Friday, December 05, 2008

Mo's Secret

Mel brought you into the inner sanctum of my OCD of separating my coins into individual jars versus dumping them into one centralized location. If you missed it or would like a refresher, feel free to go here.

I now turn the blog over to your friend and mine, Mars, for another sneak peek into the inner workings of my life and world they get to see on a daily basis and would like to share with you.

Let's talk about Mo's coolness. She is sooo cool she doesn't have to do laundry for a month. She owns 29 sets of Victoria's Secret bras with matching thongs or V strings. We didn't even count the non Victoria's Secret ones. She owns every color you can imagine. She actually has a big drawer for her bras and a separate big drawer for her panties. We are talking $2000 plus. How awesome is that?!! I love you Mo!!!
Ok, It's Mo checking in now that I have been ratted out and feel totally exposed. Mars is being kind. She is failing to mention I only wash them once a month when I am down to the very last set and am about to run out. It is true I have 29 complete sets and then several extra matching bottoms. Does the term project laundry mean something different to you now? I thought it might.

Why do I have so many? When I am OTR the last thing I want to do with the limited time I have at home is to wash my delicates. I'll let you decide if it practical or laziness.

Something else I have mentioned in a meme that she is not telling you is my bra has to match my bottom each day or I feel off. No one else may see the color combo but I know.

I also have a need to keep them in order by color in the drawer. The bras that is. As you can see I just throw the scraps Victoria's Secret refers to as a thong or a v string in the drawer and let it be a free for all.

When they are dirty and in need of being washed, I line 'em up in the delicate washables as represented here.

Usually I am more anal about them being in color order but the last couple of weeks not so much. These dirty dozen (dirty dozen get it? Ha, crack my self up) are in the order in which they were worn.

So there you have it; more about me than you may have wanted to know but 100% Mo.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Oh and Mars, Love you. Mean it.


Summer said...

Talk about a peep show..

kimmyk said...

oooohhh pretty pretty bras!

i wish i could find a bra that fit that was pretty. mine are either white, nude, or black. i went to vickie's and the girl there couldn't fit me....i'm in the middle...and when i get a size that *fits* i'm all out to the moon and back and i hate it. jamie loves it. i hate it.

big boobs are overrated if you ask me.

but you got pretty bras. and i'm totally jealous. lol.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow!!!! I have black, white, beige and pink. That's it. 4 bras. Oh excuse me. I have 2 black ones. 5 bras. Whooo Hoooo.

fiwa said...

I am shamed. That is the most impressive set of bras and undies I have evah seen. I am in awe. And I am not EVEN admitting to what's in mah drawhers.

Hi Mars! Hi Mo!

Ace C said...

T.M. Motherf!cking eye. Only a woman can get away with this. I'm going to prove a point to you. Just watch and see. I'm going to show how it works.