Friday, April 17, 2009

Celebration Time

Yesterday the kitty and I finally made our way to the vet's office.

We are in celebration mode around these parts. She has a nekkid neck and a stitch free bootie. Finally!

Her neck is slightly thinner than it was before this ordeal started and she's acting a tad weird. I'm thinking it is because she got so used to having her collar on she needs to readjust.

Her fur is starting to grow back in where she was shaved for both of the procedures. I'm wondering how much grey will fill in and if the fur will grow over her scars.

Any way you look at it, she is on her way to being a healthy kitty and for this I am grateful and so very happy. Praise the Lord.

Another reason we are in celebration mode around these parts is when I arrived home yesterday afternoon to pick her up for the appointment, there were people moving boxes OUT next door.

No more crazy lady. No more chance for a crazy lady to move back in (like she did for one day)as the lease the agency has expires at the end of June. I have been assured it will not be renewed or leased to another agency. If this happens, or I get a funky neighbor this go around, I can break my lease or be moved to another unit without penalty.

Another reason I am celebrating today is the weekend weather is supposed to be fantastic. Warm temps and lots of sun if the forecast is correct. I plan to spend some time out in it. Not only running errands but doing fun stuff too.

Speaking of errands and things to do my weekend is full of things to do and appointments to keep. An adjustment, a massage, a yearly eye appointment, nails, household shopping...yada yada.

I hope you and yours are finding things to celebrate too.

Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

So many things to celebrate! I'm so glad to hear miss kitty is feeling better. I bet you are right - she's had that collar on for so long it probably feels strange now without it.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and I hope the sun shines on you. And on me. :)


Cheryl said...

Sounds like all is great, not just well, in your land. All good stuff. Enjoy this weekend!

Kathy said...

So glad Kitty is better. The news about the apartment across the way is indeed great.