Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Latest in CL World

Before I get you up to date, I owe an answer to Kathy and Cheryl.

Kathy, I have no idea who Alice is. I believe she is in mid 40s.

Cheryl, I had no fabulous weekend plans this weekend. Well, I kind of did but coming down with this nasty cold put a hamper on all of them. I've done pretty much nothing but rest, more rest, kitty snuggled, and rested some more. Sorry to disappoint but I am feeling better than if I had been out doing what I usually do.

But guess who hasn't disappointed us? CL has left a two notes since Wednesday night.

As I arrived home Thursday night, feeling like crapola, the following was taped to the railing:

"Dear Tina,
Me and Nina are together this time forever.

Do not call us anymore forever.

We are in love (insert double hearts drawn in).

Melvin and Nina

Forever (insert double hearts drawn in)."

Nina and together this time forever were also underlined.

The handwriting was somewhat disguised but it most certainly was hers.

Today, as I was taking the trash out and heading to the drugstore, I was greeted with a letter addressed to Dr. Prince dated 02-08-09. It reads:

"Dear Banjo Dad, (i.e.) Dr. Prince,
I waited for you to get well so that we could see each other over that cup of coffee. And those breakfast crackers.

From now on, if you are not even going to make that appointment with me here, then, I suggest that you find another apartment unit to visit at!!!! So, far, you have cost me over $200.00 in food and drink and utilities, and now you should not bring your PACT whatevers here anymore.

T.D. Wilkinson 02-08-09

Mmmmkay? I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Cheryl said...

Wow. I can't help but feel bad for CL since she is clearly delusional. She certainly doesn't belong in your apartment complex, though. That's for sure. I hope she's out of there soon and you're only entertained and safe.

Sorry you're sick :(

Was it a good at home day?

Mo said...

I feel bad for her too. But not so bad that I want to continue living next to her.

Today was a good at home day. Yesterday too. It moved from my throat to my sinuses so I am thinking the next step is right out of my head!

Kathy said...

I'm so sorry for your difficulties. I think your illness has been brought on and exacerbated by CL. This is an untenable situation and I believe your apartment management should remunerate you for the trouble. CL clearly needs to be institutionalized. Keep us posted.

Brad said...

4 more days! - sorry your not feeling well sweets.

fiwa said...

Yeah - how they ever thought she could live on her own is beyond me. I do feel sorry for her - but I feel sorrier for you. I'm glad she's out this weekend.