Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"Ugly Sweater" Partay

What:  "Ugly Sweater" Christmas Party

When:  Sunday, December 4, 2012

Where: Pammy and Caleb's

Do you "ugly" sweater Christmas party?

We do.

Here is most all of the night's attendees in their finest. 
 Do you know how hard it is to find a not so pretty sweater, especially when these excursions have become all the rage, and you start looking for the goods in November? 

It's not so easy I tell you.

My theory is entrepreneurs snatch them up and sell them at a highly inflated cost leaving us little guys to fend for ourselves. 

Either that or I started looking too early and the stores hold them back until December. 

I hit up some Goodwill Value Village stores the second week of November. 

The best I could find was a tree with stripes. Not ugly by any means and totally ready for a day spent in the ski lodge sipping gin and juice hot cocoa fireside. 

In my minds eye I visualized something.  What that something was I wasn't sure.  I knew with a base like that I could make it work. 

Here is the finished product. 
 56 safety pins later. 

Glitter bow from Michaels meant for a mini tree. 

Stuffed reindeer and glitter ornament balls from the dollar spot at Target. 

Jingle bells and faux fur from JoAnns. 

Not a creature was stirring, not even . . . oh wait. Wrong story. 

No body parts were harmed.  Nope, no pin pricks or hot glue burns to my fingers.

Fiwasan came through with the stuffed animal win.   

I was going to glue him on my shoulder.

She said nah, let's cut him in half and offered to sew him on the sweater for me. 

She made it possible for there to be a party going on in the back too. 
 Now that I look at the stuffy, is it a moose or a reindeer? 

Either way, it made the sweater in my opinion. 
I also felt the need to bust out something on the bottom.  

The Santa hat was already a  given for a holiday party but the socks?  The socks rock and tied the faux fur on the sleeves even more to the outfit than before. 

I placed second in the competition.  Fiwasan took first, rightfully so.  

Pammy might need to watch her teddy bears (as seen in the above snapshot) closely this year.  They could be kidnapped and sacrificed for next year's sweater creation, providing we have another party celebrating the "ugly". 



B said...

3D deer is awesome, reminiscent of a few 3D puffy sweatshirts back in the day. What a fun tradition!

Mo said...

B, I can honestly say I never had a 3D puffy sweatshirt back in the day. Now as for parachute pants, heck yeah!

fiwa said...

That whole outfit was so cute. You look like the naughty elf that escaped from santa's workshop. ;)