Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What is it about a cold, wet, gray day that makes me want warm comfort food?

I'm thinking I am not alone with this desire.

Warm cornbread with honey butter and a steamy chicken pot pie wrapping me in their nutritious goodness from the inside out.

I can do without the calories but it sure would hit the spot.
What about you? How are things where you are? Are you craving anything in particular?

Peace and Love Peeps.
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fiwa said...

Did you make that from scratch?! That looks so good.

Sorry about your burn from last night - those oven burns hurt like chilifirehell. I stil have a scar on my hand from one I got this spring.

Jennifer said...

My comfort food is MAC AND CHEESE! Homemade kind...not the box!

JJP said...

Horrible 67, humid and rainy today! (Global warming anyone??) Back to the 20-30's tomorrow, possible snow on Friday.

Comfort food? Mom's pot roast! I still can't perfect it.

Brad said...

You just made me think of Chicken & dumplings - my fav comfort food - now I have to go to the store!

Mo said...

Fiwa, I wish! That was Marie Callender's all the way; dinner with Mel and Kyla a few weeks ago.

Jennifer, I love me some mac n cheese! I am on the hunt for a good homemade recipe...

OOOOH, JJP, pot roast sounds sooooo good right about now.

Brad, Sorry sweets.

Ace C said...

I miss Ruby!