Thursday, December 10, 2009

Keys and Me

My preference is silver over gold when it comes to decorating and accessories. However, I am not opposed to sporting gold from time to time.

I know what my eye is drawn to. I know what I like. Settling is not an option I choose to explore when the other option exists.

Some might call me high maintenance.

I prefer referring to this as having a personal standard.

This carries over to pretty much all aspects of my life, including key chains.

I have two sets of keys.

One set is for the everyday work-personal life. It contains keys for the office, my filing cabinets, a gate, two master door keys, car, home mailbox, etc.. You get what I am saying here right?

The other set I have is for after work hours, on the weekends, and when I'm traveling. It contains my critical personal keys on it.

In addition to my above stated standards I like my key chain to serve as a little reminder during the hustle and bustle of daily life and to be a representation of me/my values.

Hence the work-personal life choice of a longhorn and the newest addition below.

About a month and a half or so ago the personal key chain decorative element broke.

It took me a while to find one I liked well enough to purchase. After many store visits and some of the peeps calling me out for the broken down key chain, Hallmark came through like a champ.

I figure if any of the bedazzled goodness falls off I am covered since I have my bedazzling heat tool and crystals.

When the sun hits it, sparkly light reflects.
I am a happy key chain toting girl once again.

How about you? Do you have a special key chain or two to share? I'm interested so feel free to leave a comment and fill me in.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Kim said...

My brother passed away last year and on his keyring was a Chicago Bears key chain. It's now mine and goes wherever I go. Might seem kind of silly, but it feels right.

Great post!


Cheryl said...

Love your blinged out personal keychain. I have two. One is a mini Denman brush and it holds my mailbox key. The other is just a ring with a few keys and lots of store 'cards'. I need to search for the perfect fobby thing.

Miss you!

Mo said...

It does not seem silly to me. I am glad you have a piece of your brother with you every day.

Miss you too. Best of luck on finding the perfect one for you!

KathyA said...

Funny how silver seems to be the precious metal of choice right now with a lot of us.
I used to have a large thingy with my last name on it -- I wonder what happened to it?