Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Black Friday in Review

As most all of you know by now Mars and I braved the elements and the crowds on Black Friday. We got down in it late in the day. I honestly believe this worked to our advantage.

Why would I say such a thing? We found premier parking everywhere we went. The crowds were manageable as well. I am not sure if the economy played a part in this or if we were being looked after by the powers that be. Whatever the reason was it made for an enjoyable experience.

The weather was delightful versus being frightful. No rain. No wind. Overcast. Mild temps. It was almost hot as we were in layers as any seasoned PacNW'er does this time of the year.

When Mars arrived at my place, she was greeted with this.
I present you with my door mat.
How a lid full of some liquid substance winds up placed directly on the dot is not a random result wouldn't you agree?

We are convinced it is the work of the crazy neighbor Smoky. I'm 99% convinced Smoky runs to her door and looks out the peephole anytime someone is coming or going from my place.

This day was no exception. Mars heard her when she arrived and as we were leaving and discussing exactly what the above was she whooshed her door open and asked, "What's going on?"

Gee crazy, I don't know. How about you tell me? I kicked it, whatever it was, off of my mat with my Uggs and told her I had no idea but would clean it up after I got home as we were on our way out.

She mumbled something to the effect of "Oh ok" and closed her door. Off we went feeling for her. We believe she is in desire of human interaction.

First up was a trip to the library. I had books to return and some to pick up.

Next we headed over to DSW. We both scored with our purchases. We found exactly what we were looking for and then a little something extra.

Mars was on the hunt for a pair of heeled wedge slip on black shoes. I wanted a pair of low heel knee high boots. Victory was ours for the taking.

As we were about to check out I spied the hats. You know I had to get in on that action right? We got the same hat. Hers is dark brown and mine is more of a camel color which matches my Uggs perfectly. No pics to share just yet but I am sure there will be soon enough.

Just so you know, this is Mars' first hat of her very own. I'm thinking she may be joining Kyla, Mel, and me in our love of hats and expand her collection as time progresses.

After DSW we walked over to Trader Joe's. I needed cat food, tea, and chai tea mix. They had been out of chai tea the last three times I went in. This particular day the shelves were somewhat full so I stocked up. Otherwise, as I jokingly told Mars and the cashier, I might have been inclined to go postal.

Please do not get between me and a morning caffeine fix. I prefer the powdered mix to a liquid mix any day of the week so if Trader Joe's doesn't meet my needs, I order from Kataluma Chai on line.

After this we headed north to the mall. Again we scored in primo parking right when I was about to call it good and valet.

First up was the bathroom in which we both experienced the same result from the drink we purchased at TJ's. From there, we went to Forever 21. Mars found a sweater she liked. Next we headed over to JuJubes. Here I found another hat and she laid eyes on a banging shirt and scarf combo.

Next we perused JcPenney's. Nothing there for us to find which was disappointing as I usually find some great dresses with a better than just right price. Around this time we decided to depart the mall and a trip to Costco was in order so we left the mall and headed to our mecca.

I stocked up on fruit, veggies, cheese, and MorningStar veggie patties. She picked up some personal items, pies, and rolls for her family celebration Sunday.

Then we went to Wal-Mart and once again found great parking. I needed a few items to round out dinner in with Kyla and Mel. They were coming over for some girl time.

Upon my arrival home, the mysterious lid and mess from what I had kicked earlier was cleaned up. But guess what? The tag remains on the holiday decoration. We're all starting to believe she is leaving the tag on so she can return it after the holidays.

As we gabbed and relaxed, I made turkey meatloaf and steamed some broccoli. Mel made mashed taters. Kyla brought some of her homemade pumpkin pie and whipping cream. We watched Barbara Walters interview the Obama's and finished up with a previously DVRed Oprah show.

It was a great way to spend the day. I am glad we decided to brave Black Friday and thankful for time spent with my crew. Days like this make life sweet.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Brad said...

I was surprised when we went out on Sunday how small the crowds were. You'd have thouht it was any other shopping day.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what DSW is...

Thanks for the words doll - love ya & see ya soon!

Summer said...

The neighbor is starting to creep me out.

fiwa said...

You goils were brave to venture out on that day. I'm glad you had lots of fun though.

Your neighbor sounds like a sad and lonely nut job.

Slick said...

Heeeey, why didn't you invite Mars to spend the day with you and your friend?!