Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yet Another Present

Here's the latest on the CL forefront.

Even though she is not in her right mind, homie can spell and punctuate correctly.

The note accompanying the couch being pushed the stairs yesterday reads
"Dear XXXX (insert apartment complex name)
One of the assistants was very kind in helping me get this couch up here yesterday.
However, it is obvious that this couch does not fit through my doorway.
I can't call, since my phone is out of order until next month, so I appreciate it that someone takes it back."

For the record let me share with you no one helped her get the couch up the stairs the other day. The couch has been in her apartment and she is the one who moved it outside on the railing and then down the stairs yesterday morning.

I was impressed with the kindness of the note, the spelling, the grammar, and the usage of correct punctuation for the most part.

You knew this wouldn't be the end of the story right?

Upon my arrival home last night there was another lovely waiting for me and the peeps for our weekly night in.

DISCLAIMER: She took it to a nasty place this go around.
In case you are unable to read the writing, this note contains the fluctuation of going between caps and lowercase when the note earlier in the day was capitalized correctly.

This one reads, "Check this OUT. This is Alice's menstrual BLOOD. She can walk the walk and Sucke the c*ck."

None of us, and I mean none of us, was willing to touch the note or figure out what the substance was she is referring to.

The note was still there when I left for the office at 7:00 AM this morning.

I wonder what will be waiting for me tonight?

And get this y'all. Two people from the agency stopped by to check on her yesterday and she refused to open the door according to the manager of my apartment complex. She is now completely off her meds from what she has been told. Really? You don't say.

Wait. It gets better. She went to the onsite daycare yesterday and asked what time the children were being let out as she needed to be ready to perform.

If this wasn't good enough, they won't have another unit available for her at her next residence until sometime next week possibly. She will be out by 02.13 for sure.

If she does something even more crazy than what she has done so far, I can call the po po, have her arrested, and they will admit her for a mental evaluation.

I am wondering why we can't do this now but hey what do I know other than her choice of music to kick off the day today is appropriate.

The day started with Prince and Let's Go Crazy blaring. Crazy indeed!

Excuse me while I go pray.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Kathy said...

This is way beyond creepy. Call the 'po po' if you need to and protect yourself as best you can. In school, we could have a student removed if he/she posed a 'danger to self or others.' I wonder if this holds true in the general public?
PS Who is Alice?
PPS How old is the woman?

Brad said...

Aw sweetness - At least you can put a date to the end of this mess. Call me if you need me!

Summer said...

Take your couch and push it in front of your door.

Cheryl said...

This is beyond crazy. I'm 'amazed' that CL is still there. This poor woman is out of her mind and needs professional help. I don't get it that she's in her apt. alone. So far it's interesting for you and entertaining a bit. I hope it doesn't go beyond that. Stay safe till CL goes far away.

What fabulous weekend plans do you have? I live vicariously through you, you know.

Live.Love.Eat said...

My goodness, I have been gone way too long. You have had A LOT going on!!!!

fiwa said...

AW man - you were seriously editing on texting. Damn!!!