Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All Done

My Christmas shopping is done.

All done. 

In my closest circle of friends, we don't exchange presents.  Our friendship is gift enough. 

We don't exchange gifts in my family - biological or work - either. 

Instead, I buy gifts for someone in need. 

Thankfully, my home church provides an easy way to do so via the annual Giving Tree.  Along with AmeriCorps, we sponsor local families in the community. 
 This year I did 3 "gifts". 

3 is my number and these requests spoke to me the most. 

Everyone deserves a good set of cookware and warm gloves in my opinion. 

Hopefully they will enjoy them as much as I would.  Yup,  I bought a set of pots and pans with utensils and uber warm, fuzzy gloves with the ability to use a smartphone while wearing them as if I were purchasing the items for myself.  No skimping here this year. 

The Snuggie blanket is a given.  When you ask for one by the exact name I have to.  I just have to.  I am about the snug life. 

My other "gift" is to sponsor a child with my tribe. 

We randomly chose, or God chose for us, Zambia.  When I went to the website, and scrolled through looking for a girl, Rhoda appeared twice in the feed. 

Sign number 1. 

Her picture shows a fierceness in her eyes. 

Sign number 2. 

She likes group games. 

Sign number 3.

Her video has a rooster or chicken at the very end singing their song.

Sign number 4. 

Her birthday is my Mom's birth date. 

Sign number 5.

Her fashion appeals to a few in the tribe.

Sign number 6. 

Rhoda, we look forward to sponsoring you; all year long and then some. 

'Tis the season in which Jesus is the reason. 

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