Friday, January 13, 2012

13 on the 13th

Starting something new. 

On the 13th of each month I will post random facts about me, things I am grateful for, ponderings . . . whatever thought comes to mind first when I sit down at the computer. 

Bringing the tag line of the "Welcome to Me" to life for all to see. 

1.  Thankful for the nourishment the bowl of oatmeal just provided.  Even though it was somewhat of a let down taste wise, at least I am blessed to wake from my bed, walk to my kitchen, and have food in the pantry.  None of that should be taken for granted since many in the world don't have the same.

2.  Treadmill, yoga, or weights today.  Maybe a combo of two but moving is on the agenda for sure.

3.  This vacation day is full of personal to dos - shopping, cleaning, visit to the DMV, filing, maybe cleaning out of a closet.  I wonder how much I can squeeze into a day full of promise. 

4. Found out from a friend, who was gracious enough to take the time to snap a picture and text it to me, all Paper Zones are closing.  Everything is on sale.  Do I dip into the crafty budget and stock up or be a good girl and resist the urge?

5.  Speaking of paper, I need to make time to bust out a few Happy 2012 cards and design this years' V Day love in the mail cards.

6.  It's cold but oh so pretty outside right now.  The world is screaming come out and play in me.

7.   I want to go out and play but I have tons to do.  An unorganized home makes me less happy inside and efficient. 

8.  My cat . . .she's awesome. I'm glad she picked me. 

9.  "Everything Counts" by Depeche Mode just came on random play.  I heart that song and the memories associated with it. 

10.  They say scent is the strongest recall.  I agree with this and also think music is right up there as being the strongest recall.  I hear a song and boom, I'm transported back in time. 

11.  Speaking of back in time, I was struck with the thought of live life forward last night.  You know the voice inside of you that whispers, then talks, and lastly beats you upside the head until you hear AND listen to what it is saying to you?  Well you may not have a voice like that but I do.  I heard it speak loud and clear last night.  Live.  Life.  Forward.   

12.  I am currently reading more non fiction books than fiction.  Inspiration and learnings abound. 

13.  Time to get this day started! 

Peace, Love, Laughter.  xOXo, Mo

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