Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's a Process

To some this may represent a mess.

To me this represents craftiness and a de-stressing activity.

Feast your eyes upon the desk in which I sat down at about a week ago and got busy with the paper, ink, glitter, printer, cutter, scissors, adhesive, and colored pencils.

I was busting out my 4th of July cards.

Late? Yes.

Mass produced? No.

Original design in mind created? No.

Satisfied with end project? Yes.

I have a finished card I could share with you but it is at home and I am currently not in residence so I hope the pretty picture above can help with visualizing the finished card:
  • White card stock was the base
  • Red card stock was the accent for the "Uncle Sam" hat I stamped in black, colored with red (stripes), blue (hat top and brim), and yellow (stars)
  • Asymmetrically cut the hat and matted on red card stock in the center of the card
  • Added diamond stickle glitter for sparkle on the hat
  • Printed "Happy Independence Day" in black and matted it on red card stock which was placed in the bottom right hand corner of the card

Originally I was going to do a smiley face with the hat and fireworks but it looked too busy for my liking. Then I was just going to do the smiley face and hat. I finally decided on just the hat and greeting.

It's a process y'all. A process I enjoy.

I'm thinking since I didn't mass produce the Independence Day cards I will be making some happy summer cards for the month of August. I need a creative project to keep me happy on the inside and balanced all around.

Keep your eyes on the mailbox.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Cheryl said...

I need to get motivated. I'm just not there. Yet.

Thank you for your card! I meant to write that days ago. Then I thought maybe you'd think the snail mail was just slow. It was me, being slow. I'll be checking out the web site. Promise.

Tina... said...

wheres the picture of the card? and i ran across your address yesterday and thought about making you a friendship card but if you make cards yourself, then that idea is out the window. damn, i was gonna surprise you too.
i love you even more now that i know you do crafty scrapping crap.

Kathy said...

OOOHHH! I admire "crafty"!

~Sheila~ said...

I have a process too. It's all over my computer desk and I know "it's in there somewhere" but it's MY PROCESS!

The kids always mess up my process.