Monday, May 04, 2009

Save Your Money

Yesterday afternoon Fiwa, Mars and I went to seeWe suggest you save your money.
It was predictable said Fiwa.
Mars said it was like a Lifetime movie playing in the theater.
I found myself willing the movie to move along and was distracted by some of the editing.
Don't get us wrong. It is entertaining but I think each of us went in expecting a little bit more than what we were treated to.
Thank goodness it was a matinee.
After the movie we headed over to Azteca to get our grub and drink on.
The salsa was salty and the bean dip came without cheese. Yet another disappointment.
Ahh, a margarita can make it all better though.

Pretty much the entire time we were gabbin', laughin', and confessin' a little boy from the next table over was eye spyin' Spanky.

I didn't really see him but Fiwa and Mars did. Fiwa took matters into her own hands and moved him from the side of the table closer to the wall so we didn't lose him.

What would we do without our Spanky?

Thank goodness we didn't find out this particular Sunday afternoon.

We were so busy catching up I failed to take pictures of our dinner selections.

Fiwa and I both opted for one cheese enchilada with rice and beans. Mars chose a fajita burrito and took the leftovers home to J.

Post dinner and 'ritas we headed over to Trader Joe's and then went our separate ways with a promise to see each other later in the week for dinner with the rest of the crew.

Good times y'all. Good times.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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Kathy said...

Always good to end an evening with Trader Joe's!!