Monday, December 31, 2012

Festivus 2012

I finally had a Festivus party this year. 

I went in search of the creepiest and cheapest doll I could find one fine Saturday afternoon with my gal pal Aleica. 

Big Lots came through with the win for $5.00  I knew we had a winner that could withstand what I had in mind when she held up like a champ after the first punishing blow to the head at the store. 

People look at you funny when you beat a doll in public, especially during the holidays. 

She was kicked around.  She was stomped on.  She was run over.  She was thrown in puddles.  She was lit on fire, well we tried to at least.  She had eye surgery. 

To this day, yes over a week later, she remains hanging from her noose.  Hey, I got sick and haven't had the energy to take her down yet. 

She no longer creeps me out. 

Another friend was going to come through with pole for the occasion but when she came down with the ick, plan B was put into place. 

My bestie Fiwasan called her husband.  The call went something like this, "Don't ask questions.  I am with Mo and we need a pole." 

To his credit, no questions were asked, he acquired a pole, cut it down to size, and hooked me up with the noose too.  What a champ!

I am not sure if I should be honored or worried that people don't ask questions about my motives. 

There was a gathering around the TV to watch the original Seinfeld episode. 

There were feats of strength. 

There were airing of grievances. 

There was laughter, 

There was a projectile vomiting occurrence.

There was no shortage of memories being made and more Festivus miracles put into the world.

Who is ready for next year?

Peace. xoxo Mo 

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