Friday, December 21, 2012

10oz vs 32oz

Around these parts hot cocoa is taken seriously. 

Dark, milk, salted caramel, with mini marshmallows, without marshmallows, with mini chocolate chips, without mini chips.

Usually with whip or without is not an option since I don't have whip cream in the house but that is beside the point. 

Just know we don't play when it comes to the hot cocoa. 

I go through a lot of coffee creamer and do recycle the empties but decided to upcycle one of the containers this go around.  

Perfect portion size dispenser and hopefully the container will keep the minis fresh too.  

 I probably should have known 10oz of mini marshmallows was more than 32oz of liquid but I was thinking they would all fit.

Hey, I put them in before the first cup of coffee this morning so gimme a break.

Peace.  xoxo, Mo

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