Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo

I totally missed my chance yesterday to text or say to people "May the 4th be with you".

There is always next year.

The PacNW doesn't do Cinco quite like Texas does but I have had some fabulous celebrations up here in the past.

I don't think tonight is gonna be one of those years though. It is a school night after all.

We sorta pre-celebrated Sunday night. On the other hand, I do always have the stuff to make margaritas on hand and there are a few Dos Equis Ambers chilling in the fridge I could consume.

We'll see how the day develops. In the meanwhile I wish you and yours a Happy Cinco de Mayo and leave you with this picture of Mars and me from our 2007 celebration. We were more than feeling it this night.
Peace and Love Peeps.


Kathy said...

Great to be happy about SOMETHING!!! :) Have a great 5th!

Maricel said...

LOL I remember that night. We were wild back in 2007 ;-D