Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

The last few days have been quite the Winter Wonderland. I've ventured out some but for the most part I have played it close to home and been indoors.

I'm warm. I'm safe. I'm healthy. I'm able to enjoy nature's wonders without having to deal with the elements too much. For all of this, I am grateful.

This is one view from my bedroom window. What I see reminds me of a postcard image.
This is one of the delicious homemade cookies Fiwa gifted to me. I've just about finished all of them. They go so nicely with a mug of hot tea or hot cocoa.
Another view from the bedroom window.
All bundled up and ready to brave the elements. Once I arrived at the office the hat, fluffy scarf, gloves, and wool pea-coat were put to the side. I was wearing a tank top under a long sleeve t which was under a sweater, a pair of slacks, and my handy dandy trusty waterproof non skid low heeled boots.
I couldn't resist capturing the doggie paws.
I readily admit I exercised my authority and claimed the wool blanket this particular evening. The babies decided they would each claim their own part of the couch. There is warmth in numbers. We ended up all being snuggled up soon after the picture was taken.
Yet another postcard pretty shot.
At some point Princess took over the blanket, which by the way has not been put away since the freezing temps arrived. I figure what is the point right now. The couch is the most logical place for the time being. Shocking I know. How fitting is this tea light holder? 'Tis the season indeed!
One of the many cups of hot cocoa I take delight in having. The Land of Lakes multi flavor pack from CostCo was a great impulse decision a few months ago.
It's been too cold for the critters to enjoy this.
Even though this was posted earlier in the week, it is fitting to include once again. She burrows herself under the blanket unless I am wrapped up in it. If I have laid claim to it, she settles on my chest/shoulder. Me + kitty + wool blanket = much warmth.
This is a view from the patio. For some reason I find the branches covered in snow beautiful.
There is about three inches of snow that has stuck where I live. Under the snow is some ice. Weather reports are calling for an overnight deep freeze. Sunday is the first day we are supposed to be above freezing - a high of 33 is forecasted. But wait! Another storm system is moving in with high winds and freezing rain expected.

This is all good. After all, this is what winter has the potential to bring. I know I will be making a run to a store or two before Saturday afternoon. I need to replenish some essentials and stock up on batteries just in case the power is affected by the high winds and freezing rain.

Good times y'all. Good times

Peace and Love Peeps.


Live.Love.Eat said...

I love how you take simple things and tell such a delightful little story about them. I always feel comfy and cozy over here.

Enjoy your weekend.

Brad said...

It's funny how different the snow fall is neighborhood to neighborhood. We got 8" here.

Fiwa cookies were great. Our are gone already!

fiwa said...

NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!! Please! I have cabin fever!

Ace C said...

Where in the hell are my cookies. I don't want to hear about eating cookies my you and Brad. I want my own damn experience, but those look like oatmeal and raisins. I'll pass, but chocolate chip will be just fine. I'll post my address here if need be.

kimmyk said...

it's beautiful out your window(s)!

and you always look so darn cute in those hats.

stay warm!