Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Space - My Bathroom

Welcome to the final room of  the part of the house in which I dwell. 

My bathroom. 

The place where the magic really does happen.

If you are in the bed and look to your left, this is what you'll see. 
It gets amazing light, which can and eventually, did lead to a challenge for light sensitive me. 

I was all good until late fall and then I had to add a curtain. 

Let me just say I was blinded by the light while on the throne one too many times.   
So, although I didn't originally intend on having a curtain in here, I feel it adds a nice finishing touch to the quarter bathroom. 

Feel free to laugh as it took me about 45 minutes in the aisle of Target to decide on this curtain.  I wasn't sure it would match the sink.  Yes, 45 minutes of standing in the aisle looking at this curtain and another one.  Finally I decided to buy this one and return if needed. 

Oooh, let there be light.  On a dimmer.  Only three spots in the hizzle don't have dimmer switches - the hall, the entry stairs, and Bevo's Den. 
I have a thing with white towels, as you can see.
I am firm believer every bathroom you spend an extended period of time is deserving of a clock. 

Looking at this picture one might think I should hang the clock a bit higher but when there is a towel or two on the rack it looks evenly spaced.
Now the reason why I say this is where the magic happens is because of the above and below pictures. 
Above is my throne, the toilet, and below is the shower I get fresh and clean in. 
I do my makeup either in my bedroom or facing this, my double sided mirrored medicine cabinet. 
When I first bought the medicine cabinet, at Big Lots by the way, and hung it on the wall, I was a little dumbfounded as to why the inside would be mirrored too. 
Now? Now I couldn't imagine it NOT having a mirror inside.

Remember the amazing light I referred to earlier from the window?

It is great for makeup application, tweezing, etc..
Everyone get excited.  You've just peeked inside the forbidden peeking place, the medicine cabinet.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my home. 

It truly is my a retreat and sanctuary for me.  I hope yours is the same. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

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Cheryl said...

Loved the entire tour. Love the curtains. They're perfect...worth the time it took to decide on them.