Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Starts Black and White . . .

Isn't this set of stamps from Hero Arts delicious? It was a perfect selection for me to use when sending a little bit of love to two of my work peeps in the form of their very own chopsticks and carrying case.

After I stamped the images with black ink I whipped out my Le Plume markers and got to work.
I decided to put the girl image with a black matte on the orange cardstock for the Task Master.

Then I added two crystal jewel stickers for some bedazzled goodness for the flowered buttons to pop. Unfortunately the effect is not captured well in this picture at all. Trust me when I say the bling looked good and the orange cardstock matched the orange colored areas.

I left the boy image on white cardstock stamped direct to the paper for Ladies Man.

I then added a bit of bling in the form of a black crystal to the top of the hat instead of leaving it as is.

I love the possibilites stamping offers. Black, white, color, no color, bling, no bling, accents, no accents - whatever your creative mind desires!

The next project I need to complete is two thank you cards and possibly make some Valentine's Day cards too.

Hmmm, what will the creative energies decide to do?

Peace and Love Peeps.


KathyA said...

Those ARE darling! And you are quite creative!

Cheryl said...

My creative muse has left the building. At least for now. The stamps are lovely and you inspire me.

Charlene said...

Hi mo....

Mo said...

Thanks for the compliment Kathy!

Cheryl, Mine comes and goes too.

Charlene, Hi right back at ya!