Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Snuggie Stylin' & Profilin'

I've been talking about getting a Snuggie since about February. Most folks laugh, scoff might be a better choice of words, at the thought.
After all it is just a blanket with sleeves.
To me it is that and much more.
I'm a snuggler so it is natural a Snuggie would be something I would embrace.
The wolf pack and I joked about getting one and a bump it for each other's birthdays.
With three of the wolf pack's birthdays approaching I decided I was gonna make it happen.
Snuggies for all!
Off I went one Sunday afternoon in search of them. I knew it might be a difficult task to accomplish since it is technically summer. However, knowing this area's cool mornings and evenings I felt pretty confident I would find them.
I struck out on the first three stores I visited.
At this point I was determined. I was going to make a Snuggie mine.
Breaking my self imposed boycott of one of my favorite stores I approached the customer service counter and inquired.
Without missing a beat she told me yes and the exact location to find them.
Off I went and much to my dismay I found them only in dark blue. Oh well I thought and put them in the basket thinking at minimum we would bling them out Laverne and Shirley style.
As I cruised around the store picking up a few other items I came across another end cap in which I literally clapped for joy and squealed in delight. Seriously.
Score! Snuggies to match all of our personalities.

Angie wanted red. Fiwa's favorite color is pink. Maricel is wild with the zebra and I am all about the cheetah/leopard print.

I couldn't contain myself. I had to share the find with someone so I immediately went to Fiwa's as I knew she was at home. After an impromptu photo session in the backyard we went to Maricel's to deliver hers.

J, Maricel's hubby, gave us grief for a while about them but don't think for a moment he didn't want one for himself. He said nope but do know later the very same afternoon when he took a nap, he covered himself in her Snuggie.

Leave it to Angie to wrap herself up kimono style. She has named hers Obi One.

I named mine Chester. Here I am in Angie's backyard chillaxin'.

Fiwa secretly wears hers I believe. I know she has worn it at least once because one Sunday night as we watched tv at her place, she was wrapped up in hers and I was in mine.

We do sport them in public too. Angie was wearing hers at the 4th of July celebration in the park as was I but I wasn't able to do the kimono and walk back to the car with mine on as effortlessly as she did.

We've sported them from the street to the entrance of a house while completing a super secret covert Snuggie style operation to spread love and cheer.

I'm wearing them down on the idea of a Snuggie pub crawl.

I'm fairly confident by this fall it will happen.

So if you've been wondering about getting a Snuggie, I say do. Ours are being used quite often. The only downside is when you wash it lots and lots of lint is produced. Other than this, live on the edge and join us by stylin' and profilin' in your very own Snuggie.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Kathy said...

What a good friend you are!

Cheryl said...

I can't believe you guys wear them out in public!! Heehee. Do you get a lot of looks? I bet they're super comfy. Have you washed them yet? You say they shed. Maybe they shed all the fleece off? How'd you all get the name wolfpack anyway?

Mo said...

Aww Kathy, thanks. I try to be.

Cheryl, The looks are a given. LOL I have not washed mine yet but Maricel did and said the lint was unreal. I read a review in Consumer Reports about the shedding too.

The name wolf pack was put into effect after we saw the movie "The Hangover". There is a scene that just fit in which wolf pack was mentioned.

Anonymous said...

we have a navy one...we call fuzzy.