Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mother Nature - You Show Off, You

Mother Nature. 

She can be such a show off from time to time. 

Lately, in these parts, she has been having fun; showing us what she can do. 

She has given us unseasonably warm temps. 

Record breaking high of 66 in the Pacific Northwest during the month of December.

She has given us rain.

Lots and lots of rain in which land has eroded to the point of houses finding their way in to the ocean

She has given us what the locals call sunbreaks, in which double rainbows appear magically. 
She has given us wind. 
Sustained winds in the 20s and gusts in the 50 plus mph range. 
Wind which has the kitty on high alert and me heading to the local hardware store for lamp oil and batteries. 
Not pictured: another lantern, another oil lamp, flashlights, hand lights, and a long reach butane lighter

Fortunately, as the mighty trees swayed and snapped outside, the lights flickered once or twice.  Thankfully we didn't experience power outages and the neighborhood's storm damage was minimal. Others in the area were not as lucky.   

She has also given us fog. 

Show off, Mother Nature. 

I a'int mad at you. 

I appreciate you.

I love you.

You make my soul sing. 


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