Thursday, December 04, 2008

He is Going Down

My Crystal Springs delivery dude is going down. DOWN I say.

I called to verify my delivery date. It was supposed to be yesterday, the 3rd of December.

To be on the safe side I put the bottles out a day early. Then I left them out all day yesterday. I brought the empties in when I left for work this morning.

When I returned home this evening I had two new bottles.

The three empties were back in hallway.

Why, oh why, can't this guy be consistent and deliver on schedule?

One month he is a day early. The next a day or two late. I honestly can not recall the last time he followed the schedule.

I've grown tired of his delivering on a whim.

I will be calling to discuss this tomorrow. If this is their way of billing me more and denying me the credits for returning the bottles for a billing cycle I'm going to be less than happy. More so than I am right this moment.

I want my hallway back darnit. I don't want to see bottles the entire length of the way because someone isn't doing their job.

At least I have cherry pie to settle me down tonight. Cherry pie can make it all better right? Right.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Live.Love.Eat said...

That would annoy me after awhile too. It seems you have waited it out to see if it was an isolated incidence or a pattern. I agree, it's time to discuss. Good luck with that!!!!!

fiwa said...

That would totally tick me off. Get 'em girl.

Miss you.

Ace C said...

Boo hoo. I should get you a ticket to Africa, I bet you would appreciate that sorry bastard for whatever he brings.