Friday, January 20, 2012

Desk Abstract

My constant desk/office companions have grown.

On top, Brown Betty.  It really appeals to my "green" side and rolling documentation needs by having the insert be refillable versus hardbound.  I use it for work related conversations, voice mails, to do, outgoing calls, etc.. It's pretty much a catch all for me and even in the technological age in which we live, I can't imagine my life without Brown Betty by my side.  I heart it so much I have a black one for personal use. 

Next is my latest best friend, which is a 947 page book on all things Office 2010.  I also have a 1114 page book just for Excel 2010.  I know you are envious. 

Below this is a padded clipboard with a legal pad of paper.  It's called a fashion clipboard in the stores.  You wouldn't expect anything less from me would you?  I didn't think so.  When analysis and documentation call for old school pencil and paper from time to time, why not  have a pretty clipboard, especially when you are able to find it on sale like I did for less than $2.00?

Rounding out the bottom is a leather covered notebook in which there are contact lists, geographical map information, a calendar -- you know some of the essentials you might need to in a jiffy -- encased in moveable plastic folder pocket dividers.  It also has paper to write on and the coolest part of this customizable system by arc is you can move the sheets around in the binder without the bulkiness of a 3 ring binder.

That's just what's on top of the desk.  Let's not even get started for what I carry in my briefcase when I'm on the road. 

Ok, ok.  Maybe I will do that one day but not today. 

Peace, Love, Laughter. xOxO, Mo   

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