagged for this on Facebook too but didn't do it because I already have 200 things about me linked to my sidebar. I suppose I could just grab 25 of them as not all my Facebook peeps know of my blog. It would be a little weird for family to read some of my stuff.

fiwa said...

I got tagged for that meme too, but I haven't done it yet.

From one transplant PNW to another - I love you, gal. :)

Anonymous said...

omg, i totally get the bra and panties thing and that's another reason to own only white or black under garments....