Monday, December 28, 2009

Twas the Days Before Christmas

Last Tuesday I started to get that feeling.

The tightness and sore throat feeling letting me know I am getting sick.

It usually, like 97% of the time, starts in my throat.

I pushed through the day, came home, promptly took some Nyquil, and put myself to bed.

By Wednesday it was game over.

I was down for the count. Mid day the sinuses got in on the action. Everyone I spoke with Wednesday was pretty much feeling very sorry for me and getting off the phone as quickly as possible. Apparently I sounded horrible. I know how horrible I felt.

Luckily through this all I did not have a fever so I knew it wasn't the flu. Thank you baby Jesus.

Nelli, my neti pot, and I became reacquainted very quickly.

So did my couch, one of my blankets and a few of my hoodies. When I am under the weather I like to be in a hoodie and "hide" under the hood and a blanket. For some reason I prefer to be on the couch rather than in the bed when I am fighting off a cold.
That's my sick, whiny, suck it face. I know I am hot stuff. Don't try to tell me differently.

By the time Wednesday night rolled around the sore throat was gone but the stuffiness was at its worst.

Thursday I ventured out to get some of this. A few of my tweeps swore by it. After taking it I am a believer too. It definitely decreased the time the crud was in control of my body.

By Friday I was feeling well enough to talk with all my siblings and have an early dinner with Fiwa and her hubby.

Saturday I ventured out to run a few errands and scored a few deals. I pushed myself a little too much. I thought I was back in prime condition. I was wrong. As a result I was back out for the count Saturday night.

Sunday I pretty much felt 85%; a little run down but well enough to do what needed to be done and take a walk along the boardwalk.

Here's to hoping the crud is a thing of the past. I have an uber busy week in store professionally I need to be on top of my game.

Hope you and yours had a very happy holiday and are well in both spirit and physical health.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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Cheryl said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. That hoodie picture? Priceless :)