Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tech Malfunction

The last 10 days have been nothing short of crazy for me in the tech area of my life.

My internet stopped working on my phone.

I made a phone call and found out the service was temporarily out in my area. This would not have been so bad except I was counting on to keep me updated on the scores while I had girl time with Fiwa and Patricia.

The next day, when my corporate blackberry server migrated to another server, I lost all capability to get my work emails.

Through the course of the week and countless hours on the phone with the Sprint and internal work helpdesks I wiped my crackberry clean 4 times.

I was left without my contacts, my calendar, my tasks, my memos, my email...pretty much my life personally and professionally.

Turns out I was in 1 of 10 that did not migrate over successfully.

Can we say being special this one time was not appreciated? 1 in 10 for the size of my company means I was really, really special.

I finally got my work email back up and running but guess what wasn't working after that success? Yup, my internet and personal emails weren't coming through.

I finally got all this straightened out today - after another wipe the crackberry completely clean - and made some new friends along the way.

While all this was happening with the crackberry, my TV in the living room, my nice big flat screen HD hook up TV, decided to stop working. After some troubleshooting and a call to have the cable box reset I was back in business.

Other tech related stuff is my external monitor burned out at work and just yesterday I broke the "foot" on the left hand side of my wireless keyboard.

I don't even want to ask what else could happen because I fear welcoming that, whatever that may be, into my life.

Y'all be thankful for smooth sailing in your world and send me vibes for mine to continue. Of course it could be worse. I could be sick. Oh geez, I probably just jinxed myself.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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KathyA said...

Whoa -- planet dis-allignment, maybe?