Friday, October 02, 2009

Too Freakin' Funny

I have found something new to entertain me.
I know, I KNOW. It doesn't take much.

I found something simple.

I found something completely free.

Last night as Fiwa, Pamela, Patricia and I finished getting our pho on with Mars we decided to walk down to Barnes and Noble.

One of the stores we passed along the way was PetCo. A closed PetCo.

As the younguns quickly walked in front of us and made their way to the entrance of B&N, Fiwa and I took our time. In doing so I noticed the mice running in their wheels from the window.

We stopped to enjoy the show for a hot minute and proceeded to make our way to the store.

On our way back Fiwa and I stopped again. Boy howdy these little critters were going to town and providing us with quite the show!

They were nothing short of hilarious. So much so at one point I thought I might pee my pants from laughing so hard and Fiwa had tears streaming down her cheeks.

Patricia and Pamela made their way back over to us when they noticed we weren't leaving any time soon and more laughs ensued.

When I was kid we had mice as pets and from the pure enjoyment of Thursday's (sober) encounter I almost entertained the idea of getting some this weekend.

Let's keep it real shall we. I don't want to clean the cage nor do I have room in my place for a cage. Plus Miss Princess is all kinds of happy to be the only animal in the hizzle. I'm not gonna mess with the vibe she and I have going, especially since PetCo and PetSmart is right around the corner.

If you're looking for a good laugh, or two, I suggest heading to your nearest pet store to take in the view. I am pretty sure it will do ya' just right. Bonus points if you can do this at night after the store is closed and wonder, "Am I on camera?"

Peace and Love Peeps.

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