Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My Space - Crafty, Office Goodness

Today finds us in the room I spend a lot of time in. 

Welcome to my crafty space and home office. 
This is also the room my laundry hampers, yes hampers, are in. 

The first one at the bottom left of the picture is for darks.  The smaller and open faced matching ones are on the other side of the table and are for my lights and delicates. 
Above is a dry erasable calendar. My personal appointments, events, and out of town trips are what you'll find noted here. 

The table is where I make my cards and bust a crafty vibe. 
You might have noticed the old school fax machine on the floor.  It is still being used as I have not been able to figure the proper way to have the fax, copier, scanner, and printer work fax style yet.  I am going to have to call in the big gun aka J-Lo for that. 
I have the blessing and luxury to be able to work from home some days.  When those days are a part of my schedule, you'll find me here with my butt planted firmly in the chair. 

When I need a moment to reflect or decompress I should say, I either look out the window or turn to the right to see this.
  I like to think of the endless possibilities a tree lined path can offer. 

The cork board contains little bits of things and pictures which speak to my inner being.  Nothing particularly earth shattering and definitely not a vision board, just bits of life I love. 

From the window I see lots of birds, raccoons walking the fence, and on a clear day when the trees are bare, I eye spy a view of Dumas Bay. 
I store my crafty, creative items in this. 

 Paper, adhesives, glitter, punches, stamps, ink, paint, etc. oh my!

Directly across the hall from the office and crafty space is my bedroom. 
See you there tomorrow. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 


CrystalChick said...

What a fabulous home you have!!! I didn't take the whole tour, but caught alot of it and I now feel like I have to go clean something. hehe
I think you'de cry if you saw my craft space. It's a little here, there, and everywhere. Work in progress though... switching rooms with my son so maybe some day it will be beautifully organized like yours!
Nice photos.


Mo said...

Thanks for the compliments Mary.

I can be a tad anal when it comes to my space being clean and organized. Just ask the former roommate, ha!

I wouldn't cry. Promise. I would just take you to the nearest store to buy organizational items and say let's get busy woman!

Cheryl said...

I was thinking of how I could write a funny post about my living room, that I'm gazing into. About the framed pictures adorning my stereo cabinet that haven't been changed in years. About the empty corner that I say I'll buy furniture for every year. It's actually a nice room...just needs some revamping.

Can't wait to see the next room!

Mo said...

I'd love to see your living room Cheryl.