Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Really, it does!

I have often wondered how well the bio bags I use for composting work. 

By work I mean do they really break down in the compost.   

If I composted in the back yard I would know for sure but I don't; back yard compost that is. 

I do, however, compost daily and let my local garbage company compost my goods. 

Big shout out to having this option readily available.  Thank you Waste Management. 

I recently, like last night recently, discovered the bio bags really, I mean REALLY do work.
 I lifted the bag from the can and whoopsie, the bottom fell out. 
Yup, sho' did. 
I took a moment and said, "Aww geez."
Then I laughed and proceeded to clean up the mess. 
Thankfully, it wasn't too slimy.  Peels, cores, a Halo gone wrong, tea bags, a compostable plate (retrieved from the recycle can), paper napkins. 
So, take it from me - they work.  Really, it does break down. 
Perhaps I should not wait more than 7 days to remove the bag next time.    

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